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“I am not going to trash any of those people that were on that stage last night. Any and all of them are preferable to what we have now.”

“Social Security was started by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the real name of the program ought to be ‘Democrat Security.'”

“‘Rick Perry: Rush Limbaugh with good hair.’ I tell you what, I guarantee you Rick Perry is complimented by that.”

“I never heard of the word ‘incidiary.’ Oh, it’s a new Democrat word, a cross between ‘insidious’ and ‘incendiary.'”

“There’s something that happens to people when they go to work at that network at NBC. I don’t care whether it’s at MSNBC or NBC or CNBC, something happens to people over there.”

“So that debate last night had one focus: That every Republican that you were watching is a hater, is a killer, is a racist, is a bigot, is a what have you. That was the message that NBC wanted that audience to come away from that debate with last night.”

“The difference between this and the Madoff Ponzi scheme is you didn’t have to invest with Madoff. Social Security is mandatory.”

“Obama is unsustainable.”

“I don’t think the moderates last night asked one question about the deficit or our national debt. It never crossed their minds because all they wanted at the end of that night was for the viewers to think the Republicans are killers, haters, racists, bigots, all that rotgut garbage.”

“I think you can throw the book out on the whole class envy technique the Democrats have used in Social Security to scare all these old people into voting for Democrats. I don’t think it works, anymore.”

“I’ll tell you what, I think Obama is putting this crackpot theory to the test. Having a small number of people working to support the rest of the country is exactly what Obama’s doing. This crackpot’s theory is in process here of being implemented!”

“My brother, David, has become a prolific tweeter, and he tells me all the stuff that happens on Twitter. He loves it, he enjoys it, and says that the pressure is on out there for me to start tweeting. So far I have resisted. Look at how long it took us to get a Facebook page up.”

“Rick Perry probably lost the vote of cop-killers everywhere last night, but the Democrats probably had that voting bloc sewn up anyway.”

“The purpose of Social Security was to make sure that Democrats were in power in perpetuity. It was to see to it that senior citizens credited Democrats for their retirement.”

“Governor Perry wants the country to solve a problem that’s bankrupting us all, and he wants to do it with facts and a considerable amount of political courage.”

“Romney did well. Bachmann did well. She continues to impress me. I think she’s being hurt by Palin’s indecision, or lack of announcing what she was going to do.”

“When it started Social security took the taxes of 140 people to pay the benefits of one recipient. So that’s spreading the burden out. You know what it is today? Three.”

“The Tea Party is made up largely of seasoned citizens; and it is seasoned citizens, because of the breadth of their life experiences, who understand better than young punks the irresponsibility of spending money that you don’t have and assuming debt that you can’t repay.”

“Somebody that cares needs to tell Obama to call off this speech before he makes yet another mistake. Because in order to create jobs you have to do a jobs summit, and there hasn’t been a jobs summit since the last jobs summit that he did”

“Rick Perry was close to being right when he described Social Security as a Ponzi scheme. It’s actually worse than a Ponzi scheme because Ponzi schemes are voluntary, and Social Security is not.”

“If you’re gonna bring out the Telemundo guy to ask questions about illegal immigration or whatever, why not bring out some black guy to ask questions about race and bring out a feminazi to ask questions about women? What the hell was going on with this last night.”

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