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RUSH: Here’s Scarborough this morning on his show. They were talking about the economy, the stock market, and Obama’s leadership.

SCARBOROUGH: I’m rooting for the president. We all are rooting for the president. If Rush Limbaugh is still rooting against the President, then he’s also rooting for America to be in a fast decline, rooting for his stocks to collapse. These are precarious times, and we need a president who knows what he’s doing, and we need a president who has the support of the American people.

RUSH: We don’t have either! Joe… (sigh) I know you work where you work, and I know that that carries with it some requirements and limitations, but, for crying out loud, it’s too late.
The whole point of “I hope he fails,” it’s too late, Joe. He succeeded, Joe, is the point. He has been a resounding success. Joe, if you’re rooting for the president, you are rooting for your stocks to continue to collapse. If you are rooting for the president, you are rooting for precarious times to become even more precarious. If you are rooting for the president, you are rooting for a president who does know what he’s doing — and, Joe, if we ever get to the point the majority of the American people support this president in these policies, then his mission will have been successful and completed, and he will have transformed this nation and his objective and goals will have been met. So it’s too late to talk about, “Gee, I hope he fails.” He succeeded in his view, his objectives, his agenda. He looks out over the country, and whatever you see, Joe, he sees total success! You can’t wait to do more of it, Joe! Did you see the latest press conference Joe? He wants to raise taxes even more! He wants to spend even more. He wants to double down and do even more of what brought us to where we are. That’s how successful he’s feeling. I was rooting for the country when I said, “I hope he fails.” But it’s too late, Joe. He’s succeeded.

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