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To curb fraud, conservative legislators in Illinois want to add a photo ID to food stamp cards. Now Liberals complain the requirement would “target the poor” – and amplify a “negative stigma” about food stamps. During debate, Democrat State Representative Ken Dunkin asked why conservatives were “picking on poor people.” Illinois spends $3 billion on food stamps. Apparently, a photo ID is too much to ask in return.

In Iowa and Texas, food stamp reform would stop people from buying junk food. Michigan decided to prevent some college students from using food stamps. The food stamp program is in dire need of reform – which is in Paul Ryan’s budget proposal. Now liberals warn any reforms will hurt the poor and starve the hungry.

So, add food stamps to the long list of multibillion-dollar entitlements Democrats refuse to touch. What oughta concern every taxpayer is how many Americans are dependent on these programs, which are all bleeding money, and all untouchable. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, student loans, food stamps, Head Start, heating assistance, housing assistance, foreclosure assistance, Planned Parenthood abortion assistance, public broadcasting, maggot-infested performance artists and I’ve only scratched the surface. The list is as endless as the demands for more money.

Yet, according to Democrats, nothing can be cut or reformed to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse. Republicans say that we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. That’s true; but that misses the big picture. We have a Democrat problem. If we can solve that we can solve all the rest of these problems.

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