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RUSH: First, ladies and gentlemen, how many of you have ever heard of a member of the Congressional Black Caucus Andre Carson? Andre Carson, Democrat from Indiana, he is the Congressional Black Caucus chief vote-counter. He is also, I believe, the second Muslim to serve in Congress, Keith Ellison from Minnesota being the first. And Mr. Carson, member of the Congressional Black Caucus from Indiana, says that Tea Partiers on Capitol Hill would like to see — this is from The Politico, by the way — Mr. Andre Carson said that Tea Partiers on Capitol Hill would like to see African-Americans hanging from trees. He accuses the movement of wishing for a return to the Jim Crow era. We have audio sound bites in case you doubt me, in case you think I’m making this up. This is the new civility of the Democrat Party. This is August 22nd. So basically nine days ago, it’s taken that long for this to surface. Nine days ago in Miami during a Congressional Black Caucus town hall, the whip, Congressional Black Caucus whip Andre Carson, Democrat, Indiana spoke. Now, it’s a cheap microphone, and I think this is Internet quality, but here’s what he said.

CARSON: This is the effort that we’re seeing of Jim Crow. Some of these folks in Congress right now would love to see us as second-class citizens.


CARSON: Some of them in Congress right now with this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me — I’m sorry, Mr. Chairman — hanging on a tree.

RUSH: So he said it. This is the new civility of the Democrat Party. We actually had a member of the Congressional Black Caucus suggest that Tea Partiers in Washington would like to see blacks like him hanging from trees. I wonder if Mr. Andre Carson is — (interruption) He’s probably unaware, Mr. Snerdley, that blacks in the South were hung from trees by Democrats. Do you think he knows that? Do you think Andre Carson knows that it was Democrats who did the lynching? Do you think Andre Carson knows that it was Democrats who hung blacks from trees? You think he knows that? You really do? Well, that just makes him even more disingenuous. Well, if you didn’t know it, folks, it is true, blacks in the South were lynched by Democrats largely because they might have voted Republican.

If you were black, you could get lynched, you could be hung from a tree by Democrats if you voted Republican. In fact, white Republicans were the first targets of Southern lynch mobs, especially the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party which is known as what? The Klan. The Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party. The Democrats terrorized white people who tried to help black people. The Democrats of the South were the ones doing all the lynching, Mr. Carson. Meanwhile, it’s ridiculous to have to even point this out, no evidence that the Tea Party’s lynched anybody. This is how discombobulated these people are. And of course you hear the audience reaction, “Yeah, baby, yeah!” Language of jihad? Well, it does sound like Jihadist language in you look at it in a certain way.

Now, they went to Andre Carson, “Did you really mean this?” And Carson’s staff said, “Yep, the congressman stands by his remarks since the Tea Party has gutted nutrition services for the poor.” That’s what he said is the reason for the comment. Now, you and I all know that not one nutrition program has been gutted much less even cut. According to the General Accounting Office in 2008 the federal government had 18 separate food programs that spent 62 and a half billion dollars every year to feed the poor, and they have been hugely expanded by the Obama regime. In fact, somewhere here in my stack, ladies and gentlemen, the federal government has an outreach plan if your food stamps were wiped out by the hurricane, here’s where you go to get them replaced. If you went out and bought food with your food stamps and if your food happened to get flooded along with your flooded food stamps, this is where you go to have it redeemed.

Meanwhile, we have a genuine locoweed. This is your Democrat Party, folks. This is your Congressional Black Caucus. They lost the House of Representatives. They are in panic. Their president is losing ground. He’s at 38% approval, unemployment in the black community is over 20%, and now they’re noticing all of a sudden. Maxine Waters says the Tea Party can go to hell, and now this guy’s out saying the Tea Party wants to lynch people — and this is the group that independents are gonna run to if Republicans say the wrong thing? (interruption) Well… Snerdley just said, “They won’t get mad at Obama about no jobs.” I think they’re starting to get mad at Obama about no jobs. I think… (interruption) Well, some of them are. I’ve got it somewhere here. There’s some unrest out there at Obama over this.

The Tea Party hasn’t done anything to this guy except the Tea Party is winning. The Tea Party won the Congress. The Tea Party had a landslide electoral victory a year ago.
That’s what’s got ’em all discombobulated. So, anyway, you got Maxine Waters out there, “Tea Party go to hell;” this guy says the Tea Party wants to lynch people, and I want to make this point, folks: These are the people that we’re told the independents are gonna flock to if the Republicans say the wrong thing and make ’em mad. This is the kind of pure, unadulterated hatred, extremism, mean-spirited — however you want to characterize this — insanity.

This is the kind of stuff the independents are gonna flock to if we say the wrong thing and make them mad? And in this story… You haven’t heard the worst of this yet. Politico, in this story, in an attempt after the balance, cites two examples of Republicans saying things. Oh, yes. And do you know what they are? Listen to this. “Carson is hardly the first lawmaker to use heated rhetoric. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) yelled ‘you lie’ as President Barack Obama was addressing Congress. Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas) yelled ‘baby killer’ at former Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) as abortion was being discussed during the health care debate.”

So, we are to believe according to the Politico that shouting “You lie!” is on a par with someone accusing the Tea Party of lynching blacks. “Carson is hardly the first lawmaker to use heated rhetoric…”? By the way… Who wrote this at Politico? Jake Sherman. Jake, last I looked, Joe Wilson was right! Obama did lie in what he was saying in that speech to the House of Representatives. But even so, shouting “You lie!” is not quite like accusing somebody of lynching blacks, especially when it turns out that Wilson was exactly right.

Now, Andre Carson represents Indianapolis. He’s the second Muslim to ever serve in Congress. I wonder if this guy… Snerdley, do you think this guy, Carson, has any idea of the history of Islam and black slavery, which continues to this day? You think…? (interruption) You think Andre Carson might not know about that, but you are convinced that Andre Carson is aware that the Democrats were doing the lynching down in the Old South? Yeah. Okay, well, this is our start. Up next is Nancy Pelosi going nuts on the rich while out in San Francisco — I mean, literally going nuts. Now, even as we speak, folks, what do we have yesterday? We had a story by Jeffrey Toobin. Even as we speak the media and the rest of the Democrat Party are preparing another attempt to lynch Clarence Thomas. “A high-tech lynching” is being planned for Clarence Thomas because of his potential role in repealing Obamacare.


RUSH: You know, I have an observation for you African-Americans in the audience and I know that there are a lot of you there. This Andre Carson guy, Maxine Waters, James Clyburn (sigh), Barbara Lee, all these people. They have been, the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, they have been entrenched in their districts for years. They never lose.

They’re incumbents after incumbents after incumbents. Why, with all of their power — and now you’ve got the first black president in the White House. Why with all of their power and after their seniority — and they got a lot — are their districts the ones that are hardest hit? Why is Maxine Waters’ district in California one of the hardest hit in terms of jobs and general economics? It’s the same thing with Barbara Lee, James Clyburn. Why are their districts the ones with the greatest amount of sufferin’ going on? Why? After decades of Maxine Waters being in Congress there are still no jobs in South Central LA, no matter where you go. In Congressional Black Caucus districts, there are no jobs. Why? The crumbling infrastructure? Why? Lousy economic circumstances overall? Why?


RUSH: Jerry I’m glad you waited you’re up first welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Um, I agree with you on the point that what the congressman from Indianapolis said was horrendous, deplorable. Tea Party members wanting to lynch blacks. (laughs) I mean, that was over the top, and I deplore that, and I’m progressive.

RUSH: I’m glad you do. You officially deplore what Andre Carson said?

CALLER: It’s — it’s — it’s horrible. It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever heard a Democrat say, but —

RUSH: Jerry in Milwaukee, folks. I just want you to know: Jerry in Milwaukee officially deplores what Andre Carson said about the Tea Party wanting to lynch blacks.


RUSH: Good for you, Jerr’. Good for you.

CALLER: Okay. This is my disagreement with you. Now, true what Democrats have supported things like segregation, lynching, but I think that’s kinda simplistic because they’re not the ideology. Those southern Democrats weren’t progressives; they weren’t liberals. What they were beholden to is a special brand of Christian, y’know, fundamentalism religion which opposed equality and equal rights for groups throughout our nation’s history. They opposed women’s rights, they oppose gay rights now, and they opposed rights for blacks then.

RUSH: Jerry, I don’t care what they were. They were Democrats, and they were lynching blacks!

CALLER: They were of an ideology, but the party has changed!

RUSH: Look, historically it was a Democrat Party that engaged in all this discrimination back then. It wasn’t the Republicans. What you want to say is that the Democrats of that day are now the Republicans of this day? Is that…? (laughing)

CALLER: I’m saying that the ideology of the party changed, Rush.

RUSH: You know, when Jay Carney gets canned, you need to apply for the job at the White House.

CALLER: Jay…? (snorts) Rush, the ideologies of the party changed. The Republican Party is the Christian fundamentalist party. They don’t support segregation today, but they support a view of limited rights, especially for gays and then — and then — and then Christian fundamentalists at that time were opposed to the rights of blacks.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Wait, wait. (sigh) I want to —

CALLER: The Christian fundamentalism is the point!

RUSH: No, I want to make sure I understand you. Are you saying that Christians are opposed to equality?

CALLER: Christian fundamentalism! A very right-wing brand of Christianity, not all Christianity, is opposed —

RUSH: Opposed to…?

CALLER: — to women’s right to vote. Yes! That’s the thing that is opposed the right of women, blacks, and today gays. It’s Christian fundamentalism.

RUSH: They are not opposed to the rights of women, and they’re not opposed to the rights of gays! You are taking what was a truth that is embarrassing to you as a Democrat and you’re trying now to transfer it to the modern era. Well, you can’t get away with it. You’re just absolutely wrong. Christians ended the slavery in the UK, and in the US, and around the world. The Christian church has done more to advance equality than any other force in the history of the world, Jerry. You want to try to say that Christians are the big discriminators today? Look, I can’t help how it makes you feel. The Democrats lynched blacks in the Old South. It was the Democrats that were opposed to civil rights. It was Algore’s dad. It was J. William Fulbright. It was any number of them: Herman Talmadge, Ernest Hollings, Lester Maddox, George Wallace, Bull Connor. Now, you want to try to tell me they are the Republicans of the day, you call and tell me when they switch parties after you look it up.


RUSH: John in Indianapolis hello, sir, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Hey, real quick, I think Jerry from Milwaukee was taught by a union teacher.

RUSH: Yeah. (laughing)

CALLER: Hey, earlier you were speaking about Pelosi and Carson. Quick factoid. You remember the health care debate and its passage, of course, and you also remember
Nancy Pelosi and her ginormous gavel walking through the crowd of Tea Partiers.

RUSH: Right, yeah.

CALLER: Well, guess who was one of the clowns hanging on her arm escorting her through that crowd?

RUSH: Well, let me see, there was John Lewis.

CALLER: And Andre Carson. And of course you remember the ensuing racial debate that followed that.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, somebody supposedly, the Tea Party supposedly spitting and shouting the N-word and stuff? And yet nobody could find it on video? I had forgotten that was Andre Carson on the other side of Pelosi with John Lewis.

CALLER: So this is nothing new for Mr. Carson. And on top of that, what is he gonna say to Allen West next time he sees him?

RUSH: Well, Allen West is quitting the CBC.

CALLER: Well, okay. Okay, well, then how about Herman Cain?

RUSH: I don’t think he’d ever run into Herman Cain.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: When would Andre Carson run into Herman Cain? I did see it; I didn’t print it out. I’ve got it somewhere in my stack here that Allen West is gonna resign the Congressional Black Caucus. I remember he said when it was first elected to Congress he’s gonna join the Congressional Black Caucus, (paraphrasing) “Hey, it’s congressional blacks. I’m a congressional black. I’ll go in there, I’ll go to the meetings, and see what I can do.” Apparently he’s realized that there’s not much he can do. But the question has to be asked again, he’s thinking about leaving, I guess. It’s not definite. He’s thinking about leaving the Congressional Black Caucus.

But I gotta ask the question again. Maxine Waters, Andre Carson, Barbara Lee. They’re entrenched. They have been in office for how many terms, and yet their constituents, their districts are experiencing some of the toughest economic times in the country, from unemployment to just general economic malaise. How can that be? With all the power these people have, all the access to Obama the Congressional Black Caucus has, how in the world can this be? Maxine Waters has been there forever, and so has Jim Clyburn. Eddie Bernice Johnson, Sheila Jackson Lee and the Meek family. I mean they’re all over the place there, and yet in every one of their districts there is real economic suffering going on.

How can that be? If you’re just joining us, if you’re a welfare recipient just waking up, Andre Carson is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus from Indiana, and we uncovered tape from ten days ago in Miami. He said that the Tea Party, if they could have their druthers, would be lynching blacks, would be hanging them from trees. That’s what the caller was calling about. And they went to Andre Carson’s office, “Did you really mean to say that?” And they said, “Yep, we stand by it. You look at all the nutrition cuts and the food cuts that these Tea Party people have engineered, yep.” And there, of course, have not been any nutrition cuts or food cuts. There haven’t had any cuts, period.


RUSH: John Conyers, Congressional Black Caucus, Detroit, John Conyers, a lot of power. And John Conyers, by the way, here’s a guy who is chairman of a House committee, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee during the debate and the vote on Obamacare who said, “There’s no way I’m gonna read the bill. We hire lawyers to tell us what it says. I can’t understand it.”


RUSH: Here’s Bill in Houston. Bill, thank you for calling. You’re next on the be a EIB. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I want to respond to something that you responded to the last caller.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: The last caller made mention of the fact that equality was actually not promoted by Christianity in regards to blacks and slaves, and it seemed like you disagree with that statement. Do you?

RUSH: That Christians did not promote equality?

CALLER: Correct, in regards to blacks and —

RUSH: Well, I just know that it was Christians in England who ended slavery, William Wilberforce. It was the act of the Christian church that ended slavery and tackled it in Great
Britain. So I would have to say that, yeah, there’s been a lot of good works from Christian people in the area of equality and fairness, whatever terminology you want to use.

CALLER: Okay, let me respond to that and let me add some more to your knowledge base. In regard to Southern Baptists here in the United States of America you may or may not be familiar with Pastor Basil Manly who was a key contributor to the separation between the Northern Baptists and the Southern Baptists and the formulation of the Southern Baptist Convention. He actually wrote a sermon in 1844, it was entitled National Stability, which used the Bible and his religion to build up the support that it was biblically sanctioned to be able to have slavery and to actually enforce it. Also in 1845, not even a year later, that’s when the Southern —

RUSH: Look, there are extremists everywhere. Margaret Sanger wanted to rid the world of black people.

CALLER: This wasn’t an extremist, this was —

RUSH: It’s called Planned Parenthood today, and they’re still trying to do it.

CALLER: The largest Protestant denomination in the United States of America is the Southern Baptist Convention. That wasn’t extreme. That was the norm. In 1995 the Southern Baptist Convention finally apologized so when you talk about that Christianity wanted to support —

RUSH: What is your problem with Christianity? You sit here, you want to cite all these extremists —

CALLER: What is your problem —

RUSH: I don’t have a problem. I want to know what your problem is. You’re sitting there reading from a teleprompter like Obama does — you do it better than he does, by the way, I have to say.

CALLER: Well, thank you. It’s got nothing to do with what you think I believe as far as Christianity, because I believe the truth, and obviously Southern Baptists from 150 years ago — (crosstalk)

RUSH: Southern Baptists, you keep talking Southern Baptists. (crosstalk)

CALLER: — actually apologized, okay?

RUSH: This is why I don’t talk religion on this show. They’re all Democrats, every damn one of the people you’re citing, all these Southern Baptists, every damn one of them’s a Democrat. This is why, folks, I don’t bring it up, because this is not a church, and I don’t do sermons, and this isn’t a pulpit. But you can see the fuse that it lights. Jeremiah Wright’s a Christian. Jeremiah Wright’s a Christian, and so is our president, and he spent 20 years listening to Jeremiah Wright, “G-damn America, America’s chickens are coming home.” I’ll bet you didn’t have any problem with Obama sitting in that pew. Anyway, Bill, you do a better job reading the prompter than Obama, I do have to say.

Here’s Kevin in Green Valley, Arizona. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, thanks for taking my call. Hey, I don’t mean to beat up the Andre Carson subject too much —

RUSH: Bill Clinton was a Southern Baptist, for crying out loud.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Bill Clinton said he saw black churches burn that were never on fire. Anyway, I’m sorry, what was your point here?

CALLER: No, no, no, go ahead. Go ahead, Rush.

RUSH: No, I’m finished, I’m finished, I’m finished.

CALLER: It’s your show. (laughing) You know, I would consider myself a casual Tea Party member.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I’ve never really as much as made a sign, but after listening to Maxine Waters and Andre Carson, I’m there. I’m gonna get as involved in the Tea Party as I can from now on. I would encourage all the listeners out there that have been sitting on the fence to get off their rears and get involved, too. This whole thing kind of reminds me of the Kenny Rogers song, The Coward of the County. I’ve been called the hobbit by John McCain, a terrorist by Joe Biden, and a racist but, you know, I’m told be civil, don’t be —

RUSH: Yeah, I hear you, man.

CALLER: — vitriolic, but, you know, Rush, sometimes in that song, Tommy stops and he locks the door.

RUSH: Fine time to leave me, Lucille works, too, but yeah, you’re right when you got Andre Carson out there saying the Tea Party wants to lynch black people —


RUSH: — and you’ve got people like Reverend Wright saying what he’s saying and Maxine Waters, Tea Party can go to hell, you know, people better realize that Maxine Waters
and Andre Carson are not trying to be funny.

CALLER: Can you explain to me how Maxine Waters can ask permission from the black voters one week to go after Obama, then the next week tell me to go to hell? I don’t get the correlation there at all.

RUSH: Well, the two go hand in hand, and besides that, she’s more afraid of Obama than her constituents. She wanted to be able to, if Obama called, “What are you doing to me, Maxine?” “My constituents, Mr. President, my constituents,” she wants to be able to hide behind ’em.

CALLER: That’s true. But I’d just like to know why the blacks aren’t just as incensed as I am —

RUSH: Abraham Lincoln was a Southern Baptist, too, by the way.

CALLER: (laughing) Well, why was the Martin Luther King statue made in China, and no one’s saying anything about that? I know Maya Angelou is coming out talking about how —

RUSH: Ah, you’ve really done it now. Now you’ve really done it.

CALLER: Well, doesn’t Georgia have some pretty decent — (crosstalk)

RUSH: Wait ’til Andre Carson hears that a guy who was lukewarm in the Tea Party but now full bore wants to join the Tea Party, called here and then talked about the Martin Luther King memorial being made by the ChiComs.

CALLER: Well, I’m there.

RUSH: I know it was, but the truth is what sets these people off. (interruption) Yes, there’s a controversy over the statue because it looks Asian and that it’s white. I’m fully aware of it, Snerdley.


RUSH: Folks, I’m happy to bring historical perspective to the program. You want to call me and start dumping on the Christians, who do you think the abolitionists in this country were? The abolitionists were northern Christians. Just look at the Adamses. John Adams. Abolitionist. Now, I have to say, in all candor, in all fairness, our last caller was right about Southern Baptist racists like Jimmy Carter. He had a point. But the abolitionists, meaning the northern Christians who wanted to abolish slavery in this country, even during the time of the founding and during the writing of the Constitution, the Declaration, they were called extremists back then. The abolitionists, the Adamses were called extremists, crazy, lunatic Christians, and it was Democrats in the south that were calling ’em that. Nothing has changed other than reputations have been sullied inaccurately.

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