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RUSH: Even Tina Brown is out there saying, (paraphrasing) “I don’t think we ought to let Chris Christie run because look what happened to Obama. Turns out Obama wasn’t ready.” Obama wasn’t ready, says Tina Brown, social doyenne of New York, by the way. She’s the Sally Quinn of New York. And Tina Brown, it’s interesting, remember my faux heart scare when I was in Hawaii? I think the day that happened or the day after she just jumped all over my case calling me the bad fairy for ruining the celebration of Obama’s immaculation by suggesting that I hope he failed.

Now she comes along two and a half, almost three years later and suggests, ‘eh, he wasn’t ready, and we ought to listen to Chris Christie ’cause Chris Christie is saying he’s not ready. We’ve already seen what somebody not being ready can result in, that’s Obama, so maybe we ought to not have Chris Christie go.


RUSH: This is yesterday on Scarborough’s show on MSNBC. This is on Christie’s reluctance to run. Tina Brown’s the editor of Newsweek and this is what she said.

BROWN: (accent) Actually, I just hope he doesn’t, because, in the end, you know, his tremendous misgivings, maybe he’s right. I mean we have this with Obama. He wasn’t ready, it turns out.

RUSH: (impression) “He wasn’t ready, it turns out. Obama, he wasn’t ready. Obama wasn’t ready, it turns out.” Here’s one of the leading fundraisers — well, I don’t know fundraisers. But one of the leading supporters in the media, Tina Brown — who’s known for the parties that she throws more than anything else in New York, like Sally Quinn who’s known for the parties she throws in Washington, or threw. She doesn’t like to throw so many ’cause Obama doesn’t like to go to ’em. But nevertheless Obama (impression) “wasn’t ready, it turns out,” and maybe we ought to listen to Chris Christie. He has tremendous misgivings. Maybe he’s right. We had this with Obama. He wasn’t ready, it turns out. So what’s she saying?

Obama has been a disaster! Everybody on the left knows the guy’s been a disaster, and what about the expectations once again? What were we all led to believe about this guy before he even was elected. “Messiah! The One! A person unlike any who had come before him! A unifier! The world was going to love America once again. Utopia!” Well, balanced against reality, Obama’s an abject failure. Same thing happened. All those high expectations and then reality set in, and we have the least qualified guy in any room he walks into, as president — and even the left now have to admit, he “wasn’t ready.” Same Tina Brown, by the way — let’s go back — on the Today Show New Year’s Eve on 2009, Erin Burnett was hosting, said to Tina Brown, what do you think was the most important moment of 2009?

BROWN: It’s gotta be that incredible inauguration of Obama.


BROWN: Because, you know, you started the year with this huge festival of hope and renewal and everything is going to be so different now, and then like the bad fairy at Sleeping Beauty’s christening, Rush Limbow (sic) utters the words, “I hope he fails.”

BURNETT: Mmm-hmm.

BROWN: At that moment sort of like the Pandora’s Box opened and the rest of the year has been just this big discord and toxic atmosphere in politics and part-ee-sahn (sic) divide and people shouting at each other and the Tea Parties and death panels and all of the stuff —

BURNETT: Mmm-hmm.

BROWN: — that took us into the year where now — where we just got the health care bill probably about to be passed with no Republican votes at all.

RUSH: What does that matter? What does the health care bill have to have Republican votes for? It didn’t need any Republican votes to pass. Any Republican who voted for it would have been toast by now, anyway. But see, I came along and I ruined everything. They had this giant fantasy planned. “Sleeping Beauty’s christening” is what she calls the Obama immaculation. I came along and destroyed it by saying I hope he fails. And from that moment Pandora’s box opened and the rest of the year was destroyed with “part-ee-sahn-ship,” as she said, sort of sort of like Pelosi pronounces it “swah-sti-kah,” she says “part-ee-sahn-ship,” with a P. We highly trained broadcast specialists gotta make sure that we don’t let Jimmy Hoffa re-channel this. That was partisan-ship, with a P.

Of course it works the other way, too. Toxic atmospheric in politics, the partisan divide and people shouting at each other, Tea Parties and death panels and so forth, I came along and ruined it. I deserve thanks instead of the grief. I can understand the grief. I was the only one who dared speak out about it. At any rate, every day, folks, what you have here is the left, whether they intend it or not, admitting that this president, Obama, is just nowhere near what they thought. And why is that? In Obama’s defense, let me say something here. Ms. Brown, how dare you attack Obama. He’s given you everything you want. He’s destroyed the private sector. He has upped federal spending. He’s got this country in debt three generations full.

I mean, for crying out loud, Ms. Brown, there are sperm cells in infants who have already seen all of their lifetime income taxed, spent. And they haven’t even met the egg that’s gonna fertilize the baby that’s gonna pay all those taxes. The sperm cells alone for three generations out, all their income has already been spent and taxed. You got your health care bill. You got Obama owning a couple of car companies. I think you people on the left ought to be ashamed of yourselves. This guy has done exactly what you wanted. You know why they’re mad? You know why they’re mad? The polls. They’re mad because of the polls. They’re mad because the American people don’t like all this.

They are mad because what’s happened is they are made to realize that they are in the minority. They are made to realize that while in New York and Washington they may rule the roost, and they may think they’re the cat’s meow, they may think that they run the show, but nationwide they are a distinct minority, and this country doesn’t want any part of what they believe or have to offer, and it’s the polls that are making them mad. Not Obama. And in that sense, if they’re mad at Obama at anything, it’s his inability to persuade people. It’s his inability to take what he was given, this massive image of a messiah, The One. Look at what he went into office with. Only one person out of 300 million dared speak out against him, 299,999,999 people love the guy, and now he’s down to about five. And that’s what they don’t like.

Look at what he squandered. He had a chance to convert this country to a socialist paradise in terms of the way the public thought about it. But the way he’s gone about it has sent people running the other direction, the precious independents, even some Jewish voters, some black voters, running away from Obama and running away from liberalism. So they’re mad at him because he has tarnished Marxism. He has tarnished liberalism. He has tarnished and perhaps destroyed the one opportunity they thought they had to create a majority opinion approving, thinking, and supporting liberalism, Marxism, Socialism. That’s why they’re mad at him.

If they would separate it out, they would have to say he’s done a bang-up job, look at what he’s done, it’s going to take us years and many elections to roll this back and recover from it. The debt, the spending, if he gets anywhere near what he wants with these tax increases, folks, this is dead serious stuff. This is what the people of this country now realize. That’s why Tina Brown’s mad. That’s why all these liberals are mad. They’re mad that Obama squandered all that love, that he squandered all that support, that he squandered all of the affection this country had for him, because in the process, what has happened? There is now a blight on the whole concept of socialism, Marxism, liberalism. That’s why they want to cancel elections, because they lose them.


RUSH: Interesting story here from the AP. Goes along with what we’ve been discussing: “Obama Grapples With Memories of 2008 Hope and Change.” Now, listen to this lede. “Remember when Barack Obama first ran for president and people were really into him?”

That’s the lede of an AP news story! This sounds like the lede from Tiger Beat or some teenage girl magazine! “Remember when…” and it’s written by Erica Werner, the chickification of the news. “Remember when Barack Obama first ran for president and people were really into him? Obama remembers it, too, but not the same way some of his supporters do. Bidding for re-election in tough economic times, Obama says there is some ‘revisionist history’ going on about how great that first race was.” So they’re out there. The author here thinks President Obama’s depressed because the realities of governing and all the compromises that he’d had to make; the nonstop Republican attacks have kept him from fulfilling his promise to unite the country.

It’s not his fault. That 2008 when we were really into it him…? See, the reason I bring this to your attention is because the reason the left is mad at Obama is because he has made their side look bad. It really is no more complicated than that. That’s why Tina Brown’s speaking out and that’s why any number of leftists are now speaking out, and why you see rumblings of Hillary out there. They’re not upset with what he’s done. My God, if we had had a conservative implementing this much conservatism in two-and-a-half years, we’d be hoisting the guy up on a throne!

My gosh, these people have had a 100-year quest for national health care. They got it, and they’re still ticked off. They’re ticked off over things like we’re still in Afghanistan, still in Iraq. They’re ticked off ’cause Obama doesn’t talk against the Republicans like they want him to, but they’re still upset at the polls. Obama has squandered the opportunity to make socialism the majority of thinking in this country. Instead, what he’s done is ignited majority opposition to it. That’s what they’re ticked off about. He’s making ’em look bad! It’s no more complicated than that. “Remember when Barack Obama first ran for president and people were really into him?” (snorts) That’s the lede of a news story!

They’re upset, folks, for reasons you wouldn’t understand.

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