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RUSH: You probably have noticed that we have upgraded our website, RushLimbaugh.com. One of the improvements is that we don’t have to wait until 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. every day to update the site. The way it was structured we had to wait and update it all at once, we had to work feverishly between three and five and then go live with the update between five and six. Now we update as we go. For example, already full transcripts and audio of two segments, two big monologue segments from today are already up, and as Koko and the boys get better at it it’s gonna happen even faster.

And we’ve changed the view of the website, it has more of a blog look. What I would suggest to you, and there just isn’t any way around this, don’t stop scrolling. Like I had a guy yesterday, said, “I can’t find the Pearls of Wisdom.” So I went to the website, “Well, I can’t, either, where the hell are they? Koko, where the hell are the Pearls of Wisdom?” He said, “Well, they’re down there second to the bottom.” I said, “Well, I didn’t bother scrolling that low.” “Yeah, well, they’re called ‘Quotes.'” “Oh, okay. Well, change it back to ‘Pearls of Wisdom.’ Nobody’s gonna think ‘Quotes’ equals ‘Pearls of Wisdom.’ People like the Pearls of Wisdom. I like the Pearls of Wisdom. They were mine.” Couldn’t find my own “Pearls.”

So we’re still working through this. But don’t stop scrolling, is the point. The website is no longer just one or two home pages. Just keep scrolling down. You keep scrolling down, magic happens and you keep checking the site each and every moment because during the program it’s upgraded and revised.

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