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“The burdens of this office never vanish. I’m never really on vacation, even on the golf course.”

“The Republicans were scared to death to say anything critical of Obama for the first year. The only obstructionism he got was from conservative media.”

“It isn’t fair to pretend that you, the president, have nothing to do with the trillions of dollars in debt piled up during your term in office, thanks to laws you either voted for as a senator or signed as president and supported as both.”

“Taxes are like a cancer out there. The idea that we are not paying our fair share is so absurd. The problem is, or the fault is, the irresponsibility of the people managing all of it.”

“Trump, who knows what he wants? He may be angling for Treasury secretary. He’d be a hoot! Can you imagine Trump dealing with the ChiComs?”

“The president knows he can’t grow the economy with his policies. His policies shrink the economy. What Obama’s trying to do is blame the Republican Party for what he has done. It’s that simple.”

“I think the mind-set is, the country’s so strong and powerful that no one guy can come along and really transform and change it, and the people that run around and say that are kooks.”

“It is mind-boggling the taxes people pay. Nickel and dime stuff that’s in the phone bill, that’s in the utility bill, it’s all over the place.”

“Everything the Bamster does from here on out is about reelection. It’s not about substantive economic policy or foreign policy or anything of the sort.”

“The Democrat Party dumbs people down, keeps them stupid, poor, dependent, all in the name of compassion. It’s one of the most amazing hoaxes and frauds that’s ever been achieved, and they’ve been getting away with it for 50 years.”

“The real compassion to be found in this country is among conservatives.”

“Since Stimulus 1 worked so well, why didn’t he just double down and do it again? You know, I’ll bet you that that’s what the September plan is gonna be.”

“Why spend any money or time with the cow when you already get the milk for free?”

“Normally callers have to talk about what I care about so I won’t be bored. But we broom that on Friday.”

“How come, Mr. President, you and the Democrat Party go nuts with all this spending, and all of a sudden Americans aren’t paying their fair share? Intellectually, how does that work? What is our fair share?”

“The real compassion to be found in this country is among conservatives. The group of people in this country who really want the best for everybody is conservatives. Why? Basically because we love people, we love this country.”

“The Republicans understand what it takes to have a great country. Everybody’s all-in. Everybody’s pursuing their own dream, their own definition of excellence, using whatever ambition, desire, or lack of they have.”

“What has happened to this country up to this point is nothing compared to what’s in store for us with just this one piece of legislation.”

“I thought we were gonna stop messing in other countries’ affairs. That’s what Obama said, he said we can’t be cowboying things like Bush did. Obama has demanded that Hosni Mubarak leave, and of course Mubarak’s now in bed in a jail cell under trial. He’s told Khadafy to get out, and now he’s told Bashar Assad to give up power. This is the same Obama who has declared that we can no longer tell other countries what to do.”

“It’s now dawning on people that what is happening to the country is political, meaning that there are specific political policies that have been put in play that are causing this.”

“Do you realize that Fast and Furious, to a whole bunch of people in this country, is a bunch of automobile movies?”

“Former Labor Secretary Robert B. Reichhhh actually thinks that a jobs bill that the president’s gonna propose is actually going to be about jobs.”

“All those people who earn $250,000 a year and fly around in corporate jets, they have become the villain. They didn’t do anything. Or does that matter to the president? Is a 70% tax rate fair no matter what? Because that would level the playing field.”

“You could probably count on one hand the number of times in 23 years that I have taken two weeks vacation. I just have never done it.”

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