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RUSH: President Obama says he’s going to keep pounding away at Congress to pass his $447 billion jobs plan. If lawmakers don’t do enough to help the economy, he says, then we’ll get a new Congress. Now, we’re gonna get a new president at the same time that we get a new Congress. Speaking of Obama’s jobs bill, while he’s pressing Congress to pass it, Dingy Harry said last night that when the Senate returns from a week-long vacation they will work instead on a bill that would push to label China a currency manipulator. That’s gonna take precedence over Obama’s jobs bill. They’re gonna go on vacation first, they got another week off, which is all fine with us, and then when they come back Obama’s jobs bill is not going to be the focus.

Here is Dingy Harry. This is from this morning, a Capitol Hill press conference. Reporter said, “[Dingy] Harry, can you tell us when you’re gonna take up the president’s jobs bill?”

REID: I don’t think there’s anything more important for a jobs measure than China trade. That’s what we’re gonna work on next week. We understand that there’s conversations going on about the president’s jobs bill, which I support, I introduced it, and we’ll get to that. But let’s get some of these things done that we have to get done first.

RUSH: They don’t want any part of that jobs bill, folks. Dingy Harry is the Senate sponsor but he doesn’t want anything to do with it, and the Washington Times has a story about the media being shocked here that Dingy Harry is not making Obama’s jobs bill a priority. Now, Dingy Harry is the sole sponsor of Obama’s jobs bill in the Senate, and it’s gonna have to wait ’til they come back from vacation and after they take up the effort to get the Treasury department to denounce the ChiComs and their currency manipulation.

Wait ’til you see what the ChiComs have done. The ChiComs have pulled a smart, slick play with electric cars and other things. They’ve said, “Well, yeah, we’ll build the electric car, but not ’til you give us the technology.” So the UAW and GM are gonna give the ChiComs essentially the technology to built Volts. No, no, that’s what’s gonna happen here. No question about it. (interruption) What do you mean how can they agree with it? As far as they’re concerned it’s a good deal. Let me find this story here, because it just happened to come off the top of my head. You know, we’ve got this idiot who used to work for Google that’s out there asking Obama to raise his taxes. Remember we had the sound bite last week from Elizabeth Warren? That has gone viral now. Obama is quoting her without mentioning her and using that idiot from Google who stood up and asked for his taxes to be raised as the evidence for it.

General Motors and the UAW have got some deal with the ChiComs to build electric cars over there. The ChiComs set some requirement that they get the technology, we’re gonna give it to ’em. I don’t
know how big a deal the technology is, but it is going to happen. But back to this Treasury department denouncing China’s currency manipulation, I mean that is a meaningless, meaningless gesture. They don’t want to take up the jobs bill. No Democrat in the House wants his name on it, no Democrat in the House wants any part of it, and Dingy Harry doesn’t want any part of this. This is all for show. It is all for show. They don’t ever want this thing coming up for a vote because it doesn’t stand a prayer. And they don’t want one of two things to happen: They don’t want it going down in flames. That will look bad for Obama. And they don’t want the occasional Democrat here voting for it because that would hurt them and their reelection effort.

So this bill, this $447 tax bill, not a jobs bill, let’s be clear about that, it is not a jobs bill. In fact, let’s be clear about something else. Obama has never submitted a jobs bill. There is not one piece of legislation, whether it’s the stimulus bill or Porkulus bill, whatever, there has not been one jobs bill submitted by Obama, and this one isn’t, either. This is for show. This is all it’s for, is talking points on the stump. It is designed to exist in principal only. It’s designed to exist so that Obama can lie about what it really is ’cause it’s not a jobs bill, and it exists so that the lack of action on it can be blamed on the Republicans as he does his combo Harry Truman/FDR campaign, Truman running against the do-nothing Congress, and FDR just growing government on steroids.

So it’s nothing more than an optic, it’s a talking point. And Dingy Harry’s lack of urgency is further proof that there’s no intention here for this thing ever to even come up for debate. They don’t even really want that to happen. It’s all just for show. The Democrats want to put off the vote on Obama’s tax bill, his jobs plan for as long as they can so they can demagogue against the Republicans for opposing it, pure and simple. Now, there will be a vote at some point. I mean at some point they’re gonna have to make it look like there’s action on this thing, and when that happens you’re going to see Democrats vote against it, and it will be at a time late on a Friday when it won’t get reported, there won’t be much attention paid to it, maybe it will happen on the day of a Republican debate. Doubt that but anything’s possible, any day where there will be other news that could cast a shadow over this.

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