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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, let’s turn back the hands of time. Earlier this year you will recall during the continuing resolution debate, the funding of the budget, the raising of the debt limit, I was urging from behind the Golden EIB Microphone, John Boehner, the Republican leadership, to force Obama to cave, that we were the ones who held the position of strength coming off the 2010 midterm elections, which was a landslide shellacking. The Democrats lost 63 seats in the House. Well, it’s a net number that the Republicans have now in the leadership, in their lead. All the way down the ballot, state and local issues, the Democrats just took a bath. And I said winners don’t compromise with losers. Losers compromise with winners.

At the end of World War II in Japan on the USS Missouri, we did not compromise with the Japanese. We gave them the terms of surrender, and they signed them. Ditto in Europe, in World War II. Winners do not compromise with losers. When I said that the State-Controlled Media and the Democrat establishment literally had a cow. They called me and they held those remarks up as the single reason why this country was never gonna go anywhere, because I, El Rushbo, was not going to permit the Republicans to compromise. When I hear Republicans want to compromise, I immediately say, “With who, and where?” Where do we want to compromise with Obama? Do we want to say, “Okay, we’ll give you health care in ten years instead of next year?” Or, “Okay, you can have half of the tax increases.” Where’s the compromise on tax increases? Where’s the compromise on government spending? Where’s the compromise on stimulus bills?

There isn’t any compromise. There’s nothing of the socialist agenda that I want to have as part of mine. We’re not competing in elections here to win them and then compromise with the people who lost them. You can’t compromise. (interruption) How are we gonna attract the independents? Who is it that gave us landslide victories in the 2010 midterm elections? It was independents. Independents abandoned the Democrat Party, and not because of anything the Republicans were doing to attract them, because the Republicans were scared of their own shadows. The Republicans weren’t saying anything. That was a flight from socialism. That was a mad dash away from liberalism and socialism, and the only place that you can go in this country where you don’t want socialism is to the Republican Party. Pure and simple.

Now, the Republicans live and believe this myth that if they don’t compromise, and if they are too critical of the Democrats, that these independents are gonna run right back to the Democrat Party, and it’s a lie and it’s a myth that has been perpetuated, created by the media and the left precisely to stifle Republican comments, conservative behavior, policy, and everything else. It is designed to make us live in fear of being who we are. It’s perpetuated by Republican political consultants who live and work with that 20% of the electorate that’s said to be the undecided every election, the independents, the moderates. That’s where they make their money, by telling candidates, “I know how to get those voters for you, and here’s what you can’t do. You can’t run out there, don’t say Obama’s middle name, don’t call him Barack Hussein. You do that and you’re gonna send ’em running right back to ’em.” All that kind of malarkey and they end up muzzling Republican and conservative candidates.

And then they say, “You better talk about compromise. You better talk about bipartisanship. The American people want these two parties to get along.” Really? Well, how does the math on that work? One party is abject no doubt socialist. The other party is conservative, constitutional conservative, small government, lower taxes, entrepreneurs, all that stuff, where is the middle ground there? All these wizards, the independents, where do they want the compromise? Where do they want the bipartisanship to be? As far as I’m concerned they’ve already told us with their votes.

They don’t want any part of where Obama is. They voted out of guilt. They voted to be part of history and some of them probably voted thinking if Obama won there wouldn’t be as much shouting and yelling. If they would have listened to me they would have heard me say racism is gonna get worse if this guy wins because virtually every policy disagreement with him is gonna be chalked up to racism. Lo and behold, I, as I usually am, have been borne out right. There’s nothing unifying about this guy. There’s nothing unifying about socialism. Socialism has to be imposed on people. Freedom doesn’t. Socialism, Marxism, liberalism, has to be imposed on people against their will, which is exactly what this party has been doing.

The Democrat Party have been governing against the will of the people for years. Obama has just been doing it on steroids. These independents and others figured it out, they saw it. Their home values cut in half if they still have one. Jobs, don’t have any. And what are they told? Sign up for more unemployment compensation. That’ll stimulate the economy, Pelosi said. That’s not what they want. Some people do it, but not the people we’re talking about. You can’t compromise with people who want to turn this country into a socialist state. Actually, you can. See, the problem is it’s way too easy. But you shouldn’t. Not if you want to keep America America.

As I said yesterday, the single word that has been used to create the most damage in this country is compassion. And that’s why it’s easy to compromise with these people, because everybody on our side seems to want to be considered compassionate, and compassion is defined by the left, the bigger government is and the more people it’s taking care of, the more compassionate you are, the bigger heart you have. Well, I’ve always preferred Jack Kemp’s definition of compassion. We consider compassion to be the result of how many people no longer need government assistance.

Compromising with socialists and how we got where we are. Compromising with Democrats is how we got where we are today. It’s why Europe is falling apart right before our very eyes, because socialists were compromised with. You know, to me it’s preposterous that we should even be considering compromise with socialists when we have Europe staring us right in the face. Somebody, as I say, point out to me, tell me, call me right now, send me an e-mail, where in today’s Democrat Party agenda is compromise? Tell me where you want to compromise with them. It’s really preposterous that this should even be a matter of discussion with the state this country is in and the condition Europe is in. So that’s why a red flag went up.

People are sending me notes, “Well, Rush, look, you’re being a little bit too hard here. Christie is like Rudy. They talk moderate on issues, but when they get elected they crush Democrats.” Yeeeeeah. (drumming the desk) Let me ask you a question, folks. I want you to think about this. In modern electoral history, when do you remember people first — political people: consultants, candidates, media — even talking about independents? When did the group known as “independents” become a primary matter of import, major subject matter? Where were you and what were you doing when you first heard of independents? Maybe you won’t remember, but see if you can. But you look at Europe, everything that real genuine intelligent conservatives have been warning about for 60 years is happening right before our eyes in Europe, and we’re on the same road.

We have people in the Democrat Party who think Europe is utopia, ’cause the smart people are in charge and run everything. The elites are in charge of everything. They have 14% unemployment but that’s okay, the state takes care of them. They can’t defend themselves but that’s okay because they don’t believe in war, and if we’re attacked we’ll just call the United States — and after they defend us, we’ll complain and whine and moan about their militarism, their imperialism, but we’ll take it. Obama’s trying to turn us into Europe as fast as he can, on steroids. I don’t want to become Greece. I don’t want to become Spain. I don’t want to become the UK. That’s where we’re headed, and it’s utterly predictable. So somebody tell me: Where do you want to compromise with Harry Reid? Where do you want to compromise with Nancy Pelosi? Where do you want to compromise with Barack Obama? Where do you want to compromise with Dick Durbin or John Kerry or Chuck Schumer? And then tell me why.

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