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RUSH: Nancy Pelosi has finally named the final members of the super committee: James Clyburn, Representative Xavier Becerra of California (vice-chairman of Democrat caucus), and Representative Chris Van Hollen of Maryland. Clyburn is one of the most partisan Democrats in Congress — and that’s, folks, saying something. Pelosi described him as a
“consensus builder.” Boehner appointed loyalists, but at least there’s a couple conservatives on there plus Fred Upton. McConnell, his senators are pretty conservative. Then you go the Democrat side, Dingy Harry with his senators and Pelosi? Folks, I’m gonna tell you. (laughing) There is no way there’s going to be any compromise in that super committee, not with these members. Well, I don’t think you would with any members anyway (ahem), which has me with mixed emotions where this may end up. I have a theory about it. I have a theory this super committee is not gonna end up not mattering a hill of bins, that that’s gonna get kicked down the road. I think everything is gonna get kicked down the road.

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