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RUSH: My gosh, folks, we are being played like fiddles! In just the six minutes that we’ve been away, the absolute BS that has crossed the wires! I’ve got it all here for you. The New York Times sent out a news alert: “Obama and Boehner Close to Major Budget Deal, Congressional Leaders Are Told.” New York Times news alert: “Obama and Boehner Close to Major Budget Deal…” Then CNBC says, “White House Denies Deal,” and then Boehner tweeted back: “No deal,” says, “The Senate ought to pass ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance.'” So somebody tells the New York Times that Obama and Boehner are close to a deal. Breaking news (actually was 12:38): “Obama and Boehner Close to Major Budget Deal,” and then Jay Carney denied it and then Boehner denied it.

But what happened in the process is that the market surged when the New York Times printed the headline: “Obama and Boehner Close to Major Budget Deal.” The market went up a hundred points instantly; then Carney denied it, and the market plunged. Then CNBC says there’s nothing to it, and then Boehner says there’s nothing to it. But somebody told the New York Times (or they just decided to do it on their own) that Obama and Boehner were close to a deal. So hold on tight, folks. This is the kind of stuff that happens when everybody is starting to get real nervous, when everybody is using the media to try to influence what they want to happen.

Somebody called the New York Times and said that Obama and Boehner were close to a major, major deal. (sigh) I guess I’ll say this until I am blue in the face: “Any deal that carries Obama through the election gives him a lifeline.” Remember, John Boehner is Obama’s lifeline. When Obama looks at Boehner, he sees, ‘You’re my ticket to reelection.'” All he’s gotta do is to get Boehner to cave. It turns out there’s no story backing this up because there is no story yet. The market was dancing up a hundred, then plunging when Carney denies it, so buckle yourselves in because this just indication here that things are starting to get reeeal nervous.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think they’re nervous at the White House. Obama is willing to cave. He’s now changed his mind on a short-term deal — and prior to yesterday, day before, that was out of the question. Now the news is that he’s open for a deal.


RUSH: The New York Times, ladies and gentlemen, is not backing off its story. A Wall Street Journal update: “Both Parties Say They Are ‘Not’ Close to a Budget Deal.” The New York Times, about 40 minutes ago, said that Boehner and Obama are close to a deal. The market spiked up about a hundred points, then Boehner denied it, then Mr. Claire Shipman, the White House press secretary, he denied it. Then Boehner said, “Nope, want to pass Cut, Cap and Balance in the Senate.” Everybody went, “Whew.” Everybody is waiting for the Republicans to cave here. I hate to say it, but everybody’s waiting for that. So, New York Times, oh, everybody got all excited.

See, folks, they want us nervous now, because a nervous herd is easier to stampede. Go look at your average cowboy movie and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. A nervous herd is much easier to stampede, and we are about to be stampeded. When the left can’t win with persuasion, when they can’t win with dirty tricks they’ll just go all out with a stampede, in this case a media stampede, trying to break our will, break our spirit. New York Times not backing off its story. They just tweeted to back up their wire service story. NYT news alert: “Obama and Boehner Close to Major Budget Deal.” I wonder what’s been going on behind closed doors.

(playing of debt ceiling spoof)

RUSH: Boy, doesn’t that say it all? It does because we did it, and we know how to say it all. And we say it all in the fewest words possible, which has the greatest impact. By the way, The Politico is currently claiming that President Obama and Boehner are making a last-ditch effort to strike a grand bargain on slashing the deficit and raising the debt ceiling days after that idea appeared to be dead. Grand bargain I guess means a big, long thing, which will carry Obama through his reelection. This is the media stampede that they’re now eagerly hoping that people like me will tell you about this and you’ll get deflated and depressed. Boehner’s denying it, Jay Carney is denying it, but the Politico and the New York Times are insisting that a grand bargain is imminent. One last-ditch effort, The Politico says, to make this happen.


RUSH: My friends, it appears there’s a reason why the New York Times is sticking with its story that Boehner and Obama are on the brink of a deal. It’s because they might be. Somebody has leaked something to the New York Times that convinces them that they’re on to something here, and I just got an e-mail from the chief of staff to a member of Congress with this note: “Rush, you need to know that Speaker Boehner has called a special meeting at nine o’clock tomorrow morning of the full Republican conference. These are usually called when they have a deal to float to the full conference.” And it says here, “despite what Boehner is saying in person.”

Now, this is a person I know, chief of staff to a Republican member of Congress, says that Boehner has called a special meeting at nine o’clock tomorrow morning of the full Republican conference, that means all the members, and the chief of staff here says that these are usually called, these meetings, when they have a deal to run by or float to the full conference. So apparently the New York Times has received the leaks. I think it’s all starting to line up now, folks, as a lot of people feared that this is the way this was gonna happen.

In fact, TheHill.com has this: “Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Thursday he has prepared his members to compromise on the debt ceiling and that a majority of House Republicans could support a potential deal with Democrats. In a news conference at the Capitol, Boehner pressed anew for the GOPÂ’s ‘Cut, Cap and Balance’ plan but also pushed back against conservatives in his caucus who are unwilling to move beyond it. The Speaker was asked to respond to comments from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, who described the “Cut, Cap and Balance” plan as ‘the compromise’ and signed a pledge opposing other alternatives to raising the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. ‘IÂ’m sure that weÂ’ve got some members who [aren’t willing to compromise], but I do not believe thatÂ’s anywhere close to a majority,’ Boehner said.”

This doesn’t sound good. I just have to tell you, doesn’t sound good. I don’t know what else to tell you. I could offer further opinion, playing us for saps all along, but this has been the fear. This is why we begin the program every day with the thought the Republicans are nervous, are very nervous. So the New York Times puts this story out backed up by The Politico that a grand deal — one last effort at a grand bargain — is being made, and I get this note from a Republican member of Congress’s chief of staff that special meetings been called at nine o’clock in the morning of the full Republican conference; and this, according to the e-mail I have, usually means that Speaker has a deal to run by the whole conference, despite what he’s saying publicly. As always, my friends, once the floodgates open on stuff like this, get ready for it. It’s gonna start cascading in all afternoon now, and for those of us on the Left Coast all morning, it’s gonna continue the rest of the morning. It’s gonna start cascading in now as the denials will not carry much weight.


RUSH: Reuters has a story here today, and it’s probably an accurate story. “The Federal Reserve is actively preparing for the responsibility the US could default as a deadline for raising the debt ceiling looms.” I think I’ve been saying this ’til we’re blue in the face: The country will only default if Obama chooses to! There is plenty enough revenue currently coming into the US Treasury to service our debt and pay the mandatory entitlements. Now, Reuters has been calling this “a grand exclusive,” The Fed is planning for potential default. I would certainly hope so, and this is the second exclusive from Reuters about secret contingency plans — which, of course, have been denied by officials at the Treasury department.

But it would be irresponsible for the regime not to have a plan, should this so-called default date actually come without a deal. You would think that most governments would want to reassure the financial markets that they do have a plan. This bunch doesn’t care. This bunch is not concerned about reassuring anybody. They don’t care a whit about this country. It’s obvious. So why are they lying about something that should be good news? This is even more trouble: If the regime will lie to us about something as important about going into default, what else are they lying about? Unemployment statistics, GDP, inflation? You and I both know we’re not getting the truth on inflation in terms of government reporting. So, look, of course they have a plan in case this default happens, just like the Pentagon’s got war plans for every conceivable circumstance they can imagine. Not that the plans are good or not, but they do have contingencies. Reuters exclusive plans and so forth.

Okay, quick time-out here, folks, as we resume from LA right after this.


RUSH: Snerdley tells me that the phones are going nuts with people who refuse to go on the air. People are calling Snerdley and every other word happens to be an obscenity or a profanity, saying, “If this happens, then [blank] it! [Blank] it! [Blank] it!” and they hang up. “No, I don’t want to go the air!” then they hang up. There’s anger brewing out there. Now, here’s the latest on this from the National Journal. This is the bunch that publishes The Hotline each day. This is the place that F. Chuck Todd used to work. I think he ran the place. “National Journal confirms that the White House and congressional leaders are Discussing $3 Trillion Deal,” by Dan Friedman, posted about ten minutes ago.

“The White House and House Republican leaders are discussing a large deal to raise the debt ceiling that would include about $3 trillion in deficit cuts over 10 years, according to several congressional aides. The aides, who declined to be named because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly, said the proposal’s outline is broadly similar to a plan discussed previously by President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and a ‘Gang of Six’ proposal to cut about $3.7 trillion in a decade, with the major exception,” according to the National Journal, “that it would not raise significant tax revenue. The gang proposal, by contrast, would seek $1 trillion of its deficit cuts from new tax revenue.” So, again, your guess as good as mine. We’re just floating all this by you as we get it, but there’s something going on.

The New York Times got a leak. There’s no question something’s going on. Things are lining up here that there is a grand deal. Boehner’s got a meeting at nine o’clock tomorrow morning. He’s talking to people about it. He told TheHill.com that he’s got a majority of Republicans that are willing to compromise. He wants Cut, Cap, and Balance. He isn’t gonna get that, but he is holding out for it. But the latest detail here is $3 trillion in deficit cuts over ten years with “no significant tax revenue,” which means there is some. I don’t know what “no significant tax revenue” means; and since we’re talking about people who live and work in Washington, when they say “no significant tax revenue,” there’s no possible way of knowing what that means. So we’ll just wait for the leaks to continue, which they will. The floodgates have opened now, folks, and we’re on the verge of a deal — and don’t forget Ramadan, a key date in all this, is August 1st.


RUSH: The leaks are all over the place about a deal between Boehner and Obama on a grand budget deal to raise the debt ceiling. The National Journal reports that no significant tax revenue is part of the deal. The deal, $3 trillion in budget cuts over ten years, and I have to tell you, folks, no ten-year plan is gonna upheld a year from now. Next year Congress will do another budget. This is all the same old thing.

Eric Cantor just sent us an e-mail about five minutes before two o’clock Eastern time, and it said Eric Cantor’s not agreed to any deal, not aware of any deal that is close. That means the phones are melting up there and it’s clear that the tone of the phone calls being received up there is not hunky-dory and favorable, and Leader Cantor wants everybody to know he’s got no part of this. Boehner, during the top-of-the-hour break, tweeted again the following message: Time for Senator Reid and Senate Democrats to pass Cut, Cap, and Balance.

Now, here’s the question, folks. The Speaker of the House can come out right now and tell the public that he’s had no back-door discussions with Obama and some deal, he can come out and say that this is all not true. He can come out and say that the New York Times is wrong and that the National Journal is wrong. But we’re not asking if they’ve cut a deal yet. We’re asking if they are working on a deal behind the scenes now. That’s the story, and they’re not denying that. What they’re denying is that they have a deal, but the story is not that there is a deal. The story is they’re working on a deal. Okay, so you got a leak from the New York Times backed up by Politico and the National Journal, which says that they’re close to a deal, i.e., don’t have one. Everybody’s denying there’s a deal. Well, the leak doesn’t say there’s a deal. So, come out and tell us, are you working on one behind the scenes, and if so, why are you doing it behind the scenes?

Why all the secrecy? We had secrecy before the stimulus bill. We had secrecy before the Obamacare. In fact, Pelosi, you remember, said we have to pass this to find out what’s in it. And I guess we’re not gonna know what’s in this. All that means is that somebody is really concerned that whatever’s in it we won’t like, or that somebody won’t like. So that’s where we stand with all of this now. And as we continue to get things leaked here and unfold before our very eyes we’ll pass this on to you as we get it. Mr. Snerdley just asked me in the IFB, “Don’t we trust our leadership?” Snerdley, you’re the one getting calls from people who are shouting profanity. It’s obvious that Republican voters don’t. It’s obvious Republican voters don’t trust the leadership. Been down this road. Everybody has been waiting for the fateful day where the Republicans cave.

Now, again, remember, the one leak with any substance at all in it, and it’s not much, says that it’s a ten-year deal with $3 trillion in deficit reduction and no significant tax revenue. So I guess it could read: “$3 trillion in budget cuts over ten years with insignificant tax revenue.” Okay, what is either significant or insignificant tax revenue? The bottom line is, if that leak is true, there is tax revenue in this, and they have to put the word “insignificance” in there.

Grab audio sound bite number 20. Jay Carney, the daily press briefing at the White House, unidentified reporter said, “Senator Tom Coburn just said that he bets that if the FCC and B were able to pass the Senate,” you know, Cut, Cap and Balance, “and get to the President’s desk he’s willing to bet a porterhouse that the President would sign it. If, in fact it did pass the Senate, should he go out and get the A.1.?”

CARNEY: I have a feeling we’re gonna hear this exchange on the radio, but we would take that bet, and I would refrain from heading to the Safeway to buy A.1. because the president has very clearly vowed to veto a bill if such a bill were to arrive on his desk because it is a Draconian measure that in terms of its impact on dramatic cuts in Social Security, Medicare, would make the Ryan budget plan pale by comparison.

RUSH: Okay, so Jay Carney said that Cut, Cap, and Balance doesn’t have a prayer, and Carney knew it would appear on this program, he knew this sound bite would appear. Well, that’s the latest that we have on this, but things are starting to fall in line, something’s happening. Again, Boehner’s got a meeting tomorrow morning at nine o’clock with the entire Republican conference. That means all the members. This is an e-mail from a member of Congress chief of staff who we know very well, has told us that there’s a nine o’clock meeting tomorrow morning, Boehner to explain details of the deal to the conference. So all of this kind of obviates all the other Stack of Stuff I have here regarding the deal. For example, a post here from Robert Costa, National Review: “Earlier tonight, House GOP leaders met with President Obama at the White House, reportedly discussing a ‘short-term debt-ceiling hike that would be coupled with immediate spending cuts of greater magnitude.'”

We just had the news yesterday that Obama had changed his mind and probably would sign a short-term deal. In fact, a lot of people were recommending a short-term deal just to get Obama to sign something and put the onus on him. So we’ve gone from Obama caving and willing to sign — and he said he would never sign a short — he said 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, I’m not gonna do that, ’cause it doesn’t help him in his reelection. So he was apparently willing to do that, and all of a sudden that’s gone, and now this grand bargain is out there, the ten-year granddaddy of all grand bargains. So that’s off the table.

There’s a story here from Roll Call: “Vulnerable Democrats Display Their Timidity — Within days, vulnerable Senate Democrats will cast perhaps the toughest vote of their career on politically volatile legislation to raise the debt ceiling. But such votes have been in remarkably short supply this year for the Democratic class of 2006. … These Members point with pride to the risky votes they cast in the last Congress. Those roll calls led to the enactment of a historic health care reform,” and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. This is a story, the Democrats worried about the debt vote. Now, who knew? The conventional wisdom is that the Republicans are scared to death, the Republicans are quaking in their boots. That’s been the standardized conventional wisdom since this all began.

Obama’s cleaning up, he’s embarrassing these guys, it’s been the standard operating procedure. But the truth of the matter is the Democrats are nervous about this. And if we’re not taking advantage of that with whatever is brewing here, it’s going to be a crying shame. It’s going to be worse for the Republicans if this is deemed to be unacceptable by people who elected them, and remember those election results from November, winners don’t compromise; losers do. And we were the big winners. As I said yesterday, everybody’s out there demanding the Republicans compromise. With who? The Democrats don’t have a plan. The Democrats haven’t put anything forward. They’re asking us to compromise with ourselves.

So we keep coming up with plans of specificity, they keep saying, “No,” and we say, “Okay, okay, well, how about this?” “Oh, we don’t like that either.” They don’t have any specific plan whatsoever, and yet they demand that we compromise. But winners do not compromise, and this is what Republican voters know and understand. And if it turns out that the winners have ended up compromising here, they’re not gonna be assuaged by the argument, “Well, you know, it’s just tough to go up against the president. The president sets the agenda, president, bully pulpit, president gets what he wants usually.” That’s not gonna fly here. This president has had way too much of what he wants, and it has meant disaster for millions of Americans, at present and for their future, and they don’t want this president to win anymore. They don’t want standard operating procedures and conventional wisdom to triumph here. That’s what sending Republicans to Washington is all about.

Cut, Cap, and Balance. Boehner is still tweeting, demanding that Harry Reid put it up for vote and the Democrats pass it. Now, you know, Obama’s out there saying, (imitating Obama) “It’s not a serious plan. We’d never go for that,” sends Jay Carney out to say the same thing. But if Obama thought that Cut, Cap, and Balance wasn’t a serious plan, or was a waste of time, here’s what he would do: He would take to the microphones and he’d tell the American people exactly what Cut, Cap, and Balance says. He would read it out loud, he would mock it line by line. If it’s such a bad deal, he would go public and explain what it is and tell people why it’s ruinous. But he’s not doing that. He doesn’t want you to know what Cut, Cap, and Balance is.

Well, here’s what Cut, Cap, and Balance says. Cut: We must make discretionary and mandatory spending reductions that would cut the deficit in half next year. Number two, Cap: We need statutory, enforceable caps to align federal spending with average revenues at 18% of gross domestic product with automatic spending reductions if the caps are breached. Balance: We must send to the states a balanced budget amendment with strong protections against federal tax increases and a spending limitation amendment that aligns spending with average revenues as described above. Crazy, right? Or is it simple, rational, and — wait for it — in writing, it’s in writing! I just read to you what Cut, Cap, and Balance says. If it’s so bad, Obama could go out, read it to us, and tell us why it is bad. He doesn’t do it. The president would hold up Social Security checks over this? I, frankly, would love to hear his explanation on it.


RUSH: The plot is thickening. From Fox News, a congressional aide on the debt deal. Quote: “I can confirm the details about $3 trillion and no revenues.” A congressional aide on the debt deal, according to Fox News, “I can confirm the details about a $3 trillion cut in spending and no revenues. Our office just received an e-mail from Speaker Boehner’s office. We just wanted to check in because we heard Rush’s remarks in our special conference. Contrary to the New York Times story, there is no deal or agreement. The president has been in discussions with all of the congressional leaders on both sides and looking at various options, but there is no agreement. We have special conferences all the time, including last Friday, where there were no deals announced. Just wanted to make you aware.” No deal. The leak does not say that there is a deal — well, congressional aide is saying I can confirm the details about $3 trillion.

Nobody is saying a deal is done. What they’re saying is that they’re close to one. All the leaks are saying that they’re close to a deal. But the Speaker’s office says that there is no deal and no agreement. Of course they’re talking. “The president’s been in discussion with all the congressional leaders on both sides, looking at various options, but there is no agreement. We have special conferences all the time.” I just got a note from a chief of staff of a member of Congress, said the meeting at nine o’clock usually is when deals are announced. So, as I say, the floodgates are open now, and the trickle has become a gully washer. Now, the House bill, Cut, Cap, and Balance, isn’t that bill exactly what people voted for last November? It’s almost word-for-word what the voters demanded in an historic landslide, now just laughed off as meaningless. And we thought elections were supposed to have consequences. But this House bill is exactly what the voters who sent those people to Washington do come up with.

The Democrats and their buddies in the media keep trying to portray the House bill as some product of the lunatic fringe. They don’t seem to remember that a balanced budget amendment was almost passed by Congress back in 1995. It failed in the Senate by one vote. It is not a fringe idea. All we hear nowadays how fiscally responsible everybody was back in 1995. Jay Carney just said that Obama supports a debt default, by the way, in that sound bite that we played. Cutting spending, capping spending, balanced budget amendment, is extreme, when you are Obama. The Speaker is tweeting that he wants Reid to pass Cut, Cap, and Balance, but Reid’s gotta know something’s going on behind the scenes. Reid knows that Coburn and Chambliss and all these Republicans and the Gang of Six are throwing him a lifeline. McConnell’s come up with a bright idea to give Obama the two and a half trillion dollars he wants to spend on additional deficits. These specific Republicans and some others are telling Reid and Obama they don’t believe in Cut, Cap, and Balance even though they’re telling us they support it. It’s hard to keep track of all this stuff going on out there. And here’s Chris Van Hollen, he says the New York Times story is correct. This is on MSNBC just this afternoon.

VAN HOLLEN: I think that that’s generally correct, other than the fact that you continue to have a fairly enlargement contingent of House Republicans who think that it would not be so bad if the United States didn’t pay its bills and default on its debt, and that continues to be a wild card. I do think that the leaders, both in Congress and, of course, the White House and both political parties are trying to find a solution here, and the focus remains, Andrea, on trying to get a grand bargain. Even as talks go on about a plan B, there’s still serious discussions about trying to get something big done.

RUSH: Chris Van Hollen is a Democrat leader, (imitating Van Hollen) “Hey, New York Times story’s right. Exactly right. We’re all ready to make a deal here. Just those fringe lunatic Tea Party Republicans, they’re the ones standing in the way. But the responsible members of the Democrat and Republican leadership and President Obama of course want to do a deal. The New York Times deal is right.” Andrea Mitchell says, “Are you Democrats gonna be able to provide enough Democrat votes to help Boehner out as he tries to pull this together, even despite the opposition of those freshman who are so rigidly against any compromise?”

VAN HOLLEN: We’ve made very clear, number one, that America has to pay its bills. These are bills for things that we already voted on, Democrats, Republicans alike. We will support a balanced approach to reducing the deficit.

RUSH: (laughing) I knew this guy was slick when I first saw his hairstyle, but “we will support a balanced approach to reducing deficit,” from the people who have blown it to smithereens and now want to act as though they had nothing to do with it whatsoever. Well, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Something is obviously going on, and it is happening in secret. All we have are leaks, unnamed congressional aide: “Yeah, I can confirm, $3 trillion in cuts and no tax revenue.” No name. We don’t know who it is. Nobody is saying a deal is done. In fact, they’re all denying a deal is done and tried to say, therefore, the leaks are wrong, but the leaks are not saying there is a deal. The leaks are saying there are discussions and that they’re close.


RUSH: Folks, when you think of Obama, you think of balanced approaches, don’t you? I mean here’s Chris Van Hollen, Mr. Slick, “Oh, yeah, we favor a balanced approach to reducing the deficit.” Yeah, you Democrats, balanced approach. When I think of Obama, I think of balanced approaches. All of this turmoil, all these threats of debt defaults, all of this anxiety over massive deficits and debts, that’s a guy who wants a balanced approach, right? The guy who’s creating this chaos, the guy who has created this living hell that is the US economy, he drags people kicking and screaming to this point. He waits ’til the last minute to try to evade public scrutiny, goes out and attacks Tea Party rallies. It’s his irresponsible spending that is being challenged. Obama wants a balanced approach? Don’t insult me.

This is outrageous. And of course Obama is responsible for nothing. Oh, of course not, he didn’t do anything. Why, he said just yesterday that everybody knows he inherited this mess. So he thinks he’s gonna run against Bush again, and he thinks people are gonna vote on how hard they think he’s trying for them, fighting for them. Fighting who? He thinks he’s gonna run against Bush. It worked the first time, why not again? I don’t care what happens to the Republicans. You know, they’re gonna sit in their own stew, depending what happens here. But this guy, Obama and his advisors are in for a rude awakening because he’s not gonna escape this, either. Don’t think it’s only the Republicans that are gonna pay for this.

If there is a deal here that continues this travesty that has become the US economy, if there is a deal that raises taxes, that makes it impossible for people to get back on their feet again, everybody in that town’s gonna pay the price in the next election. Obama’s not gonna get a pass. Good intentions notwithstanding, all that garbage. Well, they’re gonna realize that I’m out there fighting for them. He doesn’t have a chance, Bill O’Reilly is out there looking out for us. Obama can’t compete with that. Everybody knows that. Ahem.

Doug in New Bern, North Carolina. Glad you waited. I really appreciate your patience. Hello, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: I’m all for Cut, Cap, and Balance. I’m concerned that if Boehner gives on this, you know, in any way on taxes, does that give Obama a free ticket for the 2012 election?

RUSH: Well, depends on what the deal is. Obama clearly looks at Boehner as his lifeline, I guarantee you. What Obama is counting on is the Republicans will cave and it creates so much anger in the Republican Party that it will splinter, maybe form a third party, bunch of Republicans get so fed up they won’t even show up and vote in November 2012, that’s what he’s counting on.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And to that extent, yeah, Boehner is his lifeline. That’s how he’s looking at it. I think, anyway.

CALLER: Well, thank you very much for taking my call, Rush, and I appreciate everything that you do.

RUSH: Well, Doug, it means more to me than you can possibly know, you saying that, I really appreciate it.

CALLER: Well, thank you.

RUSH: Thank you so much.

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