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RUSH: David “Rodham” Gergen last night on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 211. After the debate, Anderson Cooper said, “What do you think of Rick Perry and this debate, Mr. Gergen?”

GERGEN: Intellectually Mitt Romney got the better of him. He was more articulate on many occasions, but Governor Perry brings a muscularity to the debate that I think will appeal to an awful lot of voters. There’s sort of a decisive quality about him that I don’t think you see so much and he doesn’t back down easily. I can certainly understand why he
appeals to a lot of voters and why it’s gonna — it’s gonna be a very, very interesting race. I thought he was calm and confident for a candidate who hasn’t debated in five years.

RUSH: “Muscular.” He “brought some muscularity to the debate.” Now, what does that mean? Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s got onions. It also means that Gergen’s big on muscles. You know, he was a big Hillary fan, but he’s right here. Muscularity, toughness, not backing down, that’s exactly right. Last night on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight he spoke with Thomas “Loopy” Friedman about Governor Perry and climate change. Piers Morgan said, “What do you think when you hear the guy who has streaked ahead at the moment in the Republican nomination race just dismissing global warming as politicized nonsense? What do you think of that?”

FRIEDMAN: What’s really doubly absurd about it, Rick Perry’s state is on fire, okay? Uh, it’s in our experiencing the worst — tragically, the worst — wildfires in its history, which fits in exactly with the predictions of climate change that the hots will get hotter, the droughts will get longer, the wets will get wetter, you get these extremes in temperature. It’s actually happening under his nose, climate change, and he’s out denying it.

RUSH: That’s right. Texas never been hot before, never been dry before, never had fires before. What’s happening in Texas is not… It may be part of yesterday’s climate change prediction, but it wasn’t part of last year’s, and it wasn’t part of the global warming prediction in 1985. Most of these fires seem to be arson in Texas, but global warming? (laughing) I want to know, Mr. Friedman, what global warming scientist predicted more arson as a result of rising temperatures? Same program, same host, same guest. Next question: “I think what everybody is crying out for is proper leadership, and this is where I take issue with President Obama, and I’m not even an American,” which is why CNN hired me, “but I feel strongly that I want the president to stand up and be the boss.”

FRIEDMAN: I think a lot of people feel today… You kind of do a Rorschach test with the American people. You know, hold up a picture of the president and say, “What comes to mind?” For a lot of people, it’s just something fuzzy. It’s something not clear. He’s not in focus and he needs to get in focus with what he believes, what he’s really ready to fight for.

RUSH: Thomas “Loopy” Friedman, who was part of the media cabal that presented us with this image of Obama as a messiah, is now saying he’s fuzzy, nobody knows who he is. He doesn’t know what he believes, even. Not even Obama knows what he believes! How can anybody else know what he believes when Obama himself doesn’t know what he believes? And yet, and yet whatever he says tonight on jobs is gonna be gospel, and I’m being told here that gonna request $43 million more for wind energy green jobs. (laughing) Here’s Solyndra shutting down, bankruptcy, being raided by the “Fibbies,” and Obama’s gonna call for $43 million more for wind energy green jobs in this speech tonight. By the way, as far as warming is concerned: The earth has been warming since the Ice Age, hasn’t it? Otherwise we’d still be in the Ice Age. True? Simple logic, correct? Has anybody ever explained the Ice Age or the disappearance of the Ice Age? The occurrence of the mini-Ice Age? What happened? Why? What happened to it? Did it happen when Rick Perry got elected? What happened?

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