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RUSH: This next story, I’m not sure what I’m more amazed at. The fact a woman would knowingly post a video of herself online crying joyfully or how many millions of you have watched this same video this past week on the web. Sarah Churman is her name, she’s 29 years old. All of her life she has lived with near deafness. From the time she was born she had I guess 20% hearing ability, comprehension. Most people just naturally assumed she was deaf, but she had some residual hearing. Now, Sarah Churman is one of many Americans this year who has received the Esteem revolutionary hearing device. We talk about it on this program from time to time. And I can’t tell you, I was so proud when she showed up on the Today Show and did this live, and demonstrated hearing for the first time via this device.

The video of it on YouTube has gone viral. Millions of people are watching it. They got one thing wrong. She was not deaf. For the Esteem to work, you have to have some hearing. If you’re a hundred percent deaf it won’t work because it restores your natural hearing using your own eardrum. It’s a prosthetic hearing implant, just became available last year, totally invisible. If you were to meet her today you would not see it. The Esteem works with her natural hearing to restore it to near optimum levels. The video I mentioned, you can actually see Sarah, the minute the Esteem is turned on she can hear herself laugh for the first time. She can hear her own voice clearly for the first time. She’s so overwhelmed by all of this, something that we all take for granted, that she starts to cry.

Now, the video’s only a minute and a half long, but it’s a couple-Kleenex video. She’s crying and laughing so hard, she goes through several tissues. Her husband, Sloan Churman, videotaped the moment for her, and he posts it for family and friends to see that could not be with her in the doctor’s office when they turned the thing on. So one person tells another, the video starts to go viral and a week later six and a half million people have seen it or there have been six and a half million views of the video and what made it all possible was the Esteem from Envoy Medical. Now, you can see the video on YouTube, and we’re gonna post it at RushLimbaugh.com, too. You can see the Esteem at EnvoyMedical.com, or call them, 800-518-7320.

But you should see this video. The moment it’s turned on for the first time in her life she can hear, and it’s an amazing thing. If you’ve never lost your hearing you have no clue what it’s like and it’s just an amazing thing to see, and it’s a fabulous product, and when I saw the video, I said, “That’s it! That’s the Esteem, that’s our client, that’s our sponsor.” I was proud as I could be, as we only associate with the best.

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