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RUSH: Politico.com from September 30th. “Bill Clinton thinks he deserves more credit for reforming welfare and balancing the budget. ‘I go crazy every time I read the conventional wisdom. So part of the Republican narrative is that I was “saved” from myself by the election of the Republican Congress [in 1994] that ‘forced me’ to do welfare reform and ‘made the balanced budget possible.'” (imitating Clinton) “I wasn’t a softy. I cracked down on welfare. I cracked down on spending, and I’m sick and tired I’m not getting the credit I deserve.” He’s actually saying it. “And yet I kept reading how this was a Republican idea, just because President Reagan had a good story about a welfare queen and a Cadillac who didnÂ’t exist.” Yeah, well, your El Camino and the Astroturf did exist. We remember that.

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