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RUSH: Ann Curry asked him what he would do if he were Weiner. This is what he said…

OBAMA: Well (sigh), obviously what he did was highly inappropriate. I think he’s embarrassed himself. He’s acknowledged that. He’s embarrassed his wife and his family. Uh, ultimately there’s gonna be a decision for him and his constituents. Uh, I can tell you that if it was me I would resign.

RUSH: “[I]f it was me, I would resign.” I don’t know if this is the final blow for Weiner or not. You got Obama out there saying that if he had done what Weiner did, that he would resign. It is a big blow. You got the guy in the White House saying if he were you, that he would quit. (interruption) Why should Obama be embarrassed? I don’t know what he should be embarrassed about. Obama didn’t do anything here that Weiner did. All Obama is saying is that if he had done what Weiner did, that he would quit, if it were him. But, yeah. A big blow. Now, this Weiner business, folks? I’m looking for the story here in the stack and they’ve got this guy going away to rehab for years, certainly months. It’s bad out there. They list all the things that could be wrong with Weiner. He could be a sex addict.

That can take months; that can take years. It’s constant, never-ending, ongoing treatment. Yeah, here it is in Politico: “Weiner’s Road Back May be Long — First came the crotch photos. Then came the lying and denial.” Erika Lovley is the infobabe that wrote this. “Now, Rep. Anthony Weiner is seeking treatment for his misdeeds, leaving Washingtonians asking: treatment for what? Based on the New York Democrat’s behavior, which the congressman says includes sending lewd messages and images over the Internet to six women in the past three years, experts interviewed by Politico said he could suffer from an array of conditions that could merit treatment, including narcissism, obsessive-compulsive disorder or even some variety of sexual addiction.

“None of the possibilities comes with a silver-bullet treatment that delivers quick results — meaning that if Weiner is found to suffer from any of these conditions, he isn’t going to duck into a rehab center and emerge a week later with a doctor’s assurance that he is ‘cured,’ cleared to return to Congress. Instead, treatment requires weeks, months or even years of one-on-one therapy or group meetings, a slog through a 12-step program or perhaps even medication. It might be easy for a celebrity or politician caught in a scandal to say, ‘I’m getting help,’ but if he really needs it — and wants it — it won’t be a breeze. ‘He risked his career, his reputation and his recent marriage to engage in certain behavior while ignoring what the consequence may be,’ said Sandra Davis, an addiction expert with Shadyside Psychotherapy Associates in Pittsburgh.

“‘When someone chooses to do that, we say they are progressing down a long continuum of developing an addiction.’ … There are other reasons why someone might engage in risky behavior, including a personality disorder that masks underlying insecurity. ‘With personality and narcissistic disorder, people in power often have a grandiose sense of entitlement and sense that they can get away with anything. In reality, most of them are rather insecure and feel smaller than they actually are,’ said Brett Kennedy, a licensed clinical psychologist based in New York City. “The bottom line is: “Tackling any of these problems requires time,” maybe even years. So the Democrats are calling upon a sick person, a person who is ill, to give up his job when it could take years to cure him.

We’re supposed to be compassionate about mental illness, but the Democrats want this guy long gone. Carolyn McCarthy, walking through the halls of Congress today, said, “Yeah, I think he’s gonna resign pretty soon,” and now the entire Washington complex is abuzz with that. She just happened to be walking through saying hi to everybody, and said, “Yeah, I think Weiner might resign pretty soon here.” Now, they asked Weiner at his press conference if he would seek professional help. He said, “I’m going to try to handle this, and I haven’t ruled out perhaps seeing someone. But I’m not blaming anyone. This is not something that can be treated away. This is my own personal mistake. This is not something that… This is a weakness, a deep weakness that I have demonstrated, and for that I apologize.”

Can you be forced out of your job in New York if you have a disability? What happened to the Americans with Disabilities Act? Can you be forced out of your gig if you have an illness? That’s a relevant question. In every other paragraph, this Politico story references how long Weiner’s recovery might take, as in years. (interruption) I know. I know. They are talking about possibly redistricting him out if he won’t go. Meanwhile, Huma is still with Hillary? Where are they? Have they come back from Abu Dhabi yet? Have they come back or are they still over flitting around doing diplomacy? Yeah, I haven’t heard they’re back.

Now everybody’s starting to ask, “Wait a second. Weiner can’t quit because he doesn’t have anything else he can do so he has no other way providing income. He makes 174 grand a year, plus if he goes away he will continue to be paid. Plus they’re looking atthe way Huma dresses and saying, “She has dresses that cost a hundred thousand dollars. Where do they getting the money?” People are starting to ask this. “Where they getting this kind of money, because Weiner doesn’t have it.” Huma might have had it before she met Weiner and before she met Weiner or married Weiner. Her mother may have the money. Her mother teaches something in Saudi Arabia. Who knows? But there is some money in there, and it isn’t Weiner’s. It’s above and beyond what his salary is.


RUSH: By the way, ladies and gentlemen, Barney Frank refused to bite on it. Citing his own past, Barney Frank refused to bite on the question of whether or not Weiner should resign. “Citing his own brush with sexual scandal, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said Tuesday that he’s in no position to judge the lurid actions of colleague Anthony Weiner.

‘Given these circumstances, where I was myself engaged in activity I shouldn’t have been … I just don’t think it’s appropriate for me to set myself up as the judge of others.'”


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