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“Nobody can come in here and make this radio show number one but me.”

“Romney has mastered the whole presence, smoothness, competent looking characteristics that one needs in these debates. He is standing head and shoulders above all the others just in terms of debate performance, even before you get to substance.”

“Every credible Republican presidential candidate ought to be talking about these protests and relating it back to Obama and how he operates — how it’s being bought and paid for; how it’s artificial, not genuine, and not spontaneous.”

“It is a myth that Republicans equal big business greed and corporatism.”

“Capitalism is not under assault by the capitalists. Capitalism is under assault by the Democrat Party and Barack Obama and the worldwide American left.”

“If anybody is rigging the game against the average American citizen it is the Democrat Party and liberalism and socialism and the people who are in charge of it.”

“Don’t worry, folks. I don’t know how many times I have said: ‘Whoever this nominee is is gonna have my full support because of what we’re up against.’ Don’t have any doubt about that. But until such time, I’m not gonna be dissuaded from talking about what I think our optimum could be.”

“There’s almost a crying, desperate need to pick somebody on the basis of ideology now, because it is ideology that will win. It is ideology that will beat Obama. Not mush. Not moderate. Not middle ground.”

“The audience always comes first here, and by that I mean I have an incumbent responsibility to be honest with you on substantive issues. That’s what I do and I’m not gonna silence myself at an urgent time like this.”

“If it weren’t for labels, most people wouldn’t be liberal.”

“I’m looking at some of the signs these 25-year-old ‘kids,’ as you call them, are parading with down there, and it’s clear that many of them are conservatives and don’t know it. They’re complaining about how much they make and how much is taken by taxes and one guy is complaining about all the destruction to his business since 2008.”

“Bloomberg said to Occupy Wall Street, ‘Hey, as long as you don’t break the law you’re welcome to stay here as long as you want.’ Of course they are breaking the law and nobody’s enforcing it. You let a Tea Partier defecate on the hood of a cop car and you see if you can go three minutes without hearing about it.”

“Herman Cain doesn’t have a whole lot of baggage. Romney has Romneycare. Rick Perry has immigration. Herman Cain’s problem is he’s not a politician. He’s not an establishment Republican.”

“Romney’s out there talking up Herman Cain. Romney’s up there saying, ‘Look, if you can’t vote for me, vote for Herman Cain,’ and he’s doing that to defeat Perry. No question about it. Romney has decided he’d have an easier time against Cain. I’m convinced that he believes that.”

“The Republican leadership in the House and Senate both still use the mainstream media as their primary means of disseminating information. They think that the mainstream media is still the power broker, still the power maker, and they’re gonna go through them.”

“New money, new spending cannot originate in the Senate, which is where Obama’s jobs bill is — and it’s the only place that it is.”

“McCain didn’t lose ’cause he didn’t have me. McCain lost because of who he was in that campaign.”

“The White House wants Romney because there are two ways they think they can easily defeat him: Wall Street and health care.”

“Regarding the president’s jobs bill, the headline (mark my words) after the vote tonight is gonna be ‘Republicans Kill Jobs Bill.’ It’s what it’s gonna be. No matter how many Democrats don’t vote for it, no matter how many Democrats defect, ‘Republicans Kill Jobs Bill.’

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