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RUSH: Mitt Romney was in Iowa. It’s somewhat newsy that Romney even went to Iowa, but he’s there. He went to the Iowa State Fair and spoke, and during the Q&A he had some hecklers.

ROMNEY: You get to ask your question; I get to give my answer. If you don’t like my answer, you can vote for someone else. Barack Obama is killing this economy! Barack Obama’s
why 25 million people don’t have jobs and can’t find jobs, and the —

PROTESTERS: Wall Street greed! Wall Street greed!

MAN: (screaming) By the way —

ROMNEY: Okay, next question. We gonna have a question?

PROTESTORS: By the way, Social Security!

ROMNEY: I gonna get over here. Yes, sir. You had your turn; I’ve had my turn.

RUSH: “You’ve had your turn, I’ve had my turn.” So the protesters out there, their chant was “Wall Street greed! Wall Street greed! By the way, Social Security!” Now, I don’t know what got into Romney. Did you hear him say, “Barack Obama’s why 25 million people don’t have jobs”? Has he ever said that before? No. He called him a fine fellow. Yeah, earlier today called him a fine fellow, he went out there earlier, Romney did. He said: Hey, talking about debt rating, you know, it’s not all Obama. We gotta admit there. There were some problems there on our side, too. You know, a beeline for the moderates and the independents. Well, way to go, Mitt: Barack Obama’s why 25 million people don’t have jobs, and can’t find jobs. You’ll have to forgive me. I’m just not used to any Republican talking that way. Not an elected Republican, nor a Republican seeking elective office.

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