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RUSH: Richard from Tacoma, Washington, as we go back to the phones. Welcome, great to have you here.

CALLER: Richard here, Rush, in Tacoma, and I never doubt you.

RUSH: Thank you very much, Richard, appreciate it.

CALLER: Let me start out with what I think is most important, and that is the Republican message to Hispanics. And that is if you’re Hispanic and in the country legally and you work in agriculture, food service, landscaping, meat packing, hospitality, or you’re unemployed and you support amnesty and/or continued illegal immigration, you’re stupid, okay? You’re just stupid.

RUSH: Why do you want the Republicans to say that?

CALLER: Because that’s the message that the Hispanics have to understand. If you are in the country legally and you have a job or you don’t have a job, we are running out of resources to support anyone and everyone. So what would you think?

RUSH: Well, I’m puzzled here over of all the things the country faces in winning the election against Obama, that that’s the thing that you think Republicans need to do.

CALLER: Oh, I’m just saying to Hispanic voters. If you support continued illegal immigration, you’re cutting your own throat.

RUSH: Well, there’s no question that’s true. I’m not disputing the logic of what you’re saying, but I just don’t know how high up on the totem pole I’d put the message.

CALLER: Well, we keep on handing out sugar pills to these people. We need to let them know that if you’re voting for current members of the congressional Hispanic caucus, you’re also cutting your throat, because they just want more people to come in and take your job and we’re running out of resources for welfare.

RUSH: No, no, they don’t want people coming in here working. The Democrat Party doesn’t want illegal immigrants here working. They want them voting. They want them on the welfare rolls. They don’t want them working. They’re not a threat to anybody with a job in terms of what the Democrat Party intends for them. I don’t disagree with the logic of what you’re saying at all. It hinges on the belief here that identity politics works, that Hispanics are going to vote in unison in monolithic ways, and they’re going to support Hispanics regardless, whether they’re rapists, murderers, illegal immigrants, whatever, I don’t know that that’s necessarily true. I think that’s another one of these myths. Now, it is true of some ethnic groups. It could be true of Hispanics, too. I don’t know. I’m just not an identity politics guy. This is probably why I’m never, ever going to be a political advisor. I don’t even think this way. In terms of advising somebody, a Republican candidate of what to say, that would never cross my mind.

You start calling people stupid, you’re opening yourself up for all kinds of — (interruption) I don’t have a message for women voters and I don’t have a message for male voters and I don’t have a message for Hispanic voters, I don’t have a message for black voters. I just have a message for voters. Maybe I make the mistake assuming they’re all Americans, and I would speak to them that way. But, look, that’s why I do this and not that. I listen to political people talk about what they’ve got to do to win elections, and I just scratch my head. They’re the experts. How they have to go about this particular block of votes and that particular block of votes and the policy they have to have to do that, and I just don’t think that way. (interruption) Hmm. Uh-huh. Well, if I went to an Hispanic audience? Yeah, I’d talk to them about American exceptionalism. I’d talk to them about American exceptionalism. You’re here, you want to be an American, you want to be an exceptional American, here’s what we’re all about, here’s how you do it. I’d give them a little American history.

When I go out, and very rarely anymore, and do a Rush to Excellence tour, I could care less who is in the audience. I don’t even look out there, “Okay, how many Hispanics are here? I gotta make sure I say something.” I don’t even think that way. And I don’t go, “Oh, I got some women out there and they’re pretty old, boy, I better say X. I got some young women, too; I better moderate what I’m saying.” I don’t think that way. I just don’t. That’s why I never qualified to be a politician.


RUSH: Yesterday Obama lost his cool with BET. And it says here that he lost his cool with Hispanic media. This is yesterday at the White House. Obama participated in an open-for-questions roundtable responding to questions from readers of Yahoo, MSN Latino, AOL Latino and HuffPost Latino Voices on issues that matter most to the Hispanic community. An unidentified guy said, “Mr. President, I am an undocumented law graduate from New York City. IÂ’m just writing to say that your message that you do not have a dance partner, it is not a message of hope. A real dancer goes out on the dance floor and takes out his or her dance partner. YouÂ’re just waiting. You have the facts, numbers, dollars, and votes on the side of granting administrative relief for Dreamers. We are doing our part. It is time to do yours, Mr. President.”

OBAMA: This notion that somehow I can just change the laws unilaterally is just not true. I think there’s been a great disservice done to the cause of getting the DREAM Act passed and getting comprehensive immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow, by myself, I can go and do these things. It’s just not true. We live in a democracy.

RUSH: Damn it.

OBAMA: You have to pass bills through the legislature, and then I can sign it.

RUSH: Damn it. If I were Castro or Chavez, I wouldn’t have to worry about all that crap.


RUSH: By the way, that Hispanic roundtable that we just played that last sound bite from, we’re wondering whether the guy who asked the question has been deported yet. He was an undocumented law student. Anyway, not one person at that Hispanic roundtable asked a question about Fast and Furious. Not one person, and a lot of Hispanics have died. Fast and Furious has killed a whole lot of Hispanics. No question about it.

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