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“You want to know why Herman Cain won the straw poll in Florida? ‘Cause you can’t find one example of Herman Cain, at any point in this campaign, not being a conservative.”

“The latest Gallup poll says that six in ten Americans don’t expect the economy to improve. The other four all have government jobs. He-he-he-he-he-he.”

“These speeches just don’t accomplish anything anymore. The magic that was the concoction of Obama is gone. He doesn’t hold sway. The more he speaks, the worse it gets for him. He doesn’t have the ability any longer to give a speech and turn people into mush.”

“Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are not capable of promoting the American dream. They tear it down.”

“We don’t have a shortage of finances in this country. We don’t have a shortage of revenue. We’ve got a spending problem out the wazoo.”

“A lifetime of pessimism is tough to overcome.”

“If I had to say one word that has had the most disastrous effect on the advancement of everybody in this culture, that word would be compassion. The crap that’s been done in the name of compassion in this country has robbed people of their dignity, of their chance, of their opportunity at their own greatness in using their own ambition and desire.”

“Somebody needs to school Obama on the basics of the American system.”

“Nobody’s gonna think ‘quotes’ equals ‘Pearls of Wisdom.’ People like the Pearls of Wisdom. I like the Pearls of Wisdom. They were mine.”

“None of what Obama has promised has come true. He promised all these jobs. He promised cheaper health care. He promised unity. He promised the world would love us.”

“The frustrating thing is that you and I know that in terms of body of thinking and numbers of people, we are the majority of thought in this country, we are the majority politically. But nobody says so.”

“I think there’s a sense of panic within the regime over Obama’s position, and I think a lot of people don’t realize it or don’t think of it because of conditioning. People on our side, I mean. We have a lot of people who find it hard to process the notion that people who have rigged the game can be in such trouble.”

“What propels a business or a service is a passion on the part of (generally) one person who starts it who’s got a passion for something. That person loves doing it, thinks other people would love doing it or having it, and embarks on a process of manufacturing it and selling it.”

“I don’t like worrying. I refuse to worry! I will pay not to worry.”

“When is the last time Obama was in Washington, for crying out loud? This guy is on the road more than any president I can ever recall. Being president isn’t keeping him in town.”

“The federal government was never meant to be the source of education funding in this country. How old do you think the Department of Education is? It didn’t come with the Constitution. It didn’t come with the founding. It’s another liberal creation.”

“This is not a jobs bill; it’s a tax increase bill, and the president wrote it specifically so that it would not pass.”

“Let’s look at all the groups that are mad at Obama. The blacks are now divided over Obama. Hispanics are not happy over Obama. Gays and lesbians are having their problems with Obama. White independents are running away from Obama. Who are the only group Obama hasn’t ticked off, Rachel? The Muslims. We haven’t heard from them.”

“If you look at the property tax that has to be collected per city block in New York, the roads ought to be paved with gold.”

“Elizabeth Warren is a law professor at Harvard. She was at Rutgers. She has had numerous sources of income. At one time I remember asking, ‘I wonder how many pensions this woman has,’ but she’s not poor, and she is the quintessential example of what she’s talking about. She’s never produced anything but a bunch of confused minds.”

“The Democrats want to put off the vote on Obama’s tax bill, his jobs plan for as long as they can so they can demagogue against the Republicans for opposing it, pure and simple.”

“When you’re president and you view your commitment not to constitutional government, not to the market system, not to individual rights — but rather to big government and socialism, group rights — you’re not capable of promoting the common good.”

“Obama cannot be honest with you about what he really wants to do.”

“State and local governments collect another $3 trillion a year from us. This is a grand total of $6 trillion in taxes per year. Why isn’t $6 trillion a year enough to fix potholes and bridges and the sort? We ought to be able to fill ’em up with diamonds and platinum for that money.”

“We’ve had, what, three calls today that have all been a bunch of creeps. What is this, creep caller day?”

“President Obama has issued his annual Rosh Hashanah greeting, wishing all who celebrate the holiday a year of peace. This is for you Jewish janitors everywhere who are always in Obama’s thoughts.”

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