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RUSH: The latest word out of Libya is that Moammar Khadafy declared an immediate ceasefire. Somebody threatened to do something, the no-fly zone or what have you, Khadafy declared an immediate ceasefire, but Libyan forces are still attacking the rebels. In fact, current attacks are the biggest so far, according to the rebels. They’re so bad that even Secretary of State Clinton says that it’s not quite clear Khadafy’s keeping his word. I’m not making that up. Khadafy claims a ceasefire, then launches bigger attacks than ever on the rebels and Mrs. Clinton says it’s not clear that Khadafy is keeping his word. Not that that’s really a shock. If you can’t trust Moammar Khadafy, who can you trust? If ever a guy had an honest face. (interruption) Maybe the rebel forces didn’t get the memo? We laugh about this. Mrs. Clinton is over there. By the way, she’s acting as president on this, I hate to tell you, but she is. She’s taking questions, and even Jamie Rubin, who is Mr. Christiane Amanpour, says that she’s a tired woman. She is a tired women and he gives his reasons why. All that’s coming up in an audio sound bite here in just a moment.

But I mean, folks, as we told you yesterday, the rebels, who are they? I mean, suppose the rebels are the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s a fascinating thing. Whose side do you choose here? It’s not altogether clear. Do we sit around and want to openly help establish Middle Eastern regimes that are hostile to us? No, we don’t, obviously we don’t, but are we in the process of doing that? Only time will tell. Al Arabiya, quoting medical sources, says 25 people are dead in a bombardment of the Libyan city of Misurata after Khadafy forces ignored the ceasefires. It’s clear that he head faked them. A doctor in Libya’s Misurata says government forces are still shelling the city, 25 people killed. Khadafy forces bombing the city with artillery shells and tanks, 25 people dead at the hospital, including several little girls, the doctor said by satellite phone. And then an update: “Khadafy Forces Shell West Libya’s Misrata (sic), 25 Dead.” It just continues to pour in. And Mrs. Clinton says “it’s not at all clear if the Libyan ceasefire announcement is being matched by actions on the ground.” She’s obviously learned diplomatic-speak. Not at all clear if the Libyan ceasefire announcement is being matched by actions on the ground.


RUSH: Now, back to the Middle East for just a second, ’cause when I offered my theorem here that could it be the rebels in Libya are in fact the Muslim Brotherhood? We know that they probably are supported by Al-Qaeda. The Iranians are involved in supporting rebels in other parts of the Middle East. My friend Andy McCarthy has raised this point. Let’s say that these rebels do represent the Muslim Brotherhood or Iran or Al-Qaeda and they are engaged in trying to get rid of Khadafy. Are we doing their dirty work? Now, this is something that has to be considered. We had a very long, drawn out discussion yesterday about US national interests, why it takes incredibly deep, intelligent, responsible people to make these kinds of judgments. We can topple the regime in Libya if we want to, but what would follow Khadafy? If it’s the Muslim Brotherhood, then make no mistake, we are advancing Sharia law, we are helping the advance of Sharia law, we are empowering Iran. We are handing an oil-rich country over to a theologically driven crime syndicate, if, if, if all these other circumstances exist.

Lebanon. Egypt. Libya. The place is on fire. Terrorists are building one hell of a stronghold in the Middle East, and are we playing the role of enabler, willingly or unwillingly? Very serious questions. Now, this is where it comes down to what we were talking about yesterday — I hope you were with us — about the decency, the dominance, the preeminence, the moral standing of the United States. If we control who takes over post-Khadafy Libya, and if they are friendly to our values, then fine, we’re all in. But if the outcome is beyond our control, if we’re just engaging in this because we have a regime which sees any rebel as an oppressed minority, and if we have a regime that sees any minority as justified, existing or overcoming tyranny or what have you, simply because they’re minorities, and don’t discount that. We have a lot of people in place here. You could have a minority of the worst scum on earth and you got people that will be sympathetic to them simply because they are a minority, and they think minorities are given excrement sandwiches everyday and it’s about time that the majority doing all this to them paid the price. There are people who live in this regime, leftists who have that as an operating principle. “Minorities traditionally are treated like dung. We must elevate them, whatever they are and whoever they are.”

Now, if we can’t control the outcome of what happens, then we might be fighting, or at least maneuvering here to secure a platform for an enemy that is perpetually at war with Western civilization and funded by vast natural resources like oil. For example, how many of you in the Egypt thing automatically bought the notion that that crowd in the street was made up of oppressed, poor people who just want to be free, just like you, and they had been oppressed and they had the jackbooted thugs sit on ’em and repress them all of these years and they’re just decent, fine, ordinary people and be they’re freedom fighters. That was an image that was created and presented. What if they’re not? What if it is the Muslim Brotherhood? What if it is a bunch of people trying to overthrow so-called peaceful to the United States regimes and establish this so-called caliphate? I don’t know. It’s tricky. It’s really tricky. And when you have people in a regime like ours that just knee-jerk react in support of any minority simply because they’re a minority that can be scary.


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