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RUSH: The Drive-By Media, the regime ecstatic. “New claims for U.S. jobless benefits fell sharply last week to their lowest level since April although…” There’s always an “although” or a “but.” “although a Labor Department official said government statisticians had problems seasonally adjusting the data.” Well, then why publish the news? “New claims for U.S. jobless benefits fell sharply last week to their lowest level since April although a Labor Department official said government statisticians had problems seasonally adjusting the data.” Every week, every month, every quarter we get government reports that are revised in the next cycle. They’re never accurate, so why publish them? What’s the hurry to put out bad numbers? In this case they think they’re good numbers.

The number of claims is under 400,000, but they don’t know for sure, which they even admit. It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s just to get the number out there because they know that’s all that will be remembered about this. And that’s all we’re going to say about it. Because here’s companion news from a Pew study: “Hispanics Make Up Largest Group of Children in Poverty.” Hispanic children are now the largest group of kids who only have one cell phone, “marking the first time in U.S. history that poor white children are outnumbered by another race or ethnicity.” It’s just not fair.

The majority of poor people are white kids and now all of a sudden it’s Hispanic for the first time and that just isn’t fair. This is from the Pew Hispanic Center and this is another feather in Obama’s already festooned hat, folks. This is exactly the kind of news he needs. The Democrats need poor dependent people if they’re going to stay in business, and if we don’t have enough poverty at home, we’ll import it. That’s what our open borders policy is all about. Importing poverty and importing the number of potential registered voters for the Democrat Party.

By the way, big news out of Venezuela, and it’s really contradictory. The first bit of news is from the UK Telegraph: “Hugo Chavez, who has been fighting cancer, was rushed to a military hospital for emergency care following kidney failure,” and it’s reportedly very, very bad. Then there’s an AP story that says Chavez is calling everybody denying it. “No, don’t believe these rumors. The president’s fine.” “I’m going to be out of here pretty soon. I’m going to have licked this cancer.” It doesn’t matter. The Chavez regime is denying that he’s been hospitalized, saying the earlier reports are just a bunch of jokes or hyperbole or sarcasm, like Beverly Perdue says that she was just being sarcastic with her comment that congressional elections be suspended.

You know who is really following this story? The Drive-Bys. The Drive-Bys are doing some interesting things here. The Drive-Bys are not letting this Bev Perdue story go. The local Drive-Bys in Raleigh, in North Carolina, and the national State-Controlled Media. It’s almost like they want to get rid of this woman. They’re harping on this as though she were a Republican. I mean the locals tried to cover for her, but the Obama-Controlled Media is not letting up.

And ABC News, a long story here in a sec, ABC News is going after the regime on all of these solar energy companies that are being lent money by the taxpayers and the crony connections they have. All of these people getting the money are big bundlers or donors to Obama. The numbers are incredible, not only the amount of money being given away, but to whom, the ties they have to energy department. ABC News is leading the pack on this. This story is quite lengthy. I’ll get to it as the program unfolds before your eyes and ears.

Another story here, this one from Gallup. “Democrats Dispirited About Voting in 2012.” This is bad news for the President. “The Democrats’ net enthusiasm now trails Republicans’ net enthusiasm.” The way Gallup writes this, the Democrat net enthusiasm is plus one. The Republican net enthusiasm is plus 28. So there’s a 27 percentage point advantage in enthusiasm, voter enthusiasm for the Republicans. “Given that President Obama’s job approval rating continues to hover around 40% and that he appears vulnerable in the general election, it is not surprising that Democrats are currently less enthusiastic than Republicans about voting in 2012.”

I’ve been trying to give you reasons why I’m right in speculating how bad it really is for Obama. Their internal polling shows his approval numbers and his re-elect numbers, they’re far worse than what is being reported by the news media polling unit. And I think the fact that he’s saying and doing the things he’s doing in the campaign, the class warfare business trying to shore up the base, yesterday showing up at a Washington high school with nothing but black students in the frame sitting behind him. That’s never been done before. It’s always been a diverse group, mostly white students sitting behind him. Now, because the Congressional Black Caucasians are not happy with Obama, he’s got to shore that up.

Now you’ve got this voter enthusiasm thing. And this is Gallup and the regime would tend to believe this. So what we’ve seen is the New York Times and a number of other State-Controlled Media outlets, worried that Obama is taking their ideology with him down the tubes. And they don’t want their ideology going down. They don’t want socialism, Marxism, liberalism being discredited here. And if they have to jettison Obama in order to save the ideology, they’ll do that. Obama is failing his own party right now.

So let’s give you a little timeline. Rush Limbaugh, January 2009: “I hope he fails.” Democrats, Gallup poll 2011: “We know he failed. Rush was right again. Damn!” That’s the timeline, here. By the way, this “Democrats Dispirited About Voting in 2012,” it doesn’t matter who the Republican nominee is. This is a generic thing. It’s not Obama versus Herman Cain or Obama versus Perry or Obama versus Christie. No, it’s just Obama versus “a Republican.” What this points out here is if Obama ran against Herman Cain if the election was held tomorrow, Cain might very well win. Why? Because Democrat voters have bedroom-slipper intensity and the rest of us have marching-shoe intensity. You know, the regime likes to look at things in intensity of shoes.

They have their other shoe strategy for the Palestinians and Israelis, and Obama’s out there telling The Congressional Black Caucasians that they’ve gotta get out of their bedroom slippers and into their marching shoes. Well, we never have been in our bedroom slippers. Our marching boots are on each and every day. Now, Herman Cain may trail Obama by a few points in a head-to-head poll that’s out there right now, but voter enthusiasm is so strong for Republicans and so weak for Democrats that Cain (if the election were tomorrow) might very well overcome his current deficit from the polling data, as it seems might any other Republican. I’m just harping on Herman Cain because that tends to irritate the Democrats the most.

Janeane Garofalo, well-known high-foreheaded comedienne, is out there saying the Republican support for Herman Cain is just to mask their racism. It’s sort of a twist on the “Magic Negro” thinking that a bunch of guilty white liberals voted for Obama because they felt guilty and they didn’t want anybody thinking they were racist and they wanted to get rid of the nation’s racist heritage. So they voted for him with no other concerns being given any weight. So now the theory is that Republican support for Herman Cain is just to hide the fact that Republican voters are a bunch of racists, and to diffuse people of thinking we’re racist we’ll support Herman Cain. (interruption)

No. You mean, other than looking at things through the prism of race? (interruption) No. That’s an excellent point, El Snerdbo. The prism through which Democrats look at everything is identity. They see skin color first then they see gender and then they see sexual orientation. Yeah, they tend to put everybody in a group and then make that group victims of something. It is. That’s a good point. That is how they look at the world. Anyway, the Gallup poll here says, “Republicans’ enthusiasm for voting matches 2004 and exceeds 2008.” It doesn’t talk too much here about 2010 — understandably so, because in 2010 the enthusiasm for the Republicans was off the chart.


RUSH: Folks, one of the major reasons that the media to the extent… Like ABC. ABC is treating this Solyndra business as though the president were a Republican. I’m going to get to this as the program unfolds. I’m not trying to tease you with it. I’m just trying to stay organized here, and it’s coming up when I say it’s coming up. But they’re going after him here on this and ABC is taking the lead and others are picking it up. Very slowly, but it’s starting to happen. And I think a major reason why is that the State-Controlled Media and the Congressional Black Caucasians are really laying into Obama. They don’t want him moving to the center. They want him out there on the left edge. They want him defending and promoting the ideology. They don’t want him doing anything that waters it down.

They are convinced that it will win. They’re convinced that if he moves to the center he will lose, and they want an Obama re-election to be a triumph of their ideology. It’s a warning shot, actually, is what this is. It says, “Barack, there’s going to be more of this unless you stay true to the cause.” It’s just my two cents, but of course you know my two cents is worth anybody else’s dollar bill.

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