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“There’s already an action figure of Barack Obama as a member of SEAL Team Six. Now, they used Michelle’s body, not his, but it’s on the market.”

“There are two types of people in our society, folks. One type expects everything to be provided for them in some form or another, and another type wants nothing to do with that, and the fact is that the left is trying to create a society of only the first kind of people.”

“My friends, you know me. I’m used to being right so often it normally isn’t that big a deal. But this… even I got tingles up my left leg on this one.”

“A Democrat senator asked whether they believed in shared sacrifice, and one Big Oil executive said, ‘We don’t believe in shared sacrifice. We believe in shared prosperity.’ Right on, right on!”

“People’s emotional reservoirs are just not that large. You can only be sorry for something for so long, and after that you lose patience with it and just say, ‘What good is all of this sympathy doing?'”

“I’m running out of room for more rays of sunshine to be packed up my butt as this regime continues to tell us how great things are going out there.”

“We conservatives instinctively know that there’s nobody better at looking out for you than you. Nobody’s going to care as much about you than you, and nobody is going to be as concerned about your welfare as you are.”

“You don’t talk about prosperity when liberals are running the show; that’s not how they advance their game. Shared misery is what they want.”

“Bin Laden kept a handwritten diary, and he apparently woke up every morning trying to figure out how to bring down America. He sounds just like some people in the Democrat Party. Honestly.”

“I don’t believe that Obama gave the kill order on Bin Laden. I think somebody else had to do it, and I think I’ve figured it out: Sebelius and her death panel made the call.”

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