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RUSH: What do you think is more important in the media right now? At least of these two choices. There are probably more choices than this. But, as I gaze and study, and I do that a lot, what’s more important to the media: Trying to convince us that Bin Laden was still in charge of al-Qaeda, or trying to convince us that Obama was in charge of the raid that killed him? You think they’re working harder on that? The latter? They’re working overtime on trying to convince us that Obama was in charge of the raid that killed him even though we all know it was Panetta. It shows leadership. In fact, they’re even calling him a cowboy now. This is Sunday morning on the syndicated Chris Matthews show. They were talking about Obama and the death of Osama, which happened because Obama shot Osama, and there’s this little exchange that they had, it’s David Ignatius of the Washington Post.

IGNATIUS: I felt, watching the President Sunday night, that there’s an American archetype of the strong, silent person, that person is reticent, but conveys…

MATTHEWS: The cowboy.

IGNATIUS: … strength.

MATTHEWS: The cowboy. Gary Cooper. Matt Dillon.

IGNATIUS: I saw Obama as a little bit of that cowboy.

RUSH: (laughing) Oh please. Gary Cooper, Matt Dillon. Being a cowboy? Isn’t that why we elected Obama, to get rid of cowboys? The idea that the American president’s a cowboy, I mean that’s not cool. That’s not good. That’s how we lost our values in the world. That’s how we lost our respect around the world. We had the cowboy guy from Texas. Now, ladies and gentlemen, they can try to convince me a lot, but that Barack Obama is a cowboy? Ha. That almost might put me in a good mood. Of all the things that they are trying.


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