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“I’m just not an identity politics guy. This is probably why I’m never, ever going to be a political advisor.”

“We’re facing a world-wide epidemic of government. We do not have a worldwide epidemic of starvation or obesity. We’ve got a worldwide epidemic of socialism. We have a worldwide epidemic of too much government.”

“Show prep is getting an advance copy of what’s on the teleprompter. If you do TV news, isn’t that show prep?”

“I don’t want to just get rid of Obama, I want to take advantage of the opportunity we have to finally get a genuine, full-fledged, unapologetic conservative because this is going to be a major task, rolling this stuff back. It’s going to take more than one election, and it’s going to take somebody fearless.”

“Does anybody stop and think that maybe we can’t afford to be a player in ‘the global clean energy race’ if it’s $16 million a job?”

“Contributing to the liberal mantra that our candidates are weak, bad, and can’t beat Obama is not only wrong, it’s self-defeating. The same people talking about a ‘Big Tent’ seek to shove most of the people in the tent back outside in the rain.”

“The Republican establishment has no desire for mainstream conservatism running the party or getting the nomination. And that’s why they’re hot to trot for Christie.”

“So let’s give you a little timeline on Barack Obama. Rush Limbaugh, January 2009: ‘I hope he fails.’ Democrats, Gallup poll 2011: ‘We know he failed. Rush was right again. Damn!’ That’s the timeline, here.”

“The Democrat Party doesn’t want illegal immigrants here working. They want them voting. They want them on the welfare rolls. They don’t want them working. They’re not a threat to anybody with a job in terms of what the Democrat Party intends for them.”

“When I go out, and very rarely anymore, and do a Rush to Excellence tour, I could care less who is in the audience. I don’t think that way. I just don’t. That’s why I never qualified to be a politician.”

“Diet, what we eat, according to Mayor Doomburg, is government’s highest duty. If I ever found myself in elective audience, the last thing I would think about is telling people what they have to eat.”

“ABC might have just committed a random act of journalism. It happens now and then.”

“Think about this, Obama demanding money in his jobs bill to train people for green technology and at the same time we’re training people on how to do something other than green technology when we shut down their firms. Job retraining. That’s another slush fund.”

“Basically what’s going on is our tax dollars are used to pay back donors! These people donate to Obama, these slush funds are set up for the solar energy companies so they can be paid back — and then they oftentimes end up working for the regime to boot.”

“If you weren’t old enough or paying attention back in the mid- ’70s through 1980, this country was in as every bit a disaster as today, although we weren’t on the precipice then as we are now.”

“If this were the Democrat Party, the party father would probably tell Obama to step aside and let Rubio run, if Rubio were a Democrat. There are more Hispanic voters now than there are blacks, and Rubio’s got more experience than Obama had when he decided to run.”

“I contend that the term ‘independent’ has been created by the Democrat Party and the media so they don’t have to use Democrats in the description of people voting for Republicans. They don’t like the notion that there are defections from their party.”

“Obama has gone full-tilt liberal, full-tilt socialist, because the New York Times and the Congressional Black Caucasians are telling him, ‘Buddy, you better be who you are because that’s who we are and you’re not going to win being who you are.'”

“Why is the regime continuing to fund more and more solar business start-ups in light of Solyndra? And the answer is: It isn’t about green energy. That’s what Obama says. That’s supposed to get everybody swooning. It’s a slush fund. It is a series of slush funds.”

“I ask myself the best questions I’m ever asked and, therefore, I give the best answers.”

“The Republican establishment doesn’t dig the Tea Party.”

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