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RUSH: All three of you were mentioned on the Senate floor yesterday. Dawn, Brian, and Snerdley all made their debuts on the Senate floor yesterday all because I happened to be misinformed about something. Senator James Inhofe…

INHOFE: Rush Limbaugh yesterday talked about somebody — brought it to my attention, talked about the three people who are always in his studio: Dawn and Brian and Snerdley. “Have you ever heard of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Dawn?” No. “How about you, Brian?” No. “Snerdley, have you?” No. “No one’s ever heard of the Lord’s Resistance Army. That proves my contention most Americans have never heard of it. And here we are at war with them.” Let me clarify that. In a minute I’m gonna talk about what their mission is there. We’re not at war with them. In fact, we are specifically precluding our troops from any kind of combat in that area.

RUSH: And Inhofe went on.

INHOFE: Almost everyone who’s reporting on this, including my good friend Rush Limbaugh, was talking about we’re going — our guys are gonna go, and gals, are gonna go into combat. No. They’re not going to. They are specifically precluded from doing that. So it’s not like it is in Libya.

RUSH: We said they were sending in a hundred people as advisors and so forth, but I wanted to play the sound bites primarily ’cause you three are now in the Congressional Record. All three of you. And you’re in the Congressional Record because you didn’t know something! How does it feel? (laughing)

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