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Deborah Tannen, the Georgetown University linguistics professor known for her work with linguistics and relationships – came to fame in the 90s as a Bill Clinton apologist. Now she has penned a piece for Politico asking why “compromise” is a “dirty word.”

Tannen believes the “death of compromise” has become a national threat, that the “full faith and credit” of the government is at stake unless parties are willing to compromise on the debt ceiling and federal budget.

“Conservatives are now strongly swayed by the tea party movement, whose clarion call is a refusal to compromise, regardless of the political consequences,” she writes.” She slams “the political right” for being “particularly vehement when it comes to compromise.” She also accuses the left – of savaging Obama. For example, liberals who “fervently sought original
universal health coverage” blasted Obama for giving up the public option – even though Obamacare came close to meeting their objectives.

Ms. Tannen. The clarion call of conservatives isn’t a refusal to “compromise regardless of consequences.” Their call is to save the country – from the results of previous compromises! Compromises that sunk our economy, and created a welfare state mentality that permeates our society.

Liberals built an empire of unfunded entitlements, profligate social spending, and social engineering policies that now threaten our economic viability. It is time to draw a line in the sand, and say no more hollow compromises that spend us into oblivion, while making problems worse. So, yes. Compromising with liberals … is no longer acceptable. With no apologies!

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