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RUSH: Folks, big news here. Forbes.com: “Obama Calls Democrat Leaders to White House.” They have a meeting to take place shortly before three p.m. In other words: Obama has summoned Democrats only to a post-Rush show meeting at the White House. Obama has told the Democrats in Congress, the leaders: Come to the White House for a meeting after the Limbaugh show. That’s what it means when you got a meeting that starts at three o’clock. That means you’re meeting after the Rush show. Now, what could their problem be? You figure they got a problem. They’re not calling a meeting to celebrate, are they? No, they’re not worried about combating the doofus thing.

The Republicans were supposed to have caved by now. The Gang of Six was supposed to have been universally adopted, and it hasn’t been. See, the Democrats have a problem, and Obama has a problem. They all know, quote, unquote, “Obama’s a great leader;” he’s just cursed with bad followers! (laughing) So that’s their problem. What are they gonna do? “We know we got a great leader here but the followers are embarrassing as hell. The followers are really bad people. So we need better followers. How are we gonna get better followers?” That will probably be what the meeting is. Somebody asked me if I thought the previous caller who cited the 17th Amendment was basically trying to say the system is the Constitution, and the Constitution is one of the problems where we are with the 17th Amendment and all that.

There is a group of people out there, folks, that want a constitutional convention — and it would be the nuttiest thing we could do ’cause you’d just turn the whole country over to the left. The parasites, government operatives, that’s who would take over and they would rewrite the Constitution so that it would say exactly what thought are doing and what they believe. You know, the left fights on and on. They really do. When you look at how they operate, they don’t look for knockout punches. If they could find one they’ll throw it, but they keep at it and they keep at it just like the old Soviets did. Soviets didn’t have four-year plans. They just had a plan.

They had an objective, and however long down the road it took ’em to get there, that’s how long it took — and they were never deterred until they of course couldn’t go on anymore because of their own implosion. But they keep at it and they keep at it; and we, the Republicans, over the course of history, have shown that we will surrender all the time. Now we have people dumping on Reagan and Newt when he was driving the agenda. We have to stay at this. There’s no option. There’s no choice. We can’t cave. There’s the no other way out other than to constituent back and watch it all crumble. That’s the only option we’ve got: If we do nothing we sit back and watch it all crumble. Reagan didn’t have a conservative House. The House was Democrat his entire presidency.

In the Senate it was Republican a few years, then the Republicans lost it but it was never a conservative Senate. You think if Jim DeMint or Ron Johnson or Marco Rubio were leading the Senate we would have something akin to the McConnell plan offered by any of them? There wouldn’t have been a McConnell plan offered if we’d-a had somebody like Rubio leading the Senate! I’m not saying just change the GOP leadership and that will fix things. There’s not a single act that’s gonna fix things. I’m just making observations out there. I just think we have to press the case at every level, every opportunity, every way. I’ve lost patience with people that want to capitulate and surrender at the first negative press report. It doesn’t fit my agenda.

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