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RUSH: I mentioned Howard Fineman. Here he is last night on NBC’s The Last Word. Howard Fineman is the editorial director of the Huffington Post. He said this…

FINEMAN: The president will have a chance to make the case for government on Thursday but he’s gotta make it in a way that results in people believing that immediate jobs will result. He’s been unable to do that so far. That will once again be his challenge in a very difficult situation for the president, because nobody really is expecting anything to result from that speech on Thursday night.

RUSH: There you have it: “[N]obody is really expecting anything to result from that speech on Thursday night.” Why would anybody be expecting anything different to happen?
We’re going to do — he’s going to propose — what he has been doing since he was immaculated. Why all of a sudden is it gonna change? What can he do? What could any president do? What could any speech do? How could any speech result in a massive move to create jobs in the ensuing days after the speech is made? Now, I happen to think that if I were giving the speech, I could create atmospherics and attitude that would lead people to want to grow the economy. I think I could make that speech. I have no doubt I could make that speech, if I had the power of implementation of my ideas behind me. (interruption)

Well, I know people believe me, but I’m just talking about that I’ve got the ideas. This stupid AP story that neither side has the answer? What a crock that is. There’s an answer out there, and the answer has never changed. The answer boils down to something very simple, very worth trusting every time you try it: The American people. Just turn ’em loose. Just get out of their way. Just inspire ’em. We have a guy who’s happily presiding over decline! There’s nothing motivational or inspirational at all about this guy. There never has been. I’ve never understood that. Here’s Jonathan Alter. Fineman apparently didn’t talk to Jonathan Alter because Alter says if you oppose Obama’s plan then you are against jobs. This was yesterday afternoon on Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) fill-in host Chris Matthews…

What is with all these fill-in hosts at MSNBC? (interruption) But it’s after Labor Day, Snerdley! This is not… Anyway the fill-in host is Chris Matthews talking with Mother Jones magazine Washington bureau chief David Corn, and Bloomberg View columnist Jonathan Alter about Obama’s speech. David Corn says, “The real issue gonna be credibility here, whether he can make a strong enough case that he can get people — especially independent voters who will be hearing Republicans say -spending, spending, spending’…” What is this? Corn, he’s supposed to be creating jobs with this speech! What is this get independent voters? What the hell is going on here? I thought this was a speech to create jobs! Obviously it’s not. Obviously a campaign speech trying to appeal to the independents. Jonathan Alter, after listening to what Corn said, said this…

ALTER: It’s the way he throws down the gauntlet: My party and I are for rebuilding America. If you don’t agree, you’re against rebuilding America. You’re against jobs. He needs it to be jobs first. You’re either for more jobs or you’re not.

RUSH: Jonathan? August: Zero, zilch, nada. Jonathan? Stimulus 2009: Minus 3,000,000 jobs. What are you talking about? Somebody’s gonna have to tell me where it is that this bunch even knows about job creation in the private sector. “My party and I are for rebuilding America”? My party and I have destroyed America! For two and a half years people have witnessed, Mr. Alter, Obama and his party destroy the private sector, and you think that in one speech tomorrow night somehow he can make people believe that he and his party are for rebuilding America? Why does America need to be rebuilt? America didn’t need to be rebuilt two and a half years ago! (pause) I’m taking another break. I’m starting to really get ticked off as I listen to this lunacy, idiocy, stupid media people. I can’t handle it.


RUSH: Let’s say, folks, you’re a leftist. You’re a leftist, hard leftist, narcissist, a grand narcissist. Unemployment is 11%, 16% and it’s gonna stay there. How do you proceed? You’re president — a narcissist, committed ideologue — and the polls and history indicate it’s unlikely you’ll be reelected, so what would you do? Would you fudge and compromise, hoping against hope that you can be reelected with 9%, 10% unemployment? Or would you go full bore to try and leave your mark on the country you promised to remake? Would you ignore history and assume your reelection or would you begin planning to be “a good one-term president”? Would you set yourself up in good stead with those that share your ideology for the years ahead, or would you compromise with hated conservatives and Tea Party types in hopes of winning the election but soiling your relationships with hard-left supporters and admirers worldwide?

Would you rebuke your supporters like that S.O.B. Jimmy Hoffa? Would you cave to the Republican S.O.B.s on fiscal policy in a major speech to a joint session of Congress? Let’s say you’re a relatively young man and you want to be remembered until the end of time and beyond. How would you close out your dismal, destructive presidency if it appeared to be in danger? As a grand narcissist, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your presidential library — the temple where you will worship yourself. How do you want to feel when you walk through your shrine, if you are Obama? What would you want to see and hear in your shrine? In the wing of joint sessions of Congress, will you want to see the film playing where you gave up on your ideology, or where you attacked Republicans?

Are you thinking about an exhibit that shows what might have happened with more spending, or are you thinking an exhibit where John Boehner got his way? What’s in your personal shrine. How will your story be told? Remember, all your leftist buddies and admirers — many of them millionaires and billionaires, that will arrive by private jet to your shrine, to your library — will come and want a personal tour. Will you be proud or will you just hustle them through? Are you today thinking about keeping a good portion of the campaign cash that you raise? What are you thinking as you go into this speech tomorrow night as a narcissist, as a hard-left ideologue, as somebody who no doubt wants to be reelected? We will find out what it is that the little man-child is thinking a little over 24 hours. I expect MSNBC to start the stupid countdown any minute.

Josh in Los Angeles. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how’s it going?

RUSH: Pretty good.

CALLER: Mega dittos from the Left Coast of California.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, I just wanted to touch on the senator (sic) that’s just talking about job growth and basically saying that, you know, if you’re not with us, you’re basically against us type thing. You know, that’s a guy who doesn’t own a small business. It’s a guy who’s never worked a day in his life. He’s never had to, you know, get up in the morning and work for himself, ’cause if you don’t then you’re not making money. I’m one of those guys. I’m 30 years old, I’ve been listening to you since, God, since I can remember; probably, you know, since I was eight years old. And I started a company with my brother a couple of years ago along with my mom and right now we’re four people manufacturing motion picture equipment for the film industry. And luckily in an economy like this entertainment is rampant, and we do okay. But one: We can’t afford employees because we get hit with workmen’s comp and all this.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Health insurance, you know? It’s nutty, you know, and the fact that, you know, we’re getting hit with 38% taxes.

RUSH: Okay, so let me ask you a question. Hold on! I got a quick question.


RUSH: Twenty seconds. The president is gonna make a speech tomorrow night about inspiring people like you to go out and hire people. What can he say to make you do it?

CALLER: Uhhh, probably absolutely nothing because the guy normally says absolutely nothing, but if he were to say something, the best thing he could do would be say, “No capital gains tax, lower the corporate tax, lower income tax if not get rid of all of it,” and, you know, that would be the first three things right off the bat.

RUSH: It’s not gonna happen. You don’t have to watch. I just saved you a bunch of time.

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