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RUSH: Wes in Sparks, Nevada. Great to have you on the program, sir, hello.

CALLER: How you doing today, sir?

RUSH: Good. Very good

CALLER: I have two questions for you. The first one, do you think that we just had our first Wag the Dog kind of scenario with the Obama administration?

RUSH: You mean with the Iranian plot to blow up the Saudi ambassador?

CALLER: Yeah. If Obama knew about it in June, we’re just talking about it now, I’m just surprised that Holder didn’t come out and say we’re not working on the B-3 Bomber.

RUSH: Well, with this bunch it’s only natural to be suspicious, especially with the Fast and Furious going on, and Issa sending a subpoena up to Holder, the timing of that press conference yesterday was very curious to me to try to head off at the pass any news about Fast and Furious. He was asked a question about it and he didn’t like it.

CALLER: He walked away.

RUSH: Walked away, yeah. With this regime it’s a logical question.

CALLER: It just seems too conspicuous to be an accident.

RUSH: I know, especially since The One has known about it since June.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. That’s ridiculous.

RUSH: What’s the second question.

CALLER: The second question actually is more personal. I know you’re a huge Apple fan.

RUSH: Hm-hm.

CALLER: And I have a coworker who has a Playbook, and he’s really fond of it, that’s the BlackBerry machine, I’ve been kind of on the fence. I know that BlackBerry’s having some severe server issues right now.

RUSH: Yeah, BlackBerry, their service outage is maybe two-thirds of their service area.

CALLER: But that actually might mean that the unit itself has a price drop which makes it a little more affordable, which is nice.

RUSH: What, the BlackBerry Playbook?


RUSH: I don’t even know what it is.

CALLER: Well, it’s a tablet.

RUSH: It’s a tablet. There is no tablet other than the iPad. Samsung, these clowns, they may have one, but there’s no tablet besides the iPad. I mean it’s like 92% of the market.

CALLER: But they’re considerably lower in price, which is always nice.

RUSH: Well, yeah, and Amazon has just announced their Kindle Fire, which is a seven-inch tablet for 199 bucks, and it’s a loss leader, gonna take a loss on it at that price.

CALLER: I looked at that, too, because, you know, that’s about what I can afford right now and that one’s nice —

RUSH: How eager are you to have one of these things?

CALLER: I’ve been eager since the first one came out but —

RUSH: Well, I read today — and this is just rumor — that Apple early next year is going to have a mini-iPad, seven-inch screen in that price range.

CALLER: That would be awesome.

RUSH: Now, that comes from a Chinese publication called Digitimes, and their track record is 50-50. They get this information by monitoring the supply chain, parts that go into Apple products. (interruption) What do you mean, where do I find these things? (laughing) I read what I’m interested in.


RUSH: I think I’ve been very reserved today when it comes to Apple. I mean this is a huge, huge day, and I haven’t said a word about what’s going on, but I mean it’s big. iCloud is live now, iOS 5 is live today, 10.7.2 for your computer. The new Lion software upgrade is live today, which puts iCloud on your computer. All kinds of apps are being updated to work with iOS 5 today through iPad or your iPhone. It is a huge, huge dump today from Apple for upgrades and sets up the phone coming out in a couple of days, the iPhone 4S. I’ve been doing it all day long. Well, I had a head start on some of the stuff, but the newsstand stores, the magazines and newspapers, that store is open now, downloading magazines, newspapers to it on the devices. The pages, numbers and keynote apps are now set up for iCloud. (interruption) Have I used iCloud? I can’t say if I’ve used iCloud. (laughing) I really shouldn’t go there. Yeah, I’m just gonna tell you, there aren’t any glitches with iCloud, there aren’t any glitches. That’s all I’ll say.


RUSH: Got an idea for you people at Apple. I know you don’t talk to me, but I got an idea for you. If you do come out with this mini iPad. You remember when the iPad was first named, you remember what people thought of that? iPad. Okay, so you’re gonna come out with a miniature version, the rumor is there’s gonna be a seven-inch iPad shortly after the first of the year. We need to rename the iPad and call it the Maxi Pad and the new iPad the Mini. The iPad Mini and then the Maxi Pad. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

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