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RUSH: Tony in Edmonds, Washington. Welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here, sir.

CALLER: Hi. Hi, Rush, thanks for having me on.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Hey, I was wondering how you would recommend the Republicans’ candidates campaign at this point in regard to governing once we take control in January 2013. I mean, we’re gonna be out of cash, this $2.4 trillion debt increase that we gave this guy —

RUSH: You’re not gonna believe my answer.

CALLER: Yeah, we’re gonna be burned through all that. What’s gonna happen here?

RUSH: You’re not gonna believe my answer. Ron Paul has a good idea.

CALLER: Really?

RUSH: (laughing) I knew you wouldn’t believe it. Kevin Williamson writing at The Corner, National Review Online: “Politico reports that Ron Paul is about to show the Republican presidential field what a serious fiscal-reform plan looks like, proposing $1 trillion in real spending cuts. I look forward to seeing the detailed version of the plan, but the summary sounds promising: HeÂ’ll propose immediately freezing spending by numerous government agencies at 2006 levels, the last time Republicans had complete control of the federal budget, and drastically reducing spending elsewhere. The EPA would see a 30 percent cut, the Food and Drug Administration would see one of 40 percent and foreign aid would be zeroed out immediately. HeÂ’d also take an ax to Pentagon funding for wars.

“Medicaid, the childrenÂ’s health insurance program, food stamps, family support programs and the childrenÂ’s nutrition program would all be block-granted to the states and removed from the mandatory spending column of the federal budget. Some functions of eliminated departments, such as Pell Grants, would be continued elsewhere in the federal bureaucracy. … The federal workforce would be reduced by 10 percent, and the presidentÂ’s pay would be cut to $39,336 — a level that the Paul document notes is ‘approximately equal to the median personal income of the American worker.'” Now, throw that out, that’s silly, symbolic stuff. What this indicates is something, folks, that we have got to face. If we are serious about this, fooling around the margins on all this spending isn’t gonna get it done. A 2% tax cut here, or a 3% tax variation over there, not gonna fix what’s wrong.

Genuine, big spending cuts are the only thing that is going to bring us back into some semblance of ideas. Now, these aren’t really Ron Paul’s ideas. They are ours. On this program, I myself, El Rushbo, have suggested freezing spending at 2008 levels. In fact, I said, you guys, the Democrats, you’re running around and you’re talking about how great the Clinton years were, let’s freeze, let’s take spending back to that level. You said Clinton produced a boom, let’s go back to those years. Let’s do that. So Paul is stealing that idea. Cutting the EPA, we’ve long been an advocate of this, eliminating whole bureaucracies. But nobody on our side’s ever really seriously proposed it, and Ron Paul’s going to.

CALLER: Well, somebody’s gotta talk reality to the population. I mean people don’t realize, I mean these guys burned through, what, $250 billion the day after they signed the deal in August —

RUSH: More than that. More than that. I know what you’re talking about, that’s true. But we raised the debt ceiling by two trillion and it’s almost gone now.

CALLER: Yeah, so are we gonna make it to January 2013?

RUSH: No. And the super committee is now working on trying to come up with one and after trillion dollars in cuts. If they don’t, we gotta cut defense $500 billion.

CALLER: Well, you know, these people have written leases, they have spent this money and they’re counting on this money into the future here, there’s gonna be major disruptions, which we need, we need to do it, but it’s gonna be painful, and I think our candidates need to be discussing this and talking reality to the American people.

RUSH: Well, they might. Ron Paul is gonna put it forward. The thing here is that — and I think most everybody knows this now. When I say most everybody, I’m talking about people like you and people in this audience who are paying attention. We know that little chunks here and little chunks there are not gonna make a dent in the problem. That it has to be serious. Now, Snerdley’s in there yelling at me. “If you do what you just suggested there’s gonna be rioting in the streets.” There’s rioting in the streets now, and there’s gonna be more rioting in the streets because that’s part of the program here, and next up they’re gonna be race riots, I guarantee you, and the race riots are part of the plan that this regime has. That’s next. You’ll note that everybody’s talking about how white Organize Wall Street is. Well, didn’t take long for ’em to do the Martin Luther King thing yesterday. You just watch and wait ’til these two things get melded, which they will.

The more chaos and instability, the better. I’m not predicting it, but if it happens, just don’t count me as one who’s surprised is what I’m saying here. But you and I both know that — like Romney has a 59-point program. It may be a good program, but it’s not what’s needed if we are going to actually save the country and preserve it as it has been for all of us since we were born. We’ve called for 10% tax cuts across the board, everything that Paul is suggesting that he’s going to I guess suggest officially in the next debate or whatever. We’ve called for it on this program. But he will be the first candidate to actually do so.

It will be interesting to see how they react to this. What do you think, Snerdley? Too drastic? Well, they might try to ignore it. Depends on how the media — the media, I think, is gonna love this as an opportunity to show everybody it’s kooks. So nobody’s gonna want to agree with it since it comes from Paul. But still, the EPA, I mean that needs to be dialed back fast and big time.


RUSH: I’m really looking forward to Ron Paul. He’s gonna announce these cuts. I want to hear how he’s gonna implement it, ’cause he’s running for president. I want to hear how he implements it, how he’s gonna get these things done. So we’ll have to wait and see. (interruption) Well, you don’t have to put ’em on, Snerdley. Are you gonna start complaining because of who calls you? He’s in there complaining now that he’s gonna have a bunch of Ron Paul calls to deal with now. Deal with it! He’ll put a couple of them through here just to get me back.

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