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Yesterday I told you the Washington Post is worried lack of consumer spending will lead to a double-dip recession. Basically, the Post is blaming you, the American consumer instead of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, whose policies have turned a second-rate recession into a full-scale depression.

Not only are consumers on the hook at the Washington Post but in the bowels of the White House as well. The guy Obama just nominated to head his economic advisers, Alan Krueger, has “written extensively” on the economy, says Reuters. Among his brilliant ideas: “Why not pass a 5 percent consumption tax to take effect two years from now?”

The threat of a new tax, says Krueger, would “encourage households to spend money now, rather than after the tax is in place.” See? According to Krueger, that spending would
jumpstart the economy and bring down unemployment. Hey, why not impose a 50 percent consumption tax to take effect two years from now? Surely, that would jumpstart the economy even more!

If you’re wondering where this guy came from, he was Little Timmy Geithner’s economist at Treasury. He’s a Princeton pointy-head.

Alan Krueger might as well be Freddy Krueger might as well be Barack Hussein Obama might as well be every other Ivy League liberal without a clue how our economy works, who makes it work – and why it works. They do, however, know how to destroy what works. It’s the one thing these liberals excel at.

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