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RUSH: The numbers of people showing up are not that big. I got a piece by Walter Shapiro in the New Republic. And he says one of the major points about this is that it isn’t that big. The number of people involved in this thing are not that many. Now, wouldn’t you know it. I thought I had it in this stack. I’ve got a separate Occupy Wall Street stack, and I know I put it in here. I’ll have to find it for you. But Walter Shapiro used to write for USA Today. He’s a typical left-wing journalist.

And also, do you know — this probably will not surprise you, Andrew Breitbart has dug this one up. That journalists are advising the protesters? E-mails have been found, journalists at MSNBC, Dylan Ratigan at MSNBC and some guy Matt Taibbi are sending e-mails back and forth with organizers telling them how to position their demands, that they’ve got to have some demands, how they can improve their coverage. This whole thing is a construct of the media-Democrat complex, industrial complex. “Occupy Wall Street Emails Show MSM, Dylan Ratigan, Working With Protesters To Craft Message.”
Dana Loesch has actually written about it. “Big Journalism has learned that the Occupy Washington DC movement is working with well-known media members to craft its demands and messaging while these media members report on the movement. Someone has made the emails from the Occupy Wall Street email distro public and searchable. The names in the list are a veritable whoÂ’s who in media.”

The names on the list are a veritable who’s who in the media. Dylan Radigan, Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone, Noam Chomsky, Bill Moyers. All of these so-called journalists are advising via e-mail the organizers of the DC protest how to position their demands and what to say. “It doesn’t matter, Rush, it’s on television, and it’s on television, and looks like people are sympathetic to it. We Republicans have to react to it. We can’t just sit here and be critical.” Well, you can teach, you can try to inform and educate people. But, see, that’s not what this bunch is about. This bunch is about making no waves, trying to capitalize as much as they can, make sure that the impression that Republicans are mean, selfish so-and-so is not true, go out of our way. Anyway the same old same old.


RUSH: Here’s that Walter Shapiro piece from the New Republic, “The Truth About Occupy Wall Street: ItÂ’s Much Smaller Than It Seems — With tensions at a fever pitch and TV viewers from Laos to Lapland glued to their sets,” and therein lies the reason our guys are caving on this. “With tensions at a fever pitch and TV viewers from Laos to Lapland glued to their sets, the Occupy Wall Street protesters won a last-minute reprieve Friday morning from the Bloomberg administrationÂ’s demand that they vacate Zuccotti Park for a clean-up.” By the way, the guy that owns Zuccotti Park is in bed with Obama and clean energy plans. Somebody is on the board of directors, it’s just crony capitalism, the web of deceit so intricately woven here. It’s possible to unravel it, and when you do, you find that this whole thing is a Democrat construct.

“From viewing fragmentary photos and glancing at the headlines, the uninitiated might imagine that this spot was a pristine green sward before the protests. Not a chance. Devoid of natural beauty and not surrounded by any obvious symbols of capitalism (unless you count Brooks Brothers), this narrow, block-long open space boasts all the charm of a strip-mall parking lot. The fruit of a real-estate deal that dates back to the troubled era when John Lindsay was mayor and New York was laughingly dubbed ‘Fun City,’ Zuccotti Park is an unlikely setting for anything — let alone the purported rebirth of the American Left.

“‘I thought it was going to be a grass park,’ said Erin McEwen, a community college student on sabbatical who’s part of the protest. ‘Instead, itÂ’s cement.’ Matt Smit, a bearded tourist from Auckland, New Zealand, who spent four days camping with the protesters, radiated a similar sense of puzzlement when I spoke with him on Monday: ‘I was expecting them to be on Wall Street itself.’ Nothing about Occupy Wall Street is what it seems. Sure, the month-long protest has launched more passionate theories than any event since the publication of FreudÂ’s The Interpretation of Dreams.

“With opinions so polarized, even at The New Republic, the smallest fragment of description can be interpreted like a political manifesto. Nothing riles the demonstrators camping out in Zuccotti Park like the (inaccurate) charge that they are unwashed, shiftless hippies. Instead, after three days of following the protests (and no, that does not make me an expert), I came to a different conclusion. What struck me was the sincere and good-natured smallness of it all.” This is Walter Shapiro, accredited liberal journalist who’s written for USA Today, now he’s at the New Republic, but he’s been everywhere.

“Nothing I saw in New York this week justifies the current level of the-whole-world-is-watching media coverage. At times in Zuccotti Park, there seemed to be almost as many reporters (many of them from foreign news outlets) as overnight campers. During the first full week in October, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism, one-third of the overall coverage of the economy centered on the Wall Street protests. That seems as wildly out of whack as all those months when only a lonely band wrote about income inequality in America. The idea of Occupy Wall Street is so much larger than the actual reality at the place of its birth. Maybe less than meets the eye is an enduring theme uniting all 21st century political movements. The Tea Party, after all, was launched with little more than a primal scream on cable TV.

Anyway, he goes on to say that “The mystery that will launch a thousand media seminars is: How did a modest encampment in Zuccotti Park morph in less than a month into a global news story?” You don’t need a seminar to answer that. All you need is an understanding of the media and its alliance with the Democrat Party. It’s a fraud! It’s a hoax! It has been planned to distract people’s attention from Obama and Washington and zeroing in on Wall Street. The media’s a bunch of hippies from the sixties anyway. They don’t understand economics or anything else, but they understand protest.
And to them it’s idyllic. This is nostalgia for them. This is the sixties all over again. Just wait ’til somebody throws a rock through a bank building window and then they’ll really have an orgasm.

Mr. Shapiro: “The final aspect is that the Occupy Wall Street protests filled in a missing piece in the political puzzle. Mark Schmitt shrewdly suggested that liberals had long been fantasizing about a Tea Party of the left. But I also think serious journalists had been waiting for some bellow of outrage over the way that Wall Street plutocrats had been laughing all the way to their annual bonuses.” So, Mr. Shapiro outs ’em. The media hates Wall Street. The media wants Wall Street to go to jail. The media’s been waiting for somebody to pop up and do something. And by hook or by crook, it’s happened and we have a story. But its smallness is what everybody who goes down to it comments on. How small it is, how small the place is, how few the numbers of people are.

Mr. Shapiro says, “Someone in America had to get mad other than Elizabeth Warren. … Occupy Wall Street is a Rorschach Test. If you are a true believer of the left, you can find something appealing in the well-intentioned and mostly well-behaved efforts of the protesters to call attention to economic injustice. If you are a hard-core conservative, you can mock the demonstrators as easily as you can pillory a vegan food co-op.” Yeah, I haven’t pilloried a vegan food co-op in a long time. I gotta start doing that again, pillorying a vegan food co-op.

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