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“We’ve got a slam-dunk here to have a meaningful conservative candidate with a landslide sweep, which would mean a mandate to do serious rollbacks of what’s happened the last two and half years, the last 50 years. This is no time to be electing moderates. This is no time to be electing mishmash.”

“In the bowels, in the deep, dark crevices and recesses, in the basements of a lot of Democrat minds, I’m telling you there is abject fear.”

“These protesters are all over the place with iPhones and other gadgets. Obviously they can afford these expensive toys but they can’t afford their student loans.”

“In a sane media world the first question out of anybody’s mouth would be, ‘Well, the first one didn’t work, and no matter what you say we’re nowhere near the targets you said that first stimulus would get us. Why in the world are you doing it again?’ There hasn’t been one question of that nature.”

“The protesters are carrying signs that say, ‘We just want your money.’ So apparently stealing is only a problem when it happens to you. When it happens to others it’s social justice.”

“This whole group is about thievery. This whole group is about burglary in the name of social justice, but look what happens when it happens to them. They get so righteously outraged and indignant.”

“Obama and the bus, it’s kind of like Michael Dukakis riding in the tank a second time, looking like Beetle Bailey.”

“This jobs bill is merely there as a campaign tool for Obama and the Democrats to hopefully be able to portray the Republicans as anti-people.”

“All the Democrats in Virginia are going nowhere near Obama. Even Tim Kaine wants no part of Obama.”

“I’d say to Doug Schoen, ‘Doug, nice try. It’s a little late to tell Obama not to embrace the protesters. He organized and hired ’em.’ And the protesters think he’s gonna come down and say hi to ’em.”

“Nationwide, statewide, citywide, there is abject fear. We haven’t had an economy like this for this long since the thirties, and there is no way that they can run a campaign that tries to shift the blame for this to Bush or to Reagan or who knows, the Republicans on Capital Hill.”

“Only 15% of these protesters are unemployed. They’re not marching for jobs. They’re protesting because they have to work. They’re protesting ’cause they don’t want to work.”

“It’s clear that what you have here is your average minority malcontent bunch of spoiled brats who don’t want to work. They resent that they have to work. And when they get a little dose of their own medicine like their precious gadgets being stolen, they don’t know what to do about it.”

“There was a president in the past whose name was Jimmy Carter, and his four years constituted another chapter in the wishful thinking of America’s decline, and then something went wrong. Ronald Reagan, who didn’t believe in the whole concept of America’s decline. But this president does.”

“Socialists have longed for the day they could bring this nation down a peg or many, and they’ve come close a couple times. Carter, Woodrow Wilson and so forth. But there always has been the white knight riding into the rescue. That’s why we look at this election as so crucial.”

“We are not the minority in either numbers or thinking in this country. The left is. But the assault on us and what we believe and what we think is everywhere.”

“Their objective at CNN is going to be to make every one of these Republican candidates look like an absolute wacko nutcase fruitcake.”

“The Republicans on stage will go after Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 plan, and Herman Cain will not budge. One thing about Herman Cain is he’s unflappable.”

“Success tracks, I’ve been on one. And I’ve been on failure tracks. And I know what it takes. Depending on what you want to do and how far you want to go there are certain things, unless you’re the owner, that you’re going to have to do. And if you want to run the business the way you want to run it, then go out and start your own. It’s that simple.”

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