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RUSH: Let’s review what happened in the Drive-By Media yesterday. First, Tamron Hall, MSNBC’s “NewsNation.”

HALL: Rush Limbaugh opened his show praising the President, even thanking God for the moves — this decision made by President Obama.

RUSH: Bill Ritter, WABC, Channel 7 Eyewitness News in New York from Ground Zero.

RITTER: Consider this: Even Rush Limbaugh today — and there is no bigger critic of President Obama than Mr. Limbaugh, he — said today, quoting now, “Thank God for President Obama.” That, from Rush Limbaugh. Are the times changing or what?

RUSH: And Mara Liasson last night, NPR, All Things Considered. These bites, the last two, are four hours after this program ended yesterday. Here’s Mara Liasson.

LIASSON: Rush Limbaugh was congratulating Obama today, so this is a moment of unity. This is what the president’s whole brand is about.

RUSH: But they weren’t fooled over at CNN. Well, they were fooled at CNN earlier, but the reporterette that they’ve assigned to essentially stalk me (a woman by the name of Carol Costello) this morning on CNN’s Newsroom…

COSTELLO: Rush Limbaugh came out with a line saying, “Thank God for President Obama,” but he meant it very sarcastically. If you take a look his website he actually meant, “Congratulations, Mr. President, for Continuing the Bush Anti-Terror Policy.”

RUSH: So a reporter who works this beat got the story correct. It’s just a little inside baseball, but during the program yesterday (actually in the third hour, if you were listening), I shared with you a piece from TheHill.com. I was kind of incredulous I was reading these pieces; and I hoped to get through these pieces maintaining full composure, but I was unable to. I had moments of silent laughter during the piece. I, frankly, was stunned. In all candor, folks, I was surprised. I started asking Snerdley, “Did I somehow not pull this off?” He said, “No way.” So we concluded that these people had to want to believe this so badly that they did. They wanted to believe “Thank God for Obama,” that only Obama was capable of this.

“The military are a bunch of warmongering hawks. They were gonna go in and obliterate the place!” only Obama, Obama alone knew the right way to do this. So after the program I got an e-mail from H.R., my trusty and trusted Chief of Staff said, “Look, just got a call fray guy at Reuters who read their original story and said this doesn’t sound right and wanted to listen to the program because he didn’t believe what other media people were writing about my original comments yesterday.” So he listened. So he did listen. He called H.R. back and said, “Sounds to me like there’s a little sarcasm here,” and H.R. said, “Well, don’t quote me, but I don’t think I could disagree with you on that.” So it was late in the day yesterday that they finally started correcting themselves. Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee.


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