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RUSH: Okay, everybody’s been asking me, ladies and gentlemen, about the winners last week in the giant Two If By Tea contest. Now, we are thrilled, I’m thrilled to tell you we have selected the ten lucky winners of the free tea for a year. We’ve selected the ten — and two of those ten, as promised, are also going to win a Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed. Kathryn and I are gonna be calling the winners in the near future. We haven’t called you yet. It doesn’t mean that you didn’t win if you haven’t gotten a call because we haven’t called anybody yet. We’ll do it relatively soon. We’re already, because of the overwhelming demand… This was a record. This ended up being a record everything, and due to the overwhelming popularity of this, we’re going to be putting together another very, very special promotion in the upcoming weeks.

So stay tuned for that. If you think this was good, wait for the next one. Now, the ten-year anniversary of September 11th’s coming up Sunday. We’re not gonna be on the air, obviously, on Sunday. In fact I’m not gonna be here tomorrow, folks. We have Mark Steyn here tomorrow, as I must be elsewhere. But we sponsor the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation at Two If By Tea. They are our great friends. The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation provide college scholarships for the children of Marines killed in action, and we’re very proud that we sponsor the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. They’re a fantastic group of people that provide true assistance to the children of heroes that were lost trying to defend and serve our great country.

So 9/11 is coming up, ten years has gone by. Sometimes it seems the ten years has zipped by; other times it seems like it’s crept by. But we know people, I’m sure you do, who have lost — or you have met if you didn’t at the time, people who lost — loved ones during that attack. And during the ensuing years the intensity of that day has, of course, dwindled. People have worked very hard to try to keep people focused on that day and what it meant and how we still face the same threat each and every day in this country, and the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States military are on the front lines every day at outposts all over the world and domestically doing work that nobody knows about, can’t be told about in large part to protect this country.

And we at Two If By Tea, when we started this little concern, wanted to make sure that we took some of what we made with this and partnered and sponsored an organization that helps these people. So we’ve done that, and you have been extremely valuable in that assistance being possible with your purchases of the best iced tea out there, Two If By Tea at TwoIfByTea.com. By the way, we do have a Twitter page. Two If By Tea has a Twitter page. Yes, we do. Yes, we do. You can follow Two If By Tea by Twitter, keep track of upcoming promotions and other things. It’s TwoIfByTea.com. That’s also where (the only place, by the way) that you can purchase the best iced tea that there is on the planet: TwoIfByTea.com.

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