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RUSH: Jim, Bethany Beach, Delaware. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Good to speak with you. Thanks for your hard work.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Listen, I agree that Biden’s remarks about rape going up and all that were outrageous and stupid, but they do communicate well with the intelligence of the average voter. I mean after all there are a lot of mush heads out there that voted for these guys in 2008, and likely to in 2012. But then comes along O’Connell with his response. What does he say? Something to the effect, “I wish the administration would stop orchestrating political theater.” I mean what’s that? It doesn’t really say anything. I mean they lob a missile and we send back a hand grenade.


CALLER: Gotta do better than that.

RUSH: You mean Mitch McConnell?


RUSH: Let me tell you something. It’s popular to think that the stuff Biden says is gonna resonate with a lot of Americans because a lot of people believe that a lot of Americans are dumb, stupid idiots and that they’re gonna vote for Obama again just as they idiotically voted for him in 2008. I really believe that a majority of people voted for Obama in 2008 for reasons having nothing to do with policy whatsoever. It was personality, it was dreams, it was hope and change, it was guilt. People thought they were wiping out the last vestiges of slavery and all the negativism attached with that, hatred for Bush, Cheney, what have you. That is why there is such opposition to Obama now, because nothing prepared people for what this country’s turned into. This is not what people expected. And the whole idea here that: Give us $35 billion by Friday or rapes are gonna go up? I will grant you, we have our share of IQ-challenged citizens, but they are nowhere near a voting majority. Of that I have faith. Of that I’m confident.

CALLER: I hope you’re right.

RUSH: Don’t doubt me on this. Now, I will agree with you that the response was tepid. I gotta find something in the stack here. Somebody is describing the regime perfectly, and I wish that a Republican would do it, the Republican National Committee, somebody officially would talk about how dishonest and incompetent these people are, and we just don’t. We come up with responses such as the one you just cited from Mitch McConnell, “We wish the president would stop engaging in political theater, the vice president would stop engaging in political theater.” And a lot of people, “Political theater, where’s the political theater? I want to go see what’s showing there.” Don’t have any clue what he’s talking about. At any rate, I don’t think that Biden is gonna — this is not pervasive. This is not something that’s gonna rally people to this bill and to its passage.

Let’s look at it this way. In our country, there’s a certain number of rapists. We don’t know how many, but they’re out there, right? Do you think that if this bill is passed on Friday, America’s rapist community is gonna say to itself, “Well, that’s the end of us, our goose is cooked. Why, Washington’s gonna spend $35 billion, gonna hire some more cops. No more rapes from us.” Is that the way this works? I mean if you want to play this out, you got the rapist community out there, and they’re supposedly quaking in fear right now that the bill might pass. Now, does anybody really think that rapists who are paying attention to this are gonna be deterred at all if this stupid thing passes Friday?

Are rapists gonna stop raping on Friday if the bill passes because they think more cops are gonna be on the streets? Tell me, Snerdley, answer the question. Of course not! Are bank robberies, Quickie Shop robberies, murders, are these criminals gonna say, “Ah, that’s it for us, that’s it, folks. Democrats just spent $35 billion on more cops. We’re finished.” Is that the way this works? Some of you rapists out there, give us a call and tell us how scared you are about this thing passing.


RUSH: It was Steve Wynn, “The Democrats are bankrupting this country.” Why can’t somebody at the Republican National Committee say this? Why can’t Mitch McConnell say it? Why can’t Boehner say it? Why can’t one of the presidential candidates — well, I guess some of them are getting close, but it’s real simple. The Democrats are bankrupting this country. You’ve heard about Steve Wynn’s rant. He’s ticked off again. (paraphrasing) “Deficits are killing us, our dollars are worthless, the Democrats are bankrupting the country and vilifying anybody who’s successful. So naturally people are protesting. The Democrats are bankrupting this country.” It’s not hard. It’s very simple.

We could ask Kathleen Willey what she thinks of Biden’s remarks. We could ask Juanita Broaddrick what she thinks of Biden’s remarks. Yeah, $35 billion the Democrats want to spend on Friday, and rapists say, “Okay, that’s it, no more from us.” Snerdley, did any rapists call you? Well, any bank robbers? I mean anybody. Quickie Store robbers. You people that commit crime, are you living in fear of what might happen on Friday here, $35 billion passed for more cops and so forth, doctors, nurses, clean water? I don’t know. That would be the group to talk to. Plugs says that if we get the $35 billion, stuff’s not gonna happen.

By the same token, you’re a rapist, let us hear from you, murderers, purse snatchers, any of you, if the Senate doesn’t pass the $35 billion, are you gonna really start committing crime on Saturday? Are you sitting out there waiting, chomping at the bit? Are you gonna be watching the vote on C-SPAN? Are you gonna be nervous as hell watching the Senate vote on this $35 billion, counting every vote? You see the votes tally up, “Oh, my God.” Are you gonna get nervous if it looks like it’s gonna pass? That would be a great picture, America’s rapists tune in to C-SPAN in fear that the Senate might authorize $35 billion because the vice president of the United States says they’re gonna go to town unless we pass this bill.


RUSH: Here is Ben in Myersville, Maryland. Welcome, sir, to the program. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi. Greetings from one of the last remaining pockets of conservatism in the state of Maryland.

RUSH: Ah, I didn’t know there was one.

CALLER: Well, it’s almost a conservative pocket, but liberalism is bleeding into here like everywhere else.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: But I just wanted to point out an obvious example of hypocrisy from the media of what they choose to harp on and what they choose to let go. It’s not just Obama and his whole administration and the media that thinks we’re as dumb as a rock, but for Harry Reid to think he’s gonna get away with saying that the private sector is doing fine right now, I mean he has to willfully suspend in confidence in the intelligence of the American people to say that or just know that the media is not gonna call him out on that whatsoever. I remember in 2008 in one of the presidential debates John McCain made the mistake of saying that fundamentally, the economy is strong right now.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And he got laughed out of the election by the media and by the Obama administration.

RUSH: Well, there was no Obama administration at the time.

CALLER: Well, the pending —

RUSH: The Obama campaign. There were two things. McCain temporarily suspended his campaign to come deal with the crisis, and then said in the midst of it the fundamentals are sound, and that was like defending Bush, and if you did that, your goose was cooked and it was over. But it’s a two-way street. McCain has never said anything as outrageous, offensive, wrong, stupid, silly as either Biden or Harry Reid. And they are not being covered.

CALLER: Exactly right.

RUSH: John Barrasso, the Senator from Wyoming, Fox is covering a press conference, there are some Republican Senators talking about how ridiculous what Biden’s saying is, but now they’re talking about it, and Biden has a couple of defenders on Fox. “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. He’s exactly right. We need more cops or the rapes will go up.” They’ll circle the wagons like Durbin. They’re circle the wagons and protect their people no matter how ridiculous or outrageous they get. But it’s only Fox that’s calling any attention to this. You’re not gonna see anything of substance in the New York Times or the Washington Post or ABC, CBS, NBC about this, unless it is to credit Biden, unless it is to encourage Biden and to talk about the guts that somebody finally has to point out the relationship between $35 billion in new spending for teachers and stopping incidents of rape. Anyway, I’m glad you called, Ben, I gotta take a quick time-out here. The constraints of time are such that I don’t have any left.


RUSH: Let’s see now, the AP, the New York Times, best I can tell, have not reported Plugs Biden’s claims about rape. They haven’t reported Dingy Harry’s claims that the private sector is doing great. We really need to work hard to shore up public sector jobs. So as we all know, the news media is the Democrat Party safety net, pretty much, their hammock, safety net.

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