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RUSH: You know, the liberal media, remember Joe the Plumber? Obama rips into Joe the Plumber and the liberal media rips into Joe the Plumber. Yet while they rip into Joe the Plumber, they love this guy Doug Edwards who shows up at Obama’s town hall meeting yesterday, begs Obama to raise his taxes. But Joe the Plumber who says, “Wait a minute, man, we’re taxed enough here. What are you trying to do to us?” “I want to spread the wealth around, Joe.” Joe the non-Jew plumber, by the way, as opposed to Jewish plumber, Jewish janitor, what have you. (interruption) Yeah, that’s true. If you weren’t here yesterday you’re not gonna understand the reference. We had a sound bite, Obama called janitors Jews and stopped himself and said, no, I mean janitors. So when he looks at janitors he thinks Jews or when he looks at Jews he thinks janitors, one of the two, we couldn’t figure it out. But don’t blame me. I’m simply reacting to the president of the United States.

Now, folks, don’t think this guy doesn’t want to be reelected. He wants to change the country, and he’s nowhere near finished. If you don’t believe in the market system, if you don’t believe in individual rights, all these sorts of things, if you’re not committed to constitutional government, but instead to big government, socialism, group rights, you’re not capable of promoting the American dream, folks, it’s just not possible. Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are not capable of promoting the American dream. They tear it down. They mock it. And they attack it.

Look at what Obama and the Democrats are willing to accept here. They’re willing to accept high unemployment, high foreclosure rates, other consequences of economic disarray because that’s the price, and unjust people must pay, in his view, to change the nation. He sees us the same way Elizabeth Warren does, we have to pay for what we have unfairly acquired, achieved, or become, because we did it on the backs of everybody else around the world. So we lose our jobs? Fine. How does it feel? You lose your house? Fine. How does it feel? Your house loses half its value. Fine. How does it feel? They think they are here to square everything, because we are illegitimate and unjust.

So hello high unemployment. That has been one of the purposes. High foreclosure rates. This is not an accident. It’s not a consequence of incompetence. It’s by design. When you listen to Obama on a stump, when you listen to his nasty tone, which is what our caller called about, you listen to his name-calling, you listen to the class warfare, you hear his supporters with their racism charges, their thug language, who and what does it remind you of? I’ll tell you who and what it reminds me of. Jeremiah Wright. We are hearing Jeremiah Wright when Obama gets testy and ticked off out on the campaign trail. We are learning that he heard Reverend Wright all those 20 years.

His message, his tone, his beliefs sound like Jeremiah Wright on the pulpit. When he starts dropping his G’s, starts getting angry and ticked off. I even heard somebody talk about chickens coming home to roost the other day from the campaign. Wish I could remember who I heard say that, but regardless, sounds just like Jeremiah Wright when he gets all mad, angry, starts chiding the Congressional Black Caucus, message, tone, beliefs. That’s why he was attracted to Jeremiah Wright and his church in the first place is because you strip away the facade, and what you have here is an angry young guy ticked off at whatever he thinks are the injustices and the inequities of this country.

Barack Obama is getting in touch with his inner Reverend Wright. He even talks honky around white people. You know what I mean by that, Snerdley. You might have to explain it to Rachel, who is as white bread as anybody I know. But he talks honky. Let’s go to audio sound bite number 12. Obama bristling on BET, the black community giving him a hard time. This was the anchor Emmett Miller interviewing Obama, and he asked Obama to consider the plight of a hypothetical young African-American in Chicago south side, father gone, mother working ten-hour a day for peanuts, no jobs, said, “You won’t even say, ‘Look, I’m gonna help you.'” He said that to Obama, “You won’t even say, ‘I’m gonna help you.'” And Obama said, “That’s not what people are saying.” Then he added this.

OBAMA: I want to make sure that you don’t just kinda slip in there this notion that African-American leaders of late have been critical. There have been a handful of African-American leaders who have been critical. They were critical when I was running for president. So there’s always gonna be somebody who’s critical of the president of the United States.

RUSH: “I don’t want you slipping in there this notion African-American leaders of late have been critical.” Well, let’s go back to this program yesterday. I asked this question after hearing Obama say, “Take off your bedroom slippers! Put on your marchin’ shoes! Shake it off!”

RUSH ARCHIVE: I have a question for the Official Obama Criticizer. Is there something…? Is that code for something, bedroom slippers, popular parlance?

SNERDLEY: Not that I’ve heard.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Not that you’ve heard?


RUSH ARCHIVE: And you would have heard it. There’s no question. I just wanted to make sure here. Bedroom slippers.

SNERDLEY: But maybe in the other circles that Obama travels in, that could mean something.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Well, that’s the thing. That’s what I’m thinking: In the other circles that he travels in. Let me take a little survey just here amongst my own staff. Mr. Snerdley, do you wear bedroom slippers? Rachel, do you wear bedroom slippers? Brian? I have never owned a pair, even when you go to a hotel sometimes they have… Well, cheap imitations. But I don’t even wear those. Who wears these things. Anyway, it’s fascinating here to get a window on this guy.

RUSH: All right, bedroom slippers. “Take off the bedroom slippers and put on the marchin’ shoes.” Last night on CNN’s Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer was with Maxine Waters. “I think Obama was complaining. He was talking about Cornel West has been talking about him, as you know — and at least remarks that you’ve made, Maxine. Other White House officials have said, ‘Why is Maxine Waters complaining so much, doesn’t she realize Obama wants to improve the economy, the job situation for everybody?'”

WATERS: Maxine Waters does not complain.

BLITZER: “Everybody.”

WATERS: Maxine Waters does two things: Public policy and organizing. I don’t go around complaining and so I don’t really think he was talking to us or the people in that room.

BLITZER: So you’re gonna take off your slippers and you’re gonna get out there and march with him?

WATERS: I’ve never owned a pair of bedroom slippers.

BLITZER: (haughty chuckle)

RUSH: Ohhhh! So Maxine doesn’t even have a pair of bedroom slippers, and now she says that Obama just got excited and insulted the Congressional Black Caucus by accident.

WATERS: The President can get to know the Black Caucus a lot better. I think there should be more interaction. I think we should work on strategies together. I think that there’s a lot of room for a lot more cooperation. I think he got carried away; he got fired up. He meant to talk about what he wanted to do, but I think he knew that he was talking to hardworking members of the Congressional Black Caucus and civil rights leaders and workers who have been doing this for years who have been marching for years and really understand what it means to march, not people sitting around in bed slippers or house shoes.

RUSH: Actually, he didn’t mean it. He didn’t really mean it. He was not even talking about the Congressional Black Caucus. He was talking about the Black Congressional “Caucasians.” He just got it all screwed up out there. Maxine wasn’t finished. She was with Tamron Hall on MSNBC. “What is your reaction to that speech, by the way, Maxine? ‘Take off your bedroom slippers! Put on your marching shoes! Shake it off!’ What’s your reaction to that?”

WATERS: I don’t know who the president was talking to. Certainly not the Congressional Black Caucus. We have been working hard. Not only have we been doing the job fairs and the town halls, but we’ve spent —

RUSH: All right.

WATERS: — a lot of time —

RUSH: All right.

WATERS: — documenting —

RUSH: All right.

WATERS: — the misery and the unemployment —

RUSH: All right.

WATERS: — and the joblessness.

RUSH: Okay.

WATERS: So he certainly wasn’t talking to us.

RUSH: Okay.

WATERS: We didn’t go on vacation.

RUSH: All right.

WATERS: We were actually working —

RUSH: Ohhhh.

WATERS: — during our break.

RUSH: “We didn’t go on vacation.” I was gonna say, it sounds like Maxine is back on the leash, but with the vacation comment… (interruption) Well, you know, she asked to be “unleashed.” She asked her supporters to be unleashed in going after Obama and her supporters unleashed her and she went after Obama and now Obama didn’t mean it when he replied. He wasn’t talking about her, so she’s back on the leash. Last night on the Tavis Smiley show, PBS — getting ugly out there, folks — talked to representative Sheila Jackson Lee of “Mars,” and during a discussion about Obama’s remarks to the Black Congressional Caucasians, Sheila Jackson Lee said…

WATERS: There were words, of course, such as taking off bedroom slippers and marching that I will say to you in the auditorium that night, the audience was on their feet. They were caught up in the idea that here is a captain that is going to right the ship, that he is not gonna allow us to sink — and the words didn’t have the words of dissection or analysis. It was: We’re gonna march; we’re gonna fight.

RUSH: So Sheila Jackson Lee was inspired by the bedroom slippers comment. The rest of the black community is insulted by it, but she’s inspired that… (interruption) Well, I think so. It’s as good a guess as anybody else’s just what she meant, but it was “We’re gonna march; we’re gonna fight.” So she didn’t dissect it; she just dissected it. Well, they didn’t dissect it they were so inspired. And now the Congressional Black Caucasians are going on vacation for another week along with everybody else in Congress. “[T]he words didn’t have the words of dissection…” We need a translator here, and I don’t have time for it. One more: Tavis Smiley responded to her. Tavis, I guess, understood what she said.

SMILEY: People were cheering and jumping up and down when they crucified Jesus. So the fact that people are jumping up and down and cheering, don’t mean that what’s going down is right. Would the president ever say to an audience of our Jewish brothers and sisters concerned about the crisis in the Middle East, “Stop complainin’, stop grumblin’, stop cryin'”? Would this president ever say to Wall Street, “Stop complainin’, stop grumblin’, stop cryin'”? Would he ever say to our Hispanic brothers and sisters on immigration and their concerns, “Stop complainin’, stop grumblin’, stop cryin'”? Did he say to gays and lesbians, “Stop complainin’, stop grumblin’, stop cryin'”?

RUSH: Hey! Hey.

SMILEY: How does he get away with saying this to black folk, when he would never form his lips to ever say that to any other constituency?

RUSH: Say what it is! Right on! Right on, dude! Say what it is. Did you hear that? “He wouldn’t ask all these other communities of brothers and sisters to do this but why is he asking the black brothers and sisters?” By the way, did you notice gays and lesbians are not Tavis’ brothers and sisters, either? He didn’t say they were.

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