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“Psst! Don’t tell anybody, but there are Tea Party Democrats. I met a bunch of them, and they are listening to this program.”

“After Obama’s gotten all this spending that he wants, he now wants the mantle of fiscal responsibility?”

“Obama can warn about the risk of defaults with what seems like genuine concern. He can smile, scowl, lecture and chide. He can talk about the full faith and credit of the United States and the dollar, but on the reality side of life, he’s saying all this stuff after he spent and committed the money for years to come.”

“Issue by issue by issue the majority of American people disagree policy after policy after policy with Obama’s agenda.”

“The president is the one who can be made to cave if you hold firm on not raising taxes, ’cause that’s all he cares about, and that’s all the Democrats care about.”

“I think more people are very much aware now of what liberalism and socialism does and they don’t want any part of it.”

“Do you think if George W. Bush were president and shutting down NASA with 7,000 jobs lost, the Palm Beach Post would run a headline, ‘No Big Deal! Job Losses Will Not Affect Florida Economy’?”

“Obama and his party are the one’s who have imperiled this nation with all of this irresponsible, on-purpose debt and spending, and now he gets to talk about the balanced approach, and we need to take on spending and domestic programs and defense?”

“The debt ceiling debate is not about money the left wants to spend; it’s about money that’s already been spent.”

“We don’t raise taxes at 9.1% unemployment. Forget about revenue and all that, it’s what we believe. It’s what we know in terms of reviving this economy. You do not raise taxes in an economy like this.”

“Obama comes to us and claims he has the mantle of fiscal responsibility when he’s been the wrecking ball! How does he get to do this?”

“After all the spending Obama sets himself up as the adult who’s gonna get all these children who can’t control themselves to behave. He is the problem. His policies have led us where we are. Republicans have not contributed to them.”

“Right now we have 48% of Americans who do not pay income taxes, therefore who don’t care. They don’t have skin in the game.”

“We have an ever increasing percentage of our population that believes the purpose of the government is to equalize outcomes, the purpose of the government is to make sure that people that don’t have enough, whatever enough is, get enough, whatever enough is.”

“The magic word right now is spending. Nobody wants more of it. So Obama is trying to increase taxes by calling them spending cuts. That’s what he’s hoping the media will help him convey is happening.”

“I told you years ago, before the 2008 election, I told you Obama would never, if he wins, get out of Iraq. I told you the Democrats would never get out of there, and guess what? They’re gonna leave 10,000 troops in Iraq, probably even more, as we get out.”

“Don’t you love to hear Obama and the Democrats talk about shared sacrifice? When has the government ever sacrificed? When has the Democrat base ever sacrificed?”

“You put Christina Romer together with Anita Dunn and you might have an IQ that would fill a thimble.”

“When you learn two plus two is four, you learn it. Why don’t you learn tax cuts grow revenue? Why don’t you learn that conservatism and conservative individuals create economic growth? When you learn that five plus five is ten, you learn it. Nobody has to teach you this every year.”

“Have you ever noticed, conservatives seem to learn from their mistakes, and liberals fall in love with their mistakes.”

“You know, if Hugo Chavez stays sick, if Hugo Chavez keeps losing weight, we’re not gonna be able to tell any difference between him and Obama.”

“In the middle of the budget wars, the White House, the Clinton administration admitted that balancing the budget wasn’t one of their top priorities, and now they’re trying to take all kinds of credit for it. Look, Democrats are never the reason for economic growth, never.”

“So the real culprits to blame for global warming are the environmentalists who made us cut back on our use of coal. That’s what we have to conclude here. China’scoal burning stopped global warming.”

“Here’s Obama positioning himself after all of this destructive spending, all of this debt that he authored, that he wrote, he is the architect, all of a sudden now he gets to talk about fiscal responsibility, he gets to have the Congress up there and start lecturing them about fiscal responsibility as though he’s been a spectator for two years.”

“I’m 60. I used to be 36.”

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