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“We won the election in November — and as such, we don’t compromise. Winners don’t compromise. Losers compromise.”

“There isn’t gonna be any default and there probably won’t be a downgrade. All of this is hocus-pocus.”

“Rush Limbaugh opening the American mind one listener at a time. We’re up now to about 40 million minds opened, which still means there’s a lot of room for growth.”

“In Washington it’s really not that hard to be a kook.”

“You think Enron was bad? The way Washington does things is criminal. We don’t have enough jails to put everybody in.”

“People in Reality Heights, where we live, cannot budget our lives the way Washington does.”

“The liberal Democrats can’t wait for the debt fight to be over so Obama can go spend more, which is what they expect government to be.”

“You can’t buy love, especially from the left.”

“Any cut in spending is a cut in their power. That’s how the democrats look at it, and there’s nothing that’s going to change that other than new leaders.”

“You take a look at these states run by Republicans where they’re cutting spending and the economy is growing and jobs are being created. They are learning it at the state level. Federalism works, folks, every time it’s tried.”

“When you hear Democrats talk about raising taxes, fairness, shared sacrifice and all that, all they’re trying to do is prevent the creation of wealth, and I don’t want to sign up with anybody whose main objective is denying people the ability to create wealth for themselves.”

“The Baby Boomers are gonna find out there isn’t any money for them even though they paid into it and this supposedly ‘free’ Obamacare isn’t going to be free.”

“The greatest thing that ever happened to me is to be able to do what I love doing.”

“If I had one piece of advice for anybody asking the question, ‘What do I do with my life?’ Find out what it is you love. You probably already know it, you just have to figure out a way to do it. Find out what you love and nothing’s work after that, in the sense of drudgery. I has its moments, but when you’re doing what you love to do, by definition you’ll want to do it all the time.”

“I love the opportunity every day to be with you.”

“When Obama passes the stimulus bill, another trillion dollars effectively is added to the baseline. No consideration is given to whether or not the money was spent wisely, wasted effectively or whatever. It was just spent. And because it was spent, there must be an increase in that line item every year.”

“I want to take you back to Rush The TV Show, October 3rd, 1994. What is that? That’s 18 years ago, right? That’s how long we have been teaching. It never stops on this program.”

“So what’s happening here is the rank and file, you and I, those of us who make up the lack of a better term, the Tea Party types, the real movement conservatives, we are not stupid, and we’re not gonna buy a bucket of spit just because it’s warm. We’re not in the mood for it.”

“I’ll give you an exact definition of a moral victory. It’s the Super Bowl.”

“The only reason we have people who think the onus is on us and that we should compromise is because they’ve been made to believe that whatever it is the Republicans want or believe somehow is extreme, when it’s not. It’s mainstream.”

“We are the mainstream. The kooks in this country are the left. Obama is president of the kooks!”

“Every Baby Boomer entering the entitlement market has had, over the course of his life, that little section on the pay stub called FICA, and those deductions — Social Security combined with Medicare — are supposed to be there for that taxpayer. Well, of course, it’s long ago been spent, and what’s in place of the funds are IOUs, because Congress spent the money on other things.”

“All of this is the result of Democrat programs resulting from Democrat lies. They’re now coming home to roost — and, of course, who gets blamed for it? Republicans.”

“If we do the wrong plan here, we’ve just reelected Obama.”

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