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RUSH: Okay, so the protests, I finally, ladies and gentlemen, have seen a whole bunch of pictures of the” Occupy This” protest, and they’re nothing. You look at pictures of, say, the 9/12 event Tea Party event in Washington. You look at any number of Tea Party events — and, by the way, there have been 300-and-some-odd Tea Party events; not one arrest. Already 700 arrests. In Sacramento, the Occupy Sacramento group, the local Eyeball News crew showed up out there and asked them, “Why are you here?” and these people go nuts. They don’t know why they’re there! In some places, Hispanics admit to being paid to show up.

Oh, yeah, and the organizer says, “Yep, yep, I — I — I’ll have to tell you, some people here are paid. I’m not gonna identify ’em for you, but they are.” This is not spontaneous, and it’s not large, I didn’t know — now, maybe I just didn’t think about this hard enough, but I didn’t know that the left had such jealousy of the Tea Party. That’s what this is all about. I just thought it was pure hatred. I thought they hated the Tea Party for all the obvious reasons: It’s organic, leaderless, spontaneous, and it’s real. It’s made up of people who have never before done anything like they’re doing: Showing up at town halls, engaging in public protest.

Every member of the Tea Party is a solid individual, most of them work, take time off from work to do what they’re doing. They dramatically, dynamically oppose everything the Democrat Party stands for. Well, you can understand the Democrats hating and reviling that, but what I didn’t know is, they’re jealous! I think the jealousy may be stronger than the hatred. So their jealousy has led them to create this mock imitation, which is a sham. Looked at in that light, this is laughable. Most of the protestors at these things don’t even know why they’re there. They can’t answer the question, “What is your agenda? What do you want?” All they can say is, “Well, we hate the banks! Punish the banks!” Really, folks, it’s a joke.

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