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RUSH: Summit, New Jersey. Hi, Jeff, I’m glad you waited. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush. First let me say that regardless what happens in 2012 we are forever in your debt for everything that you do.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Very kind of you to say.

CALLER: Well, you know, since Obama’s been in office and even before there’s been a lot of talk about liberty and freedom and individual rights, and I think nothing gets my blood boiling more than when I hear Michelle Obama talk about how she wants to raise my children, what kind of a person she wants to turn my children into. You know, the left advocates so vociferously for all kinds of privacy rights and liberty rights when it comes to things like a woman’s body and abortion or what people want to do in bedroom whether it’s in groups or with animals, but where is my sacrosanct privacy right to teach my children the things I want to teach them, everything from morality to religion to nutrition. You know, I have to say I was just cleaning out my home office a little a while ago —

RUSH: It ranks about as high as your ability to spend your own money. They know better than you do on how to do that, too.

CALLER: I find that so offensive because I don’t like the kind of people that they’ve turned out to be. They are the last people that I want —

RUSH: Amen! That is the best way to put this I’ve heard in a long time. What is it that recommends them to be mentors? Just who the hell are they? What gives them the right, what claim do they have on taking young skulls full of mush and bending them and molding them into whatever they think they ought to be?

CALLER: Well, in this day and age of everybody being so easily offended, certainly with political correctness and the left and their special interest groups, I am thoroughly offended by all of their positions, all of their policies, all of their beliefs, and all of their actions and inactions. I do not want them as role models for my kids. I’m not saying that I’m perfect, nor is my wife perfect, but, I’ll tell you what, we know a heck of a lot better than they do for our children.

RUSH: Exactly. It’s none of their business anyway. This is a lesson. This is the way of tyrants; this is the way of authoritarians. This is why they want power, total control. But you’re exactly right, just who is Michelle Obama anyway? What are her qualifications to know better than anybody else what to feed people, for example? Or how to dress them or how to teach them? “She is the first lady of the United States, Mr. Limbaugh. That’s why.” Really? What does that convey? What qualification did she have to have in order to become first lady? She married to the guy that won the election. So that qualifies her to know better than anybody else what kids ought to eat and what kids ought to learn? And what people should be allowed to say? Yeah, I think you’re right, I think exactly right and I love the way you say it. Thanks el mucho, Jeff.

Cincinnati. Tony, nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH: Appreciate it, sir.

CALLER: I wanted to make a comment about Vice President Biden and his comments about the ensuing crime wave that’s gonna be coming if they don’t get this bill passed. You know, for the last four years I’ve listened to these people, and I’m a truck driver, I listen to you every day, and I find myself randomly yelling at the radio, not at you but at these comments that I hear. These people must think that we are, as the American public, just completely covered up as idiots, because these comments they make, number one, they make no sense. They’re just throwing stuff out there because they’re bullies, Rush, that’s what they are, they’re bullies. They want their way, they’re gonna have it, and they’re gonna intimidate, they’re gonna try the scare tactics and everything else. You know, if Vice President Biden is so worried about this crime wave and making sure we have enough police officers to, in his words, deter crime, then why is he not talking about the criminal that the police officer catches, what’s he gonna do with him? I mean if it’s such a major thing that we get this thing passed and —

RUSH: Well, you’re illustrating again — you think Biden actually believes this stuff when he says it?

CALLER: Oh, absolutely, he wouldn’t say it if he didn’t, and that’s the really sad part about it. That guy is in control of some of the major parts of our country, and it’s scary, it’s actually very scary.

RUSH: Well, it’s scary, but do you think that Biden actually believes that $35 billion to be authorized by Friday to be spent will reduce rape and robbery?

CALLER: I don’t believe that for a minute. As a matter of fact I think it’s all about the power struggle and just them making sure that they get —

RUSH: You hit the nail on the head with your first comment. They think we’re stupid. They have an arrogant contempt for average people. They have a genuine condescension toward average people. We’re not smart enough to make the right decisions, to lead lives responsibly as they define it and so forth, and that is what permits them to make stupid statements like this, they think we’ll believe it.


RUSH: No, no, no, no, no, nod. I don’t have a cold. I was up late last night consuming adult beverages, and it was my turn for potty training the new puppy. Our third sheepdog, Cambridge — you know, I ought to upload a couple pictures. This is the cutest little puppy. Last night was my turn. The puppy doesn’t go longer than two hours, and this house training stuff, housebreaking stuff, it’s a serious proposition. You can’t take that and be lackadaisical about it, and I take it very seriously. Anything I do I take very serious. So it was my turn, so I just combined the late night consumption of adult beverages with housebreaking the puppy, and I feel great, a little giddy, but no, I don’t have a cold.

Now, this is an interesting point made by the caller. Biden says these things, and, by the way, these are not haphazard. This is strategerized and based on the first reaction he got in Flint they’re doubling down on it. For some reason they think this is working. For some reason they think this is going to have impact and they know that people are very much worried about crime, and if they portray themselves as fighters of crime it might benefit them. The left, the Democrat Party is notoriously known for being weak on crime. I mean these are the people that spend their whole lives trying to get people out of jail. These are the people trying to make sure terrorists don’t go to jail. These are the people that tell us terrorists should be read their Miranda rights on the battlefield.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard that anybody read Khadafy his Miranda rights before he was savagely slaughtered, so they’re hypocrites to boot. He’s out there saying, yeah, we need $35 billion by Friday, otherwise your daughter might get raped. They’re trying to personalize it, more rapes, more crime, more robbery and so forth. So it has to be they think the vast majority of American people are just plain idiots. So this is strategerize. There is a level of contempt and condescension the left has for average people, and it’s interesting because they position themselves as being the champions of average people. They’re the ones looking out for you. They’re the ones that have compassion and concern. They’re the ones that are gonna make sure you go into debt 50 grand to go to school. They’re gonna make sure all these wonderful things happen to you.

You know Biden’s real concern, Joe Biden and any Democrat’s real concern is that after the rapist gets caught he can still vote Democrat. After the bank robber gets caught, he votes Democrat. That’s their primary concern. Now, you listen to them go on and on and on this way, folks, they are a minority in this country. The left, liberals, people who live and breathe a far-leftist existence are a minority. Two, three times as many people identify themselves as conservatives. Next, independents, and last, liberals. They’re nowhere near the majority, but they believe they are, and that’s what I think animates this arrogance and condescension that allows them to insult everybody’s intelligence with this stuff. (interruption) No, I would not trust Biden to housebreak a puppy.

I have a friend from Delaware. Yes, just one. I have a friend from Delaware, and this man has owned businesses before. Delaware’s a small state, and he’s known Biden for all of Biden’s political career. He knows Biden on a level differently than those of us who don’t live in Delaware know him. If you’re in business in Delaware, Biden and other elected officials, you have to be on their side if your business is gonna be left alone. If you need any help from government, you gotta befriend ’em and my friend has always thought all these years that Biden’s a smart guy, “Look at the way he chairs the Judiciary Committee, this man is brilliant.” And I’ve talked to him, I have been incredulous over the years listening to this guy tell me what he thinks of Biden because it’s the exact opposite what I think.

I think Joe Biden is the walking definition of stupid. I don’t care how educated he is. This is plain stupid to say this kind of stuff. I don’t care if it’s purposely strategerized or not, it’s just stupid. And he makes these off-the-cuff wild comments, 7-Eleven jokes, you have to be Indian to go inside and order, be able to understand what the people on the other side of the aisle and the counter are saying. “That’s very harsh, Mr. Limbaugh, to call the vice president of the United States stupid.” Well, give me a better word, then. Dumb? What is it? Challenged? We’re not talking Einstein here. I mean to look at a guy in a wheelchair in St. Louis, “Hey, Chuck, stand up, oh, my gosh, God love you, God bless you, oh, gee, let’s all stand up for Chuck.” The gaffes are never ending.

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