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RUSH: Let’s go to audio sound bite number five and review. Let us remember September 2011 Andover, Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren running for the Senate in Massachusetts trying for the Democrat seat to run against Scott Brown, and she’s on her talking tour. She’s going to people’s homes in Massachusetts, and this is the babe that was the former chair of the TARP panel.

This is a law professor at Harvard. She was at Rutgers. She has had numerous sources of income. At one time I remember asking, “I wonder how many pensions this woman has,” but she’s not poor, and she is the quintessential example of what she’s talking about. She’s never produced anything but a bunch of confused minds. She’s never produced anything but skulls full of mush. She hasn’t taught anybody anything that’s the truth. She hasn’t produced a product, she hasn’t performed a worthwhile service, and she’s done pretty well. She earns six figures. In Obama’s parlance, she’s a “millionaire and billionaire” with a corporate jet. Here’s what she said earlier this month.

WARREN: I hear all this, “You know, well, this is class warfare. This is whatever.” No! There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody! You built a factory out there? Good for you! But I want to be clear: You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You, uh, were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory and hire someone to protect against this because of the work the rest of us did.

RUSH: Now, all of that is pure bogus. It’s all a crock. It’s all as though the factory owner lives in a vacuum and doesn’t invest a dime of his own money in any of these things. The factory owner doesn’t pay his own taxes. The employees of the factory, they don’t pay taxes. No. They are just sitting there sucking all this wealth out of the economy. They’re getting rich on the backs of everybody else, and I made mention to you of the fact that people were outraged over this. People on the left were ecstatic. They were orgasmic that finally somebody was taking it to the rich the way she was — and I mentioned that all she’s doing is parroting the same point of view, the same worldview that Obama has.


RUSH: Okay, so everybody in the factory, from the owner to the employees, they’re all living in a vacuum. They’re not paying anything. They’re not donating, they’re not contributing, they’re not paying taxes. They’re just sucking everything out. In fact, folks, the more likely explanation of people that Elizabeth Warren is really describing are the welfare recipients in this country, the people who are sucked things out and not putting anything back whatsoever. Those are the people — you may not want to call it “getting rich,” but they’re having a pretty decent life doing nothing. The people at Heritage have done a great description of what poverty in this country is like — how many cars you have, how many plasma screens you have, how many cell phones you have — but, anyway, you get the basic assumption here. This is the case for class warfare. It’s the case for wealth redistribution. It is a case for the fact that nobody deserves money. The rich, the highly achieved really don’t deserve it. ‘Cause they really didn’t do anything. They couldn’t have done anything on their own without all the rest of us, and I pointed out that this is exactly the way Obama thinks.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Nobody should have anything more than anybody else because everybody always does it on the backs of other people. The biggest, most successful people in the world couldn’t have done it — and this is Obama’s worldview of the United States, I might add, when he runs around the world and apologizes. His view of the United States is exactly Elizabeth Warren’s view of the factory owner in this sound bite.

RUSH: And there is no doubt in my mind about that. He runs around apologizing for the country. Our wealth, our power, our superpower status, our greatness, American exceptionalism is all illegitimate — just as the factory owner is illegitimate in his own existence. “Good for you. You get to deep a hunk of it,” she said later. Of course that wasn’t defined. This takes us to yesterday Silicon Valley, California, during a town hall meeting, Obama and a retired Google employee by the name of Doug Edwards.

EDWARDS: (whispering) Mr. President, I don’t have a job but that’s because I’ve been lucky enough to live in Silicon Valley for a while and work for a small startup down the street here that did quite well. So I’m unemployed by choice. My question is: Would you please raise my taxes? (laughter and applause) I would like very much to have the country to continue to invest in things like Pell Grants and infrastructure and job-training programs that made it possible for me to get to where I am.

RUSH: Well, we have somebody here — the first person I’ve ever heard — that admits attending a jobs-training program, a jobs-training center. Now, remember, we’re in Silicon Valley. We’re in California. I don’t know that they had to work hard to find this guy. I don’t know that he’s a plant. They think that way out there. Here’s what Obama said in reaction…

OBAMA: As you just pointed out, we’re successful because somebody invested in our education. Somebody built schools. Somebody created incredible universities. We benefited from somebody somewhere making an investment in us — and I don’t care who you are, that’s true of all of us. I appreciate your sentiment. I appreciate the fact that you recognize we’re in this thing together, we’re not on our own — and those of us who have been successful, uh, we’ve always gotta remember that.

RUSH: “Those of us”? What, did somebody else write your books? What are you talking about? Did somebody else write your books, Mr. President? What did somebody do for you? You’re wealthy because of two books. Who wrote ’em, if you didn’t? Who “invested” in you? You wanna give the publisher credit for publishing it? Fine. Give the publisher credit for distributing it? Fine. Who wrote ’em? That’s the lion’s share of the wok. Now, this guy at Google, this Doug Edwards guy, is a multimillionaire. I’ll get to who he is here in just a second. Here was his reply to Obama.

EDWARDS: The reason I asked the question is because I want him to understand that, uh, there are people like me — a lot of people, uh, in my situation — who feel that they could do more to help the country.

RUSH: Well, then do it, but don’t empower the federal government to take it from all the rest of us to do what you think you want to do! If you want to do something for the country, Mr. Edwards, that you think needs being done, do it! Don’t show up at a town hall and celebrate the fact that you’re “unemployed” and then run around and tell him to raise everybody else’s taxes because you got a guilt problem, which is exactly what this guy’s got. He’s sitting around, he’s wealthy, he’s unemployed, he’s got a guilt problem — and to assuage his guilt, he wants Obama to go out and raise taxes on everybody else so that he doesn’t have to feel as guilty. “Doug Edwards worked as Google’s first director of marketing and brand management for five years.” He worked there all of five years.

“By his own account, they had free meals every day that were as good as any served by the finest local restaurants, great workout facilities, massage therapists, doctors on staff, and an annual ski trip for all employees,” quote, unquote. “Edwards retired from this strenuous life after five years at Google as a multimillionaire. He now lives off of dividends and capital gains,” and he is paying the 15% capital gains rate. But he wants the rest of us who actually have to work for a living to pay more income taxes in order to assuage his profound liberal guilt. By the way, according to Federal Election Commission records, this guy, Doug Edwards, “has given at least $34,700 to Democrat candidates and the Democrat Party.” Before putting in all these five years at Google, he worked for the San Jose Mercury News, which is one of the most left-wing newspapers in the country. His selection as a questioner is not strange, is it?


RUSH: Okay. So here you have a guy who worked for the San Jose Mercury News, one of the most left-wing newspapers in the country, and ends up being selected to ask Obama a question at a town hall in Silicon Valley. Hardly a coincidence. Then the guy who is a multimillionaire, “out of work” on purpose. He retired after five years at Google, a multimillionaire. He lives off capital gains and dividends, which means he pays a 15% tax rate on the capital gains. He’s just obsessed with guilt. He’s asking for higher taxes on everybody else and on himself. You can pay more, Mr. Edwards. There are mechanisms set so citizens can pay much more to the federal government if they want to. But keep it to yourself.

You know what this also is? Frankly, I think it’s low rent, low class. You have a got Obama doing it, talking about how rich he is. The Clintons, particularly Bill. (impression) “Oh, yeah! You know, yeah. I’m a high tax bracket now and I don’t need to pay these taxes. (chuckling) I mean, I… I… I… could pay a much higher tax rate than I pay (chuckling). I don’t need this money. I’m a millionaire. I get all that money for making speeches. I… I… I… don’t need all this money.” Fine, don’t do work and produce the income! If you don’t need all that money don’t do the work then. But just because you think you don’t need it, keep your hands out of everybody else’s back pocket. You know, this public bragging about how much money you have…

This guy, Edwards, just like Clinton, Obama, they can’t wait to tell you how much money they’ve got. That’s phony, fraudulent patriotism: A bunch of people who are insecure spotlight themselves. They’re bragging. “Look at me! Look at me! Look how rich I am! I feel very guilty. I … I certainly… I don’t think I’m paying enough in taxes. I think country needs to be more highly taxed and so forth.” Well, right on. Well, we’ve chronicled the ways on this program before — there are any number of ways — for people to pay more taxes if you want to. You could refuse deductions. There’s any number of things that you can do. Direct donations to the US Treasury. But you know what the plain truth is? This guy that asked Obama the question, this Doug Edwards guy, doesn’t just want to pay more to the government.

He wants other people to pay more, otherwise he would have offered to pay increased taxes for those who don’t want or can’t afford to pay more taxes. If he really thought what he professes to believe, he would be out there trying to make up for other people. He’s not even paying more taxes on his own. He’s waiting around to have it taken from him. He’s not voluntarily paying more taxes. He’s waiting for the big hand of the leviathan to come in and take it away from him, to dip right into his back pocket and take whatever they want out of there — and every damn time this subject comes up, I don’t care what the speech is, Obama keeps talking about “higher taxes for education;” and we’re all supposed to swoon. “Oh, yes! Oh, yes! America, America is underfunding education — and, of course, that’s for ‘the children.’ Why, we aren’t doing nearly enough for the children. We’re not doing nearly enough for education.”

Somebody needs to school Obama on the basics of the American system. The federal government was never meant to be the source of education funding in this country. How old do you think the Department of Education is? It didn’t come with the Constitution. It didn’t come with the founding. It’s another liberal creation, just like the Department of Energy, just like FEMA and just like the Environmental Protection Agency. The states are supposed to fund education, primarily through property taxes (which themselves have been at very high records). So, anyway, this is what is resorted to: Obama finding some left-wing journalist who spent five years at Google and is now living off capital gains income to run around and whine and moan about how the country isn’t paying enough taxes.

This is supposed to persuade us: The multimillionaire who worked at Google for all of five years and has given nearly $35,000 to the Democrat Party, Democrat candidates over the years.


RUSH: To show you, ladies and gentlemen, how Elizabeth Warren and her rant has (to use a popular phrase) “gone viral,” and how the left is really excited and picked it up, here’s audio sound bite number ten. E. J. Dionne Jr. was on Jansing and Co. this morning on MSNBC. She said to him, “What does the president need to do to get the jobs bill passed?” Chris, you and I have never met (and we never will), but let me help you out: The president does not ever intend for this bill to be passed. This bill will probably never even see a vote. This is not a jobs bill; it’s a tax increase bill, and the president wrote it specifically so that it would not pass. He knows that the Republican Congress is gonna pass this thing. It’s not a jobs bill; it’s a tax increase. They’re not going to pass it — and that’s exactly what he wants. He’s trying to set them up as a “do-nothing Congress.”

“These mean Republicans who don’t care about people and want to be the people to have jobs. Poor old Obama cares about people! He’s done everything. He’s worked harder than he’s ever worked. He’s got a jobs bill. He wants people back to work (sobbing) and the Republicans, damn it! Republicans aren’t even gonna vote on it. Republicans don’t want people to go back to work! (sobbing).” That’s what he wants you to end up saying, Chris, in about six months. You probably already have the script. You people at MSNBC probably already have the script from the White House. “And last year when Obama was heavily pushing the jobs bill, the Republicans wouldn’t even give it a vote because the Republicans aren’t interested in people working.” That’s what Obama wants you to say. So you go get E. J. Dionne Jr.: Hey, E. J., what’s the president gotta do to get the thing passed?

DIONNE: There’s video from Elizabeth Warren running for the Senate in Massachusetts where she says: Look, we’re not raising taxes on the rich as part of class warfare. There’s no such thing as a self-made person. You and I didn’t pick who our parents are; we didn’t pick the country we were born in. There are smart people born in Mali or Vietnam or Burma who might do great things, but they didn’t have the opportunities that were given to them in the United States.

RUSH: Right so what, then, do we do? We punish the United States. That’s the liberal mind. Yeah. Vietnam, Burma. There’s greatness over there. E. J. Dionne Jr. knows it. But because they weren’t born here, they face a life of getting the shaft — and to make this fair and to make this right, the United States and its people must suffer because we didn’t choose where we were born, and we didn’t choose our parents, and there’s no such thing as a self-made person — and we have an unfair share of greatness in this country and we have an unfair share of wealth, and we have an unfair share of luck; and these poor schlubs from Burma and Vietnam, why, they’re SOL. They don’t have a chance because we have sucked all the luck up and all the wealth up and all the opportunity up — and we’re not sharing it with anybody!

In these perverted worldviews, this is how the libs think. E. J., what have you done to “pay forward” for all of your blessings? What have you paid forward? What are you doing, E. J. Dionne, to get rid of your guilt over this unfairness and over this inequity? This is the source of a lot of guilt, by the way, felt on the left. So no such thing as a self-made better than. If you’re born in Bali, you are screwed — and not because you’re born in Bali. You’re screwed because there is an America and you weren’t born there and so the fix is for America to cut itself down to size. That’s Obama. That’s what these people think. Yesterday — go back to Silicon Valley — Obama, town hall, another audience member: “I have a 22-year, very successful career in information technology management, but I find myself displaced. And not only that, I look at the statistics for unemployment, 16.7% for African-Americans. And my question would be — and not just for the African-American, but also for other groups that are also suffering — what would be your statement of encouragement for those who are looking for work today, Mr. President?”

OBAMA: The encouraging thing for you is that when the economy gets back on track in the ways that it should, you are gonna be prepared to be successful. The challenge is making sure that you hang in between now and then.

RUSH: Right.

OBAMA: That’s why things like unemployment insurance, for example, are important.

RUSH: Right.

OBAMA: Aaaand part of our jobs act is to —

RUSH: Can you believe this?

OBAMA: — maintain unemployment insurance.

RUSH: Here’s this guy, unemployed and basically wants some inspiration. He’s got a chance to talk to the Big Cheese, to the Head Honcho, the Grand Pooh-Bah, The One, The Messiah. He wants some encouragement, Rachel. He wants some inspiration, wants some motivation. “What do I do, sir? I want to work. I really want to work! How can you encourage me?” and what does Obama say? Collect unemployment! That’s what our plan is. You sit out there and you get yourself ready for when there are jobs. The guy’s probably thinking, “When’s that going to be?” I’ll answer that: When we get rid of Obama!

When there is a Republican in the White House is when we’re gonna start creating jobs again, folks. That’s when the economy is gonna be turned loose, that’s when the shackles are gonna be removed: When there is a conservative in the White House. Until then: Hope and pray for an extension of unemployment benefits. That’s the answer you get from The One, from The Messiah, from the Head Honcho, the Big Cheese, the Grand Pooh-Bah: Hang in and we’ll give you unemployment. It’s a big part of our jobs act. It’s right in there, see? It’s right in there. Part of our jobs act is to maintain unemployment insurance. That’s what we’re gonna do for you, you schlub.

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