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RUSH: We’ve got two Sharyl Attkisson bites. She was on CBS Early Show, and I can’t find the transcript for number 19 but I’ll be able to translate. Probably makes sense without the setup. Here it is.

ATTKISSON: I would say there have been some pretty incredible developments in the past week, also documents. We haven’t even had time to report on all of them. They’re very sensitive documents and allegations going around. Many of them we haven’t reported yet because we need to get more confirmation of them, but what you see on the surface that we do report in our stories is really only a part of what may be going on and we may be reporting in the future when we can get confirmation.

RUSH: She’s talking about Fast and Furious. The question: “Somebody like that at the level of the White House actually cursed at a reporter, a CBS News correspondent. It’s not something that happens every day, Sharyl. What do you think lit that fuse?” She says there have been some pretty incredible developments. She’s uncovering a lot of news the regime doesn’t want reported. So then Chris Wragge, a coanchor said, “What made the president have to defend the attorney general yesterday?”

ATTKISSON: You go back to him testifying to Congress in May, the attorney general, he said he learned about Fast and Furious earlier in the spring, but this week, CBS News reported that new Justice Department memos show that Holder received regular briefings as early as July of 2010 — and we’ll be posting some more documents that also show then deputy attorney general Gary Grenler (he’s now attorney general Holder’s chief of staff) got a details briefing on the gun smuggling operation in March of 2010. He took handwritten notes. He marked up photographs of AK-47s and a map where he noted, quote, ‘seizures in Mexico.’ So this is why, um, you know, the Justice Department is having to push back a little bit and what the president was talking about.”

RUSH: But Holder didn’t know any of it. He had no clue. That’s what he claims.

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