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RUSH: Here’s the top headline in the Washington Post this morning: “Demolitions Follow Wave of Foreclosures.” It’s written by the noted journalist Brady Dennis. No, this is not Flint, Michigan. It’s spreading. “Four years into the housing crisis, Ohio has found a novel way to deal with vacant buildings by convincing banks to give away abandoned properties and foot the bill for demolitions.” And now other places are taking notice. So you see, ladies and gentlemen, this is good news. After we bulldoze houses in Detroit, the new norm, after we bulldoze vacant houses in Flint, now we bulldoze vacant houses in Ohio. A brilliant solution to the housing crisis: just bulldoze houses where American families used to live. This is the new normal in the Obama economy.

The jobs news is out today. Another 400,000 plus applied for unemployment benefits. I don’t understand why this clown is at 10% in the polls. I mean intellectually I do, the 30, 40% built-in, stupid nimrods are gonna vote Democrat no matter what, but I’ll tell you, 30 years ago if a president had personally taken an axe to the US economy, he wouldn’t have lasted the first term. There would have been impeachment proceedings. There would have been riots in the streets. There would have been protests over the destruction of the economy. Instead we got protests in the streets demanding more of this from a bunch of people who are now making it well known they’re anti-Semitic, they’re shouting anti-Jewish sentiment down there at this Occupy Wall Street business.

They’re such a dirty bunch of fleabags they’re having to close the park they’ve occupied. Mayor “Doomberg,” in his brilliance, (imitating Bloomberg) “Hey, you gotta get out of the park, but just so we clean it, and then you can come back in and start polluting it again.” So Mayor Doomberg, rather than treat these people as adults, is coddling to them. The Democrats one after another are signing on in solidarity with these people. Celebrities, multimillionaire celebrities are joining the group trying to get in on the fame. Even the civil rights coalition, the Reverend Sharpton, the Reverend Jackson, they’re making a pilgrimage down there. Everybody is trying to feed off of this thing.

Back to this situation in Ohio. This is reported as good news, folks. Houses are being bulldozed in Ohio like they are in Detroit, and this is being presented as a brilliant solution. The Washington Post also has a front page piece: “Why Some Democrats Oppose the Jobs Bill.” They don’t actually come right out and say it, of course, but the answer’s quite simple. It turns out that some Democrats love their jobs in Congress even more than they love Obama.

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