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“I think these people at AP are in business to make me look like Nostradamus. ‘Senate Republicans have voted to kill the $447 billion White House jobs bill despite weeks of campaign-style brainstorming by President Barack Obama across the country.’ What a headline. Just as we predicted. It didn’t take a Nostradamus to see it coming.”

“Rick Perry managed to make himself disappear like an A-list magician in Las Vegas. I don’t know if he is finished after last night. I like his basic message. I just don’t know that he knows how to run for president.”

“You people in the AP, you ought to be ashamed. How do you get up and go to work every day under the pretense that you are doing journalism?”

“How many jobs bills from the House has Harry Reid defeated or just ignored? What the headline ought to be is: ‘Obama Tax Bill Defeated in Bipartisan Vote,’ because it truly was a bipartisan vote that shot this thing down. It was a humiliation.”

“I’m gonna tell you that the Republican base is not happy with that debate last night at all because it didn’t change anything.”

“If we’re gonna agree to go on places like CNN and Bloomberg to do debates, we’re gonna have to deal with the people that show up asking the questions. They are mind-numbed robots of the left — and it was clear in a number of answers these people were clueless as to what was being said. It looked like they were talking to Martians.”

“You know, green energy is the province of sissies. It doesn’t exist. In fact, it doesn’t exist so much it destroys economies.”

“Everybody knows it and even people on our side don’t have the guts to say so, and all we’re talking about here is the American people and their lives being destroyed! That’s all we’re talking about, which to me is a major, big thing.”

“Mitt Romney, He’s a very nice gentleman. But he’s not a conservative — and if you disagree, I’m open.”

“Aren’t we tired of working with the opposition? And aren’t we tired of saying that the number one qualification for our nominee ought to be to be able to work with our opponents? Isn’t the point to defeat them, isn’t that what the election results of 2010 were all about?”

“I just don’t want a president that’s gonna think the EPA ought to be empowered to act on a hoax, or that believes that government should have the ability to mandate that people go out and buy health insurance. That’s for the other party to do. That’s for the other party to lose on!”

“There’s no tablet besides the iPad. I mean it’s like 92% of the market.”

“If you’re depending on somebody else to make you happy, you are gonna make two people miserable. There’s no doubt about that. You have to find your own bliss.”

“So rapes and murders are increasing in Flint, Michigan, because the American Jobs Act was not passed by the Republicans. That’s Vice President Bite Me’s disgusting message to police officers and firefighters in Flint, Michigan.”

“The jobs bill was intended to be defeated so that Republicans would be blamed for it. It’s a campaign tactic.”

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