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On cue, the Associated Press is running interference for Barack Obama. Before the President comes out with his supposed “jobs plan,” AP is claiming that Obama is “hamstrung by budget cuts and a tight debt ceiling.” This has left our poor leftist leader with, says AP, “limited tools at his disposal to prime the economy and crank up unemployment.”

Yes, Pharaoh Obama could do so much more if only he had the proper tools. Our poor Pharaoh could lead his people into the land of milk and honey of full employment if only those pesky Tea Party types would let him raise taxes or, even better, let him print more money until it creates jobs. Someday.

As it stands, says AP, “the listless economy, which has left millions of Americans out of work and threatens the savings of millions more, is the biggest obstacle facing Obama’s re-election.” AP helpfully concludes: “Making the case for his economic programs will be central to the remaining 18 months of his term.”

You hacks at AP: Obama has already “made the case for his economic programs.” And implemented them! He has outspent every President before him. He has Obamacare. He owns auto companies, and multiple sectors of the U.S. economy. He has shackled the private sector with thousands of new regulations. Obama got what he wanted. And we, the American people, are paying the price.

The only “case” to made over the next 18 months is how to broom him and his programs into the dustbin of history. Case closed!

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