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“When I die, which is going to be a long time from now, I want my last check to be written to the IRS, and I want it to bounce.”

“How do we think we can fix 153 bridges Obama says are at risk when after ten years we still haven’t rebuilt the World Trade Center?”

“Did The Beast (Obama’s limousine) cross any of those bridges? The Beast weighs eight tons — without Michelle in it! Eight tons, 16,000 pounds. Did they drive that thing and the rest of the motorcade over one of those Beltline bridges?”

“The bloom was off the Obama rose long before anybody was willing to admit that it was.”

“What this country wants is a conservative leader.”

“There is no jobs bill, and there’s no jobs in that bill. All that is is tax increases.”

“Obama is not about fixing the problem. He’s about attempting to fix the blame.”

“Tim Geithner says the economy is in the early stage of crisis. No kidding.”

“Some of Obama’s best friends are on Wall Street. It’s called crony capitalism. Some of his best friends are CEOs of the biggest American corporations. You want to start indictin’ people, the people to indict are in the regime.”

“Families USA was the public relations team for Hillary Care, and their intention is to get as many people as possible dependent on government provided health insurance as soon as they can in order to make it impossible to repeal.”

“The more Washington spends, the worse unemployment gets. If Obama would just say that he had a plan to drive up unemployment, he’d be hailed as a genius.”

“We need to be told where these 153 bridges are, because if he doesn’t tell us, then the regime — Obama — is holding drivers hostage. He’s letting us drive over 153 bridges that could apparently fail and people could plummet to their deaths at any moment.”

“You have the president of the United States going out there, ‘If you love me, you gotta help me pass this bill.’ Hey, Mr. President, if you love us, you gotta lower our taxes.”

“The only thing that liberals ever point to funding or cutting is the stuff that we all do agree on, important use of tax dollars.”

“If we really loved Obama, 9.1% unemployment wouldn’t matter! If we really loved Obama, losing our homes wouldn’t matter. The point is we don’t love Obama! We don’t love you, Mr. President.”

“Bob Turner said the reason he ran was to stop Obama, not to work with him.”

“I firmly believe that Washington Republicans are influenced by polls and commentators and conventional wisdom. I don’t think that they are influenced as much by election returns, and I don’t think they care so much that the public is fed up with Washington because it’s fed up with big government.”

“I’ll be stunned if Obama doesn’t get 70, 80% of the Jewish vote like he always does.”

“For some reason, elected Republicans have it in their heads that if they don’t say they want to work with Obama that they’re gonna lose independents, and I think one of the reasons for this is consultants.”

“Playing chess isn’t a vision! Playing chess actually comes from wanting to play defense. Our views are popular and winning. Take it to ’em! Obama’s views are unpopular and losing. So why play chess?”

“Obama is going crazy with this bridge nonsense. Obama’s next campaign swing, jobs pitch, is going to be at the Brent Spence Bridge linking Ohio and Kentucky, states represented by Boehner and Mitch McConnell.”

“You may not believe this. I am not a political junkie. I don’t get a big thrill out of this chess playing and a step ahead here and there. I know a lot of people do and wish that our guys were better at it.”

“We have a conservative ascendancy happening here .Our leaders need to embrace it and set forth with great confidence what we believe in, not play chess. Don’t play defense. Put Obama on defense. Make this election about his record and our vision.”

“It’s been 23 years, folks. At some point you’re going to stop doubting me.”

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