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“Did you see where Obama claims he wants to be anonymous? Not get up early, not have to shave and look presentable. He’d just like to sit in Central Park and tax people as they walk by.”

“Will Obama ever speak to a grownup audience again? Seems like every audience is either a bunch of salivating Democrats with their tongues on the floor, or a bunch of kids.”

“How many campaign promises has Obama broken? Has anybody bothered to read his lips?”

“What the Republicans are saying is we can’t afford to spend ourselves into bankruptcy. What the Republicans are saying is if you can take care of yourself, it’s about time you start. It’s nothing more complicated than that.”

“Now, conventional wisdom says that if, in any deal, both sides are unhappy, it’s a good compromise. But you know me and conventional wisdom: I think it’s often wrong.”

“If you are going to be more concerned about what somebody thinks of you or what they’re going to think of what you do, you are saying that you don’t think much of yourself, and that is a prison.”

“Can you imagine what the word ‘syllabic’ sounds like to people in Rio Linda? What do they think I’m referring to?”

“The very existence of the Tea Party is proof that you and I are much further along in our understanding of where the country is than the people representing us in most cases.”

“So the man who is largely responsible for destroying our economy and the budget and the currency is now going to lie to you tomorrow night. He’s going to tell you that he is going to save us. And why is he going to do this? Because he thinks you’re stupid.”

“For those of you who think that I am the object of universal love and adoration, you haven’t the slightest clue.”

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