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“People think big business is in the back pockets of the Republicans. Nothing could be further from the truth. Big business is in the back pocket of whoever happens to run Washington that day, because that’s what it takes.”

“Some days I’m just surrounded by negativity. Rather than try to fake it here and act all happy and bubbly and goo-goo and so forth, I decided, just to hell with it.”

“The media’s a bunch of hippies from the sixties anyway. They don’t understand economics or anything else, but they understand protest. And to them it’s idyllic. This is nostalgia for them. This is the sixties all over again. Just wait ’til somebody throws a rock through a bank building window and then they’ll really have an orgasm.”

“Anywhere dominated by liberals, nothing is real. If there is a lib political agenda attached to it, it isn’t real.”

“The lack of trust that I have for any institution dominated by liberals is hard to quantify. My level of distrust is so high — media, science, education, I don’t care where you go, those people have corrupted and polluted every institution they run, and we see the results wherever we look in this country.”

“Forty percent of the savings in Obamacare from the CLASS Act, it was all a lie. That’s a pretty big lie.”

“In Realville, the regime says that it is unable to implement a long term care insurance program that was part of Obamacare, effectively ending the program before it started. They did this late in the afternoon on Friday. Document dump Friday, it’s called. You put out the bad news when nobody’s paying any attention, it gets ignored, not commented on over the weekend.”

“Forty percent of the savings in Obamacare from the CLASS Act, it was all a lie. Multiple personality disorder. It’s a lie. Forty percent of the savings, the CLASS Act and Obama, that’s a pretty big lie.”

“Professor Irwin Corey is one of the reasons I used to stay up late as a kid to watch The Tonight Show.”

“The Democrats are so jealous of the Tea Party they can’t see straight.”

“The regime is admitting that a huge element of Obamacare is dead, can’t be paid for, would cause financial problems, deficit spending, debt like you can’t believe, and 40% of the savings were to come ostensibly from this aspect of Obamacare.”

“The guy that owns Zuccotti Park is in bed with Obama and clean energy plans. Somebody is on the board of directors, it’s just crony capitalism, the web of deceit so intricately woven here. It’s possible to unravel it, and when you do, you find that this whole thing is a Democrat construct.”

“All women have multiple personality disorder if you want to get down do brass tacks, but not in a clinical sense. You never know what you’re gonna get from day to day, but I mean that’s the fun of it, that’s the stereotypical caricature.”

“It’s not hard to find people who want to believe they’re screwed up and need help.”

“I am so depressed today, I just can’t tell you. I found out that one of my all-time favorite comedians is not just a leftist, he’s a communist. Professor Irwin Corey.”

“If you don’t play ball with Obama, what do you think is gonna happen? He’s gonna go out and make a speech about you and he’s gonna include you in his rant with the Republicans that your company wants people to die.”

“If you listen regularly to this program you’re gonna be ahead of the trends, because we are ahead of the trends. You’ll know it before it happens.”

“The protest continues at Zuccotti Park, also known as Obamaville, which is increasingly becoming more and more of the country.”

“This is what I need. Going to a gin game at noon. Now, that’s living.”

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