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One final go around here on the details of our latest big promotion here at TwoIfByTea.com. This is in honor of tonight’s Florida debate and the Florida straw poll which is on Saturday. And there are some people here in Florida, Republican leaders, who are saying that whoever wins the Florida straw poll on Saturday will be the Republican nominee. History is on our side, and of course they’re trying to drum up a lot of attention to the Florida straw poll just like the Iowa straw poll took place, and that was the one that Michele Bachmann won. Now, a lot of people would love to be able to come to Florida and be in the audience for the debate. And I’m sure a lot of you would like to come to Florida and vote in the straw poll. But you can’t.

So what we are going to do at Two If By Tea is bring Florida to you. In this case, I am Florida. And Kathryn is Florida. And here’s the deal. Anybody that purchases just one case of tea before 11:59 tonight is automatically entered to win our latest grand prize contest and every prize that we’re offering, there are a bunch of them here. The grand prize … and this has never been done, folks. It has never been done before. A personal home delivery of tea by me, Rush Revere, and my lovely beautiful wife, Kathryn. We will show up at your home with a year supply of tea. Whatever kind you want, that we make, we’ll bring it, personally hand deliver your tea to your house on a mutually acceptable date.

Now, there will be rules. Such as you can’t invite the whole town over for dinner that night, and similar type things. But it will be a great time. This is not a Drive-By, it’s not a hit-and-run, we’re not gonna throw the tea out the window as we speed by your house. We’re not gonna leave it on the step, ring the doorbell, and then run for the hills. We are actually going to stop, deliver it, hand deliver it, and if you invite us in, we will enter your house. After, of course, there’s been a security sweep. Don’t fret, Snerdley. No, this is gonna be cool. This is gonna be fun, gonna be a great time. There will be pictures and you’ll be able to prove that it really happened. And I don’t know of a better prize than me in your living room. So that’s the grand prize, the tea and me.

Now, if you don’t win the grand prize there are a total of five prizes and five winners. You might get a Florida gift basket, including a Mac Pro 15-inch laptop or a gift basket including an Apple iPad 2 engraved, Rush signature iPad, there aren’t very many of those. To be automatically registered just purchase tea today prior to 11:59 p.m. tonight via the shop at TwoIfByTea.com or, if you want to use a phone, you can call 866-662-1776. Now, the official rules are posted at TwoIfByTea.com, and if anything is unclear — I don’t know how it would be; I’m a master communicator — but if there’s anything unclear, it’s all there, the answers are there, the official rules posted at TwoIfByTea.com. We’ll personally call you, notify you that you are one of the lucky winners. And they’re chosen at random here. The grand prize winner gets a personal delivery of tea, Kathryn and I will drop by and do that.

In order to be able to talk about this in great detail, we wanted to start a business, small business, during this era of Obama, find out what it’s really all about. It’s one thing to sit here and talk about it, but to do it gives a little bit different perspective, and it’s fun. Plus, don’t forget, we are sponsoring — and you do, too, as customers — the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, which provides college scholarships for the children of Marines killed in action. So it’s a win-win all the way around. Plus, it’s the best tea that you’ve ever had in the best bottles, not cheap flimsy bottles, those bottles that kind of crinkle up and make noise and feel like a breast implant. No, our bottles are rock solid, great shape, the label, no better label out there than ours, no better icon, no better logo. The tea is not gunky and murky. There’s no junk in it. It’s just the best you’ve ever tasted. TwoIfByTea.com. Remember you gotta order at least a case by 11:59 p.m. tonight in order to have a chance to have Florida delivered to you.

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